Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness Day Four: Etsy Friends (UPDATED!!)

It’s Day Four of the Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness!! Are we having fun yet?!

I have many crafty friends. I don’t mean crafty as in sly or manipulative, I mean crafty as in they make creative and cute projects like Martha Stewart would do. I wish I were more crafty. In high school I took home economics. We were required to make stuffed animal pillows. One of the football players in my class finished my shark pillow so I wouldn’t fail the project. That’s not a bit embarrassing.

I even have friends who have set up their own little shops on Etsy to sell their crafts. (Is it just me or does anyone else get “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song stuck in his/her head every time he/she hears the word “Etsy”?) I don’t even know what “Etsy means, but I do know that it’s a fabulous place to find amazing handmade stuff. Let me introduce you to three four of my friends who have Etsy shops. (UPDATED: When I first wrote this post I only remembered that three friends had Etsy shops, but while I was mostly absent from the blog world a few weeks ago, another friend entered the world of Etsy! I want you to know about her shop, too! And having FOUR Etsy shop friends on the FOURTH day of the FIESTA of FABULOUS FORTY-NESS is such FANTASTIC and FORTUITOUS alliteration that I could FAINT from the FUN!)

Renae is a friend from college who makes the cutest personalized buckets, bags, bibs, and the like. She even has a few of those vinyl stickers that everyone’s using on their walls these days. Her Etsy shop is called “Tree Frog Creations.” Click on the name of the shop and you can see her stuff. I see some great teacher gift ideas in there.

Kellie is a friend I’ve made through blogging. Her blog, La Vida Dulce, was one of the first blogs I started reading. She lives near CarpoolQueen so the three of us had the chance to go to dinner during a visit to N.C. this year. Kellie is a precious, gracious friend and with her new embroidery machine, Clinton (yes, it has a name), she makes the most beautiful aprons, bags, tool belts, pencil holders, and apparently even scarves! Kellie’s Etsy shop is La Vida Dulce Sweet Shop by Coffeegal. Oh, look! I even see some Christmas towels!

Tanya is a friend who lives completely in my computer. We’ve never met or even talked on the phone. I found her blog through Kellie and CPQ (I think). She’s a writer and freelance editor. She writes for several blogs. If you go to her primary blog, In the Dailies, and look on the right-hand side, you can see her other blogs. Her Etsy shop combines two of my favorite things: books and accessories. She makes the cutest book purses you’ve ever seen. The purses are made from actual books, but bibliophiles, don’t faint! The insides of the book are rebound and preserved. If you want, you can even purchase the rebound book! You can read all the details at Tanya’s Etsy store, Zaties.

Becca is another completely-in-my-computer friend. Becca and her husband have an amazing ministry in inner-city Atlanta. They have the most adorable just-turned-one little girl. Becca’s blog, The Stanley Clan, is about their precious little family and their ministry. I have fallen in love with sweet Becca and am so impressed by the depth and wisdom I see in her. I keep sending friends who have a passion for ministry to her blog because I just know they’ll be inspired and encouraged by her. Becca’s Etsy shop is called BG Doodles and Designs (I think she and one of her friends do the shop together, if I’m remembering correctly.) Becca has precious hair bows, hand painted items, handmade stationery, precious little girls’ dresses…it’s a smorgasbord of good stuff!

So, for today’s present I am offering you $5 to spend in each of these three four Etsy shops.  I will PayPal each of these lovely ladies $5 and will make sure to tell them the winner’s name so that he or she can receive a $5 discount.  All of these crafty friends have individually encouraged me and prayed for me this year. As pretty as their handiwork is, their hearts are even more beautiful.  I would be thrilled to send some business to their stores. So take some time to wander around their stores and pick out what you’re going to buy if you win today’s birthday present.

Even though the weekend is here, the party isn’t going to stop! I’ll have a birthday gift post on Saturday and one more on Sunday. Winners will be announced on Monday. If you didn’t get a chance to enter one of the earlier giveaways, feel free!

We have snow in our forecast (!!!!) so I’m off to make hot chocolate and spiced tea mixes. I may not know how to sew, but I make a tasty hot chocolate mix. (Both mixes make great little Christmas searcy gifts, by the way!) Hope you’re safe, warm, and comfortable today!



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18 responses to “Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness Day Four: Etsy Friends (UPDATED!!)

  1. The Etsy shops both delight me and make me feel ridiculously UNcrafty!! 😉

    But, delight I will, to go and shop on your discount!! 🙂

    and, I’m totally having fun at your fortyfabulofiestamajig…so exciting!!

  2. I hope the same for you….safe,warm and comfortable. Snow?? Wowzers.

    I could spend a whole day just browsing etsy shops…the creativity is amazing.

  3. Oooohhhh…I dig me some Etsy Betsy Spider.

    And I heard about all your whacky snow and cold. Brrr.

  4. Etsy (what does that mean?) makes me feel a little stupid and a lot grateful at the same time since I am not at all crafty.
    I predict many posts about snow next week. I know I’m planning one!

  5. mmm hot chocolate sounds delicious right now 🙂 I think I’m going to make myself some — with lots of whipped cream on top 🙂

    and you know (know!) I love Etsy!

  6. All 3 of the shops have very nice things! I love Kellie’s aprons! There are definitely things I could purchase in all 3! I can’t believe y’all are getting snow! I hope we get some of it!

  7. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Love Etsy and really hoping I make it through your area before Christmas…

  8. Woo hoo. Treats w/o the calories. I can vouch for Kellie’s wonderful Christmas towels. She does a beautiful job! Can’t wait to take a peek at the other gals’ creations.

  9. Wow! So many goodies to choose from. I love shopping online … especially with a $5 giftcard to get started 😉
    Such creative friends you have!

  10. Awesome!! Laughing at your home ec experience. We made pillows too. Mine was made out of Cincinnati Bengals fabric. (uh…) I haven’t sewn since (nor will I ever).

  11. Deb

    I didn’t find your alliteration annoying or aggravating at all.

    Just wanted you to know that.

    And that you make me laugh.

    It’s good to feel you smiling.

    Sweet dreams.

  12. Oh I just love handmade items! These people are sooo talented.

  13. Oh how I love all the little things is all the shops. So so so so so cute. If I don’t someday own a Kellie apron I will consider myself shortchanged in life 😉

    And OH how I want to go crazy ordering all the personalized stuff. Wouldn’t even know where to begin!

  14. Erin King

    I just discovered Esty a month ago and love it- and can spend a lot of time shopping on it!

  15. Deena

    What cute things! If your daughter doesn’t have one of Renee’s tubs – she needs one. We have a pink princess one, and it is perfect in the bathroom filled with hair stuff. The bathroom counter is much more organized now, and it looks super cute!

    I also love Kellie’s towels – so pretty!

  16. I have been an etsy fan for about a year and it is usually the first place I look for presents. I am so glad when I am introduced to new sellers! I considered myself a little crafty, but nothing compared to some of the precious, adorable, stinking cute stuff on etsy.

    I love all of the alliteration and would have needed a dictionary to come up with that many words that begin with “f”! I am truly impressed by your word skills (so it is OK that you don’t have craft skills!)

  17. Becca has such sweet hairbows! They are absolutely beautiful! I loved the alliteration!

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