Leftover Snoodlings: The “Yay, Lord” Verse

Leftovers are a funny thing. Some dishes, red beans and rice or chili for example, are actually a little better the second day. Others, like salads, just aren’t as good if they aren’t eaten the same day they were prepared. Well, today at Snoodlings I’m serving you leftovers because I have a long To Do List today and a short amount of time in which to complete it. Also, when we were talking about favorite Christmas songs I thought of this post I had written last year. I realized that I’ve made new friends since then who may not know about the “Yay, Lord” verse and I think that in order to fully enjoy Christmas, this information is vital. For those of you who’ve already read it, I hope it’s more like red beans and rice than Caesar salad. Bon appetit!

I love Christmas music. I usually try to wait until at least Halloween to start playing it, but I’ve been known to play a certain song or two in the middle of summer when I get an itch that only hearing it will scratch. I was so excited to discover that several radio stations up here actually begin playing Christmas music at the beginning of October rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving, so I’ve been “getting my Christmas on” in the car this month. I’ve also been getting some strange looks from fellow travelers. Did I mention that I love to SING Christmas music? Loudly and with animated expressions and hand motions when appropriate?  Side note: Isn’t it interesting that nativity scenes may not be allowed in public places, and stores may say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” but every Christmas-playing station I’ve listened to thus far has a number of openly Christian Christmas carols in their playlists?

Speaking of carols, I love it when we start singing Christmas carols in church. My favorite is “O Come All Ye Faithful,” but only if we get to sing my favorite verse.  What’s my favorite verse, you ask? You may not know it, because for some reason, it’s the verse that usually gets chopped.  It’s a crying shame, too, if you ask me, because this is the happiest, most exciting verse in all of hymnaldom (I made that word up). Just listen to how it starts:

YAY, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning!!! (I may have added the exclamation points, but they’re inferred in the song)

Before you nitpickers feel compelled to point out that the verse actually says, “Yea, Lord,” I need to point out that when I was a little girl hearing this verse for the first time, I didn’t hear “yea,” because I didn’t know what “yea” meant. I heard, “yay!” which blew my mind and thrilled my soul, because who knew hymn writers even said “yay!” back in the day? I couldn’t believe my ears! A hymn that you could cheer! And it stays upbeat as it continues to say that Jesus was born this happy morning! You just find me a more upbeat stanza in the hymnal! Go on, I dare you!  So of course, with happy, grateful hearts we follow that with:

Jesus, to thee be all glory given…

He certainly deserves all the glory and more!

Now the next part of the verse requires you to use your imagination just a little. Close your eyes–scratch that. You can’t read with your eyes closed. Just try to imagine with me a huge, heavenly movie or theatre marquee adorned with glittering jewels that defy description. And in enormous, majestic, diamond-encrusted, black letters are these words:

Word of the Father

Now in flesh appearing….

That’s what my mind saw when I first heard that verse. Like some heavenly birth announcement from a very proud Father who couldn’t wait to get the word out that His Son had arrived!  Or an announcement about the ultimate artist and (Morning) Star appearing for a limited engagement in the role of a lifetime! Isn’t that exciting?

Finish out the chorus with me:

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him,

Christ the Lord.

O come, let us adore Him indeed!

So now, maybe you, too, will find yourselves a little bit annoyed when you sing this at church or hear it on a CD or the radio and you don’t hear the “Yay, Lord” verse. Just do what I do and go ahead and sing it in your head (or out loud if you just can’t keep it in!).

That’s all for now.  Maybe later we can talk about “Christmas Songs That Have Always Bugged Me.”  I immediately think of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.” Why around the Christmas tree? Isn’t that just asking for broken ornaments? Someone’s bound to trip on the electric light cords. Especially since everyone’s dancing merrily in the NEW old-fashioned way. I mean, if it’s a “new” way of dancing, it’s probably going to be unfamiliar and the chances of bumping into something will be even greater. What does that even mean, “new old-fashioned”? Is that just another way of saying “old school”? These are the things that keep me up at night….



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9 responses to “Leftover Snoodlings: The “Yay, Lord” Verse

  1. at the children’s christmas eve mass (which we attended up until a few years ago), they close mass with “Great Day in Bethlehem”…and there’s CLAPPING in that one.

  2. this post made me smile…

  3. Love it. Used to think it was Lead On, Oh Kinky Turtle….

  4. I do love that verse to “Oh Come All Ye Faithful.” Music is such a wonderful way to communicate feelings, to inspire, ah, I love it all. Well, most of it.

  5. oh honey.

    I so needed a laugh today…I thought I may actually have to excuse myself to the potty when questioning Brenda Lee’s “new-old fashioned”…

    I always wondered about “we’ll tell scary ghost stories and tales of the glories”. I thought the ghosts were long gone by Dec….a Christmas Carol, I guess?!

  6. carpoolqueen

    I laughed at Fish with the Kinky Turtle reference.


  7. Cindy Moses

    For the last 20 years that verse has appeared in bright lights in my mind! Love it!

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