Winners, Winners, Chicken Dinners!

….Except that I’m not giving any of you chicken dinners. Unless you come to visit, in which case, if you want a chicken dinner, I will give you one. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” is just something I’ve heard my kids say. I have no idea where they heard it or what it means. It may just be that we’re in that stage of life around here where anything that rhymes is funny.

I don’t have chickens, but I do have the names of the winners that were selected randomly using some highly scientific and mathematical (I think) formula at I included the timestamp code, etc., so you could see just how legit this whole operation is. So without further ado….

Day 1 (three great books from three great authors):

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 14:15:34 UTC

And the winner is……Joy!!  You may not know Joy. She’s a new commenter but she’s not new to me! In fact, if I were giving out prizes for commenters that I’ve known the longest, she would win because she’s my dad’s sister’s daughter. (That means she’s my cousin for those of you who are a little slow on the uptake.) She’s the multi-talented mother of three: two who live with her and one who is waiting to see her again in heaven.  She’s one of those people who can do anything and everything well. She’s a great writer, too. In fact, if she ever decided to start a blog, I’m sure it would be very much worth reading (hint, hint!) Joy, I know your address and I’ll be sending you your books as soon as you let me know which one of Marla’s books you would like to have!

Day 2 (Starbucks gift card):

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 14:18:25 UTC

And the winner is…..Deena!!  First, let me say that I was really shocked at how many of you have never been to Starbucks. Not that it should necessarily be on your bucket list, but if you’re ever in town, call me and I’ll treat you. Or ask Deena to take you. Deena is one of the most preciously sweet people I know. We met in college. We were in the same social club, which is what my little Christian school called sororities back in the day. I really should explain more to you about the whole sorority thing because I think that what most of you think when you think sorority girl is really not at all what we were. Unless you’re thinking a sorority girl is what we were, in which case you’d be totally right. Deena is a cosnsistent, Godly woman and I just wish we could drink our warm beverages together and laugh and talk and catch up on life. Deena, email your address and I’ll get this card in the mail to you!

Day 3 (Steven Curtis Chapman CD):

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 14:19:29 UTC

And the winner is…..C-Jo!!!  (Although I’m one of the very few people whose allowed to call her that because I’m the one who bestowed that nickname upon her sweet pointed head. That’s a term of endearment. Her head isn’t actually pointed.) Most people call her Cindy. C-Jo was my college roommate for three years. She knows where some of the bodies are buried. My four years of college were four of the greatest of my life. C-Jo’s a big reason that is so. She’s a new commenter to the blog, too, so welcome, C-Jo! I hope you’ll stick around. I’ll email to find out if you want me to mail you the CD or send it to you through iTunes. (Did you know you could do that? I recently discovered that option!)

The Day 4 winner of the discounts to the Etsy stores:

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 14:20:31 UTC

And the winner is…..Tiffani!!  Tiffani is one of my best blogging buddies. She’s one of the original Tweeps. She’s a Georgia peach and she’s actually the first birthday present winner who has a blog of her own! Tiffani blogs at Bears and Belles. She’s one of those people who, after a five-minute conversation, you would be perfectly comfortable if she stopped by your house unannounced and you had laundry stacked in your living room. She’s just easy to know and love. I’m looking forward to the day we get to be in the same room laughing our heads off together. SnoodleBelle, I will PayPal the Etsy girls and make sure they know that you won this prize!

Day 5 (Compassion donation and Same Kind of Different As Me)

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 14:23:09 UTC

And the winner is…Haley!! Haley is one of my newest blog friends. She’s a precious new mom who has the most adorable baby boy. She lives in a snowy state with her cute red-headed husband. I’m just getting to know Haley, but I already know that she’s going to be a good “friend who lives in my computer.” Haley, hopefully you won’t be nervous to give your address to such a new acquaintance! I’ll email you the link so you can choose where you’d like your Compassion money to go and I’ll get the book in the mail to you so you don’t need to look for it in the library! You’re going to love it, I just know it. But here’s the deal: After you’ve read it, let me know so we can talk about it!!

Day 6 (St. Jude Snowman bag)

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-12-08 02:53:07 UTC

And the winner is…..Sandy!!  Sandy is Gretchen’s (New Every Morning) mom and CPQ’s Sunday School teacher. I met sweet, uber-creative Gretchen, but I didn’t get to meet her mom when I was in town. However, I forget that I haven’t met Sandy yet because she just feels like an old friend. She has encouraged me greatly this year with sweet comments and emails. I’m looking forward to meeting her the next time I’m visiting CPQ. Sandy’s also recovering from a surgery so maybe this snowman bag will brighten her day. Sandy, if  the bag gets here while CPQ is in town this week I’ll send it home with her. If not, I’ll get your mailing address and mail it to you.

