“I’ll Be Home for….After New Year’s”

By the way, did you know that Walter Kent, one of the writers of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” was Jewish? I guess “I’ll Be Home for Hanukkah” just didn’t flow as easily, much like the title of this post doesn’t.

Anyway, I feel like we haven’t spent much time together lately. It’s like somebody pushed the “warp speed” button and I’m stuck in slow motion so I’m desperately trying to keep pace. Eventually I’d like to clean out my list of blogs to read, emails to write and send, pictures to download, and insert everything else I need to do in this space, but that will probably have to wait a little longer. We’re packing up the minivan and we’re headed to Kentucky later today to have Christmas with K’s family.

True confession: I just cleaned out in the van in preparation for our trip. (I don’t know why, but I insist on starting the trip with a completely clean vehicle, even though I know by the time we get back it will be trashed again.) I pulled out one garbage bag full of trash and a plastic storage container and a half full of miscellaneous stuff that belongs inside. Who drives around like that?! I had just cleaned it out two weeks ago!! And the stuff I found under seats and crammed in those little back-of-the-seat pockets?! *Shudder* Let’s just say I made a mental note to not visit my boys’ dorm rooms when they go to college.

So now I have packing to do, lists to write, other lists to check, children to motivate, and on and on. I would like to check in while we’re gone, but K’s mom has no internet access at all. On the one hand, I’ll probably feel a little twitchy the first few days, but on the other hand, it may be nice to go unplugged for awhile. I will have my phone so I’ll check email and Twitter when I’m able and we’ll be visiting other relatives who have internet access, so maybe I’ll talk to you before we get back home. If not, I hope you enjoy your week and I’l look forward to talking to you again in 2010!



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8 responses to ““I’ll Be Home for….After New Year’s”

  1. Deb


    I, too, know about children and cars.

    And Christmas.

    And grief.

    And making it through.

    Thinking of you.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. Merry Christmas! Enjoy being unplugged!!!

  3. Merry Christmas! Praying you have a safe and fun trip! Our van stays a mess!

  4. We just got home from a road trip and I’m avoiding the vehicle cleanup until further notice. Fortunately the house looks just as bad, so I won’t be totally without something to do. {Whimper}

  5. Who drives around like that? Why, I do, of course. Good call on the no dorm room visitation. We’ll send care packages and wait right outside for them to meet us on parent weekends. When, please Jesus, they go to college. Safe travels to KY. Blessings on your Christmas with that side of the fam.

  6. Yeah, I drive around like that too. My favorite saying is “Of course you can eat in my car…and you don’t even have to bring your own food!” I’ve thought about you this Christmas. I pray you smiled through tears you shed. I pray many happy memories flooding the “missing”. Love you!

  7. Nica

    Okay, while you’re confessing, if we all jump in, does it make it make us all look like the picture of normalcy instead of the guilty minority we thought we were before you so conveniently allowed us a vehicle (ha!) for outing ourselves?

    You know, last time I cleaned out the car, I actually felt guilty about how much better my Gas Mileage would have been over the past few months if I hadn’t been toting all that extra weight around everywhere. . . At least 2 pounds of it was just the good ole South Carolina red dirt that I dumped off of the floor mats. (I have them bumpy, bottom-side-up right now while we frequently visit our house construction site.) Never mind the pack-and-play, bag of soccer balls, spare diaper bag (Avery potty trained last January), beach toys, 9 books (including one belonging to the library), and a paper grocery bag of other toys and oddments.

    The strange thing about it was that the car didn’t really LOOK that bad! It’s just that the seat-back nets, cup-holders, under-seat spaces, storage compartments, the out-of-sight out-of-mind rear cargo space, and other hidey-holes add up to . . . well. . . a LOT of places for stuff to “hide”.

    While I’m venting off guilt, I have a new shamefully wasteful policy on cups found in the car now, too. If I have no idea how long it has been there and/or you can see funky dark patterns stuck on the inside when it’s held up to the light. . . chunk. Right in the garbage. I’m done with cleaning out gloppy, stinky, furry monsters! Sorry honey, if it REALLY was your favorite cup you wouldn’t have left it under the car seat for two weeks/months!

    There, I said it. I’m as normal as Whimzie!!! =)

    Enjoy your trip to KY! See you when you get back.

  8. Wanted to come over and wish you a very Happy New Year!

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