Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness Day One: The ‘Authors Rock!’ Giveaway

Thanks for your comments of support, encouragement, and wisdom on my last post. I’ve read, re-read, and taken your words to heart. Thanks for taking the time to read and enter into the conversation.

By the way, did I mention that I’m turning forty next week? Yay.

I’m really not in the mood for a birthday right now, but I’ve asked around to see what can be done about that and the general consensus is that I’m going to turn forty whether I’m “feeling it” or not. I think it falls into the “you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit” category of life. I’ve been thinking of ways I could get excited about the big day that’s coming. One of my favorite things to do is to discover fun things and then share them with my friends. I’m a lot like Oprah that way. So this week at Snoodlings I’m going to hostess my very first giveaway. But I’m not going to stop with just one. Oh no! I’m actually going to have a giveaway a day for six days! I know! Look out, Oprah! Because I was raised Baptist, I’m a big fan of alliteration so I thought we could call this a Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness (I’m also a big fan of creating new words).

This giveaway is also a chance for me to, in a very small way, show love and appreciation to all of my friends who have walked through this past year with me. You have encouraged me, prayed for me, counseled me, made me laugh…’ve been everything friends should be. I’ve tried to think of gifts that would either support  friends of mine or that would allow the gift’s receiver to have a chance to give to someone else.

This first gift is to support some author friends of mine. I’m giving away three books: Touching Wonder: Recapturing the Awe of Christmas by John Blase, Stretch Marks by Kimberly Stuart, and  the winner’s choice of books from Marla Taviano. (The winner may choose from Expecting, Is That All He Thinks About?, or From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife.)

John and Marla didn’t ask me to promote their books. In fact, they don’t even know I’m giving their books away. (Take that, FTC, on this first day of December!) John Blase is married to my friend Meredith. John was one of the cute guys on campus back in our college days. You know those guys that just exude coolness? That was John. And now he’s a grown-up cool author. He knows his way around some words, let me tell you. Marla is a fairly new friend who lives in my computer. Some time ago she wrote a post that really spoke to me and made me think. I emailed her and she emailed back and the conversation has continued for a few months now.

Somewhere along the way I found Kimberly Stuart’s blog. A month or so ago she offered her readers a chance to give away three copies of her latest book. She asked us to think of creative ways to give them away. I decided to save one of the books to give away to a blog friend….maybe you?

Have you ever looked at a book and thought of all the effort that made those printed pages a reality? Someone lost sleep trying to make that one awkward paragraph sound right. He or she read the same words so many times they probably didn’t even look like English after awhile. Maybe that author’s family had to make sacrifices so that their loved one could get his or her thoughts in black and white. Writing a book doesn’t just happen. Today’s giveaway is to honor authors who have given me my very favorite way to while away the time. Thanks for being vulnerable, transparent, and for putting your heart into words for the rest of us to enjoy.

Three books!! And if you’re feeling generous, you might even think about giving one or more of your books to someone who might need to read it/them more than you do. A gift and an opportunity!

So how do you win? Just leave a comment. I’ll get one of my blog friends to teach me how to use one of those random generator deals and I’ll announce all of the winners on Monday, December 7. Let the Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness commence!



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28 responses to “Fiesta of Fabulous Forty-ness Day One: The ‘Authors Rock!’ Giveaway

  1. Ok, I’m in. Praying for you, Amy. And don’t worry…if I do win I won’t make you mail it all the way to Turkey. 🙂

  2. I’m proud of you for seeking out a little fun even when you don’t feel like it… and sharing it with us.
    Hugs, sweet friend.

  3. Woo hoo!!!!! May my begging begin!!!! 🙂

  4. Gretchen

    Woo hooo! Welcome to the club, my sistah. I am happy to celebrate words, your birthday, you, friendship, authors, whatever! Count me in because I lurve a party!

  5. Forty can be fun! Not that I know about that yet. I’ve just heard rumors. 😉

    Count me in your fun giveaway, Amy! And John says “THANKS!”

  6. This is a truly awesome giveaway! Thank you!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. I’ve been in the 40 club for 2 years….I’m excited to welcome you in. I’ll teach you our secret handshake.

  8. You sound a little bit refreshed! Forty is going to be good to you! I’m hoping you enjoy your birthday, even just a little bit.

    I’m always excited about a chance to read a book, esp. good ones like these. I have all of Marla’s, and I’d love to give on away, but I haven’t gotten John’s yet. I’d really like it!

  9. Good for you doing this my friend 🙂 and happy early bday!!

  10. Robin M.

    I turned 40 this year and its really not as bad as I expected 🙂

    All these books sound great. I read Marla’s blog, but have yet to read one of her books, so that would be great!

  11. I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday soon as well. Winning your giveaway would be a great way to start fun!

  12. Well, if Meredith entered, I’m totally entering! Not really. Just wanted to say thanks, Whimz, for the happy surprise and kind words. I love you! Praying for you bunches!!

  13. Michelle Martin

    What a great idea. Just wanted to sign in. I love you so much and I am praying for you. I will be 40 in a few months. Ugh!!

  14. Joy R. Hanley

    Ok Cuz! You do know that 40 IS the new 30 right?? 🙂 Looking forward to my package! lol! heehee

  15. Sandy M.

    Forty really is fabulous. And now @ 62… I often say I really feel like I’m just in my forties. It is a good decade! And I’m glad you are taking this step toward regaining some joy, even though it will take some time… Hugs to you!

  16. Renae

    Count me in on the giveaway! I love books!! 40 is not TOO bad…I’ve been there 5 whole months now! 🙂

  17. Cindy Moses

    I’m all about the birthweek versus the birthday…especially when it’s for 40!
    I’ve bought Touching Wonder and I purchased my selection of 3 Celestial Seasonings Christmas Teas… all I need now is my tree. I’m looking forward to snuggling into a cozy evening to enjoy! (No, I don’t have the snugglie, but I think I’ll be fine without it.) Sidenote…I just saw a commercial for Chinet celebrating National Left Handed Day. This isn’t my blog, but while I’m on commercials, I think of you everytime I see the Progressive Insurance Commerical. Why? I’m not really sure, but I would LOVE to see you do a commercial or two. Maybe Albany can set you up…okay…I’m way off task. Gotta love the 40s!!! Praying for you dear friend!

  18. Deena

    These books look great! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. Girl, 40 is so fabulous..not that I wanna rush things but I can’t wait to be 40…I think it’s like a badge of honor (and courage too, no doubt)!! 🙂

    So, count me in, sister!! I wanna win!

  20. yay for birthdays!

    and to borrow your words about authors who’ve touched you, “Thanks for being vulnerable, transparent, and for putting your heart into words for the rest of us to enjoy.”

    you amaze me.

  21. I think this is a great idea! My SIL turned 40 last year and loves it!

  22. I’ve always loved a good Fiesta….will there be guacamole?!?!?!

    Luv U

  23. Nica

    What fun! I have no doubts that you will continue to be FABULOUS at 40!

  24. I’ve read everything by Kimberly Stuart, so if I win, I guess I get to try a new author! 🙂 THANKS!!

  25. Finally catching up. I know I can’t win but I feel the need to celebrate with you anyway… tra la la for 40!

  26. Becky Brumley Smith

    Welcome to the forty club! I’ve been there since February. I got an emergency hysterectomy for my birthday. Fun, Fun. Glad yours is going better and wanted to let you know I’m praying for you and your family.

    Your Former OBU Roommate

  27. Erin King

    Happy Early Birthday! What a fun idea! I always love a good book!

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