Thank you all for indulging me in this Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness. I enjoyed that some of you “silent readers” came out of hiding a few times. (I just re-read that last sentence and laughed while imagining the rest of you reading these blog posts out loud in front of your computer rather than “reading silently” to yourselves. I’m easily amused.) I hope that you’ll keep talking because that’s what makes this blog special to me: the community and conversation we share. Quit eavesdropping (I’m talking to you, Betty!) and let us benefit from your knowledge!! I’m looking forward to reading some of the books that are special to you and I’m hoping I can persuade some of you to share some of those recipes you mentioned. I was encouraged by the songs that have encouraged you and I have some new ideas for drinks to order the next time I’m in Starbucks. I’m not going to lie, yesterday was not my easiest birthday. I always thought that turning forty would be a bummer because, well, I was turning forty! I had no idea then that it would be difficult for an entirely different reason. The age that I was dreading just doesn’t seem like a big deal now when I’m faced with the challenge of this new life without my daddy. Perspective is a funny thing. But I think having so many of you come to my Fiesta and having a chance to give back to friends who have been so special to me helped me get through another challenging day. Thanks for being there for me.

I’m sorry I didn’t have something for everyone. But hey, those of you who didn’t win this time? You’re still a winner to me. (Want some crackers to go with that cheese?) So what do you want to talk about today? How about this?  I want to know how many of you are finished with your Christmas shopping. (Warning: If you won a prize and you comment to tell me that all of your presents are bought, wrapped, and sitting neatly under your beautifully decorated tree, I will probably take your present away and give it to someone who lives in the real world with me. OR else you’d better have a really good explanation why you’re more organized than most of the rest of us.) And if you’ve had any amazing ideas for gifts this year (for the kids, your in-laws, your spouse, your kids’ teachers, etc.), feel free to tell the rest of us so we can steal your ideas rejoice in your creativity. So what say you?



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20 responses to “Winners, Winners, Chicken Dinners!

  1. Aww, I didn’t win, but that’s okay cause it’s my birthday today. 😉

    I have most of my shopping done, but I like to save just a little for the month of December so I can go out and get pushed around, no I mean enjoy the spirit of the shopping season with all the other crazies.

    Here is my fabulous gift idea for the year:

    • whimzie

      Happy Birthday! I’m sorry you didn’t win, but maybe your mom will let you borrow her bag every now and then.

      A great idea WITH a link! You’re the greatest and the idea is precious!

  2. Sandy M.

    Oh, my goodness!!! I can’t believe I WON something! I just so enjoyed the “game” I didn’t even think about winning anything. And I loved having an opportunity to “help” you into the wonderful 4th decade of your amazing life. I know this had to be such a difficult 1 as you are starting the long grieving process (we don’t grieve as those who have no hope, but we still grieve OUR loss of the one we love, even when we know it is temporary.)
    My family will have a good laugh when they hear WHAT I won… I’ve always had a “fondness” for bags & a woman can NEVER have too many of them! I haven’t had a new bag since Mom’s Day when Gretchen gave me a big one for travel, so I am SO excited! Thank you!

  3. Yippee! This is the first time I’ve ever won something…. ever! Thanks for letting me join in the fun, and celebrate your birthday with you. It was a great party.
    I anxiously await finding the book in the mail, and can’t wait to read it and talk about it with you. My husband will also be thrilled because I keep saying that I need a good book to read (I’m always reading a book, wherever I go). Thanks so much!
    I hope you had a good birthday, even with the fresh sorrow in your life. You’ve given yourself an amazing gift, by giving to others. Service always makes me realize my blessings and takes away some of the hurt inside.
    By the way, I saw a picture of you on one of your other posts, and you do NOT look 40, and that is not a lie. It’s true. Believe me.

    Anyways, I’ll email you my address, and I’m excited to find a good place to send my charity money. Thank you!

  4. aw happy for everyone who won (i swear I’ve entered 5 million giveaways and not won a single one!) . . . but seriously —

    and by the way, I find it hard to believe people have their christmas shopping done already . . . is that possible?

  5. congrats to the winners!!!

    I am 3/4 the way done with the whole shopping thing. Not bad.

    My daughter is in middle school, so she has five teachers. I usually just give a little box of candy. This year I bought some good smelling anti -bacterial stuff, in cute bottles, wrapped them all cute in cellophane bags and big bows, to give each one. I thought it was appropriate with the flu scares we have been having.

    Happy shopping everyone!

  6. Can I have that cheese now????

    Just kidding.

    Yay to the winners!!

    I am not done yet. But was pretty proud of myself for giving the grandparents the idea of little mp3 players for our music lovin’ 5 (almost 6) and 8 year olds. I realize this may be an old idea to the most of you, but we’re “technically” behind the Jones’ most of the time. (i.e. No Wii, Xbox or iAnthing).

    Hope you had as much fun as we all had with your little giveaways this week, Whimz. And I hope you had a sweet, blessed 30th 😉 birthday!!!

