It’s My Party, I Can Extend-the-Deadline-to-Leave-a Comment If I Want To

I used to love that song…well, the title of the post isn’t really a song. But I love the song that the title is parodying. Anyway, since it’s my virtual birthday party and since many people don’t spend a lot of the time on the computer during the weekend, and since I’m prone to the post-party blues, I’ve decided to keep the comments open for a little while longer. And don’t forget that you can go back and leave a comment on any of the previous posts if you want. Perhaps you’ve realized that this isn’t a serious contest with small print and rigid rules. I just thought it would be fun….and it has been! I’ve loved hearing about songs that have been meaningful to you, what you would order if we were together at Starbucks, what you MUST eat in order for it to be Christmas for you….Hopefully you’ve learned some things about each other, too.

Oh, I did ask for an impartial judge’s ruling on whether duplicate comments should be counted more than once when the names go into the virtual hat known as “” She said to count only one comment per person per present. I’m not going to tell you who the judge was because I don’t want you to get mad at her (but her initials are CPQ). So, because I tend to do what I’m told ;), I’m not counting duplicate comments on the same post. Comments will stay open until 5:00 p.m. CST and I’ll announce the winners tomorrow morning, so don’t forget to wake up.

In celebration of the fact that I actually survived 39, (because at times this past year, I thought it was trying to  kill me), I think a great big “HALLELUJAH” would not be inappropriate. So, push your chair away from your computer and stand to watch this next video as a group of silent monks performs the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.

Goodbye, 39!  I can’t say that I’ll be sorry to see you go. Welcome, 40! Let’s show the world how this aging thing is done!



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15 responses to “It’s My Party, I Can Extend-the-Deadline-to-Leave-a Comment If I Want To

  1. Erin King


  2. Happy birthday! I wish I could send you a real present, but this will have to do. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. carpoolqueen

    If anyone gets mad about the comment counting, send them my way. I’m used to being the heavy. Ask my family – I wake up, walk out in the woods, and kill joy every day of the week.

    Happy Birthday, loved one. Here’s to lifting the head, looking Life in the face, and moving forward in confidence with the One who holds us.

    I could not love you more.

  4. Happy Birthday, dear one!! (Mine is tomorrow so I’ll celebrate for both of us here)
    That video was GREAT!! And hey, it’s your party, so you can judge however you want!

  5. Cindy Moses

    I looked up and it was 11:11 on your birthday…it took me a few minutes to log in. 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Cindy Moses

    I’m so glad the multiple comments aren’t an issue! I just have to update you on my new Starbucks fav…Cafe Americano! WOW!

  7. Thanks for the laugh, and the friendship. Holding you in my heart especially tightly today. I have a goal of meeting you before you turn 41. And if we miss, we miss, but at least it’s a goal, right? xxxooo

  8. Love the video!
    Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday!!!

  9. Happy 40th Miss Amy….sending virtual Red Velvet Cake and Monkey Bread your way!

  10. Betty

    Happy Birthday to one of the most talented young women I know! I love to visit your blog and just sit and visit. I almost feel like I’m eavesdropping…
    but it’s just so enjoyable!
    Have a Fabulous Fortieth!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    This post made me smile…just because.

  12. Sandy M.

    Wishing you a most marvelous 40th birthday, dear “young thang”! It is a wonderful decade & you are just beginning!

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope this year is fantastic.

  14. Nica

    Too funny!
    I have to forward that link on to a couple of folks who would appreciate it =).

    Happy Happy! Joy Joy! to one of my favorite people I’ve ever known. All of my memories of you are fond ones!

  15. Marie

    Happy birthday belated…loved the youtube monks singing/signing the chorus

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