  7. Congrats to all of the winners. Happy late Birthday! Finished Christmas shopping?Are you kidding me? I wish. We have simplified things this year. We are only buying for the children and with my nieces and nephews our kids are going to draw names . . . that way it cuts down on having to buy for 10 children. . . with my hubby in real estate, things are just tough. Also this will be the first Christmas in 14 years Jon and I won’t buy for one another. . . we’ll do something creative, costless, and thoughtful for one another. Hope you get your Christmas shopping done soon!

  8. Congrats to all the winners!!

    For some reason, I feel like I never officially wished you happy B-day……soooo, Happy Birthday girl!

  9. Alas, I am only done with the “little” presents and the most of the “send aways”. Maybe I’ll use quotation marks a little “more” often. It’s a disease, I tell you. A “disease”.

    Happy day to the winners, and Happy Birthday to my namesake. Well, I know she’s not named after me, but she coulda been.


  10. Congratulations everyone! And what a fun way to celebrate your birthday Whimzie. I enjoyed every minute even though I didn’t win. Having you back among us is gift enough. (See, I have cheese too.)
    No I’m not done shopping, but I’m closer than I’ve every been this year!
    I wrote a post a few days ago about my favorite gift idea this year, so I’m gonna share that with you instead of rehashing the whole thing. Enjoy!
    P.S. I posted those recipes you asked for today. I hope y’all enjoy them.

  11. Well, I’m not happy at all. And I’m going to sit here inside your computer until one of the winners fesses up to having all her Christmas shopping done. I will take any prize you have to offer (except for the books written by that Marla Taviano chick). Hmph.

    p.s. Be checking your mailbox…

  12. Cindy Moses

    Thank you, Amy! I’m so excited to win…what a special gift. 🙂

    We’re having blizzard…literally! I’m home, enjoying kids, Wii, the Christmas Tree, and your blog, all while waiting to make my first “principal-ly school closing decision.”

    I have not bought one gift. Not one. Nada. And…I’m not stressed about it! I’m just going to enjoy the last minute scurry to get it all done. As soon as this storm lifts, I do need to get the ones bought that have to be shipped.

    Birthdays, Christmases, Weddings, etc. will always feel a little different. There is no denying it… precious are the memories, and always will be. Hang in there my friend!

  13. Lydia

    Christmas presents are all purchased but not wrapped yet. Considering that we are fixing to go back over the large pond we call the Atlantic Ocean, they are mostly small easily packed presents. Lest you think I am some humble , lowly , missionary who cares nothing about wordly goods know that we have already sent 22 boxes back that should be waiting in Poland when we arrive. All our needs Oreos , Fritos mmm I mean clothes and shoes for the next 3 years are included. Hugs from NE Arkansas soon to be NE Poland.

  14. carpoolqueen

    Do your kids watch Food Network? “Winner winner chicken dinner” is a Guy Fieri thing.

    See ya’ tomorrow.

  15. Joy R. Hanley

    Yeah!! For all of you fellow followers out there I PROMISE this was NOT RIGGED!! I know it would seem just a little “strange” that a first cousin would be the first winner. All I can say is, yes, I am a “little strange”! Heehee! lol 🙂 Amy, thank you, thank you, thank you! I will take a look at my title options and let you know on that. I look forward to enjoying one of your favorite authors. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas to you all.

  16. Joy R. Hanley

    I looked back at the titles of Marla’s two book choices, and I am torn. Knowing that you have enjoyed them both I will defer and give Captains Choice to you. Thank you again. I look forward to my care package.

  17. Betty Boop

    Thanks for letting me talk, Whimzie. I, too, miss your Dad…..he never said my name w/o saying the first and last name together. I can still hear that deep voice…..I soooo enjoyed your B/D celebration.
    What fun!!!! I know that people get tired of hearing “Time heals” but it is true. I’ve lost all of my birth family (Mom, Dad and brother) and though you never forget, life does go on.
    My first B/D after my Mom died, my Dad forgot. It broke my heart because my Mom would NEVER have forgotten. My 4th step took care of that resentment. (Wink)!

  18. well, heck fire and apple butter, I’m a few days late but I won!!! WOO HOO!!! (Been in recovery/sadness mode since I got to spend almost 4 days w/ Mrs. Raising Rascals)

    I can’t believe I’m actually gonna be able to go shop at Etsy!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

    I know your birthday was bittersweet this year…but looks like you really tried to make the best of this first birthday without your Daddy.

    Can’t wait to go shop!

    Love you!

  19. Becky Brumley Smith

    Not only am I not done shopping, we just now got our tree out today (Dec. 14). I always put my mom’s tree up for her the day after Thanksgiving and had no energy left to worry about my own. I told my son we’d decorate it tomorrow, but he insisted on starting tonight. I’m taking a break and catching up on my reading (on the computer-seems wrong somehow). Congrats to the winners and happy b-day late, Amy! I always think of you on you birthday. It’s also my uncle’s birthday and the anniversary of the day I met my husband.

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