Weep with those who weep

Dear Snoodlings Family,

This is Carpool Queen writing to let you know that yesterday morning Amy’s beloved father finished his battle with cancer and went to be with his Savior in heaven.

I have re-written the above sentence fifteen times and no matter which way I write it, there’s no way around the grief that it encompasses.

This is her blog, and I will not put her emotions into words, but I will leave some of my own. I have had the great privilege of living in close community with her family for many years. I have sat at the breakfast table and watched her daddy read the sports page.  I’ve seen his eyes light up at the sight of a fried peach pie.  I have smelled his cologne as I’ve been enveloped in a welcoming hug.  I’ve heard his unique soft chuckle and have memorized his smile.  To say he was a very special man seems inadequate.

At his funeral, many will speak of how he was instrumental in mentoring them or how they were inspired by the spirit of worship he created in the sanctuary.  I will remember a man who welcomed into the life of his family a young woman who needed a soft place to land and who needed support and understanding at a time when her own family was finding that difficult to give.  Her dad was that man, and I am forever grateful for the place of peace that I found in that home.

Please pray for peace for his family as they navigate the details and emotions of the weeks and months ahead and pray for Amy as she walks the broken road.  Those prayers will not be wasted.




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33 responses to “Weep with those who weep

  1. Continued prayers for Amy and her family.

  2. Prayers are reaching the feet of Jesus for you, Amy, and your family. And we are rejoicing with you as you bask in the knowledge that now your daddy is free and with his God.

  3. Praying peace over all of you, Amy. Love you!

  4. Amy – Still praying! I pray God will comfort you during this time – that He will fill your mind and heart of so many memories of this much loved man that you had the privilege of calling “Daddy!” I’m thankful for his ultimate healing and that your daddy now sings in the big choir in heaven.
    P.S. I HATE Cancer!

  5. Thinking of you. Praying for you, Amy!

  6. Amy, You’re in my thoughts and prayers today.

  7. I’m so sorry my friend. You are clearly a daddy’s girl. I love you, Sara

  8. I am praying for peace for you & your family. I am so sorry. My Daddy has been gone for 17 years now, so I understand some of the pain. Not all, but some. You will be in my prayers continually through these next few days, weeks, months.

  9. I’m so sorry, Whimzie. So, so, so sorry. I love you! Praying for you and your family!!

  10. Deb

    Praying for you.

    Sweet dreams.

  11. What a precious tribute to him, Sus…and many heartfelt prayers to Amy and all of the family.

  12. It’s impossible to come up with the right words.

    well done, Susan… and to Amy- know that you are being lifted up in prayer by many who love you muchly- including me.

  13. Kristen

    Amy I am so sorry to hear this news. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  14. You are in my thoughts and prayers…

  15. What a beautiful picture you painted of him ,Susan.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Amy and her family.

  16. What a great Dad you have Amy… I know your heart is broken, and I am so sorry. I’m praying for you and will continue to do so…

    Love you.


  17. My prayers are with you and your family Amy…

  18. Continuing to pray for you and your family. Grieving is such a hard thing. Such a mixture of emotion and pain. Your daddy sounds like such an amazing man. I am weeping along with you as you are mourning. Please know you can chat with me any time…I’m more than willing to listen.

  19. “Precious in the sight of the LORD
    is the death of his saints. ”
    Psalm 116:15

  20. I am so sorry for your loss and am sending prayers up you, your family and the world for the loss of such a blessing, a true man of God.

  21. I love you my sweet Sister Cousin…..I’ll “Pedal” for you awhile.
    Love you,

  22. I cannot imagine the pain. With much love and many prayers.

  23. Oh man, I cannot even get my tears to stop flowing right now . . .

    i am praying for you, and for their entire family!

  24. I’m so sorry you have to feel such hurt at this time. I hope you’ll feel our love and support.

  25. Sandy M.

    Amy, I have been praying for you & your family since Sun. when Suz got your message during our class time. At the time, I thought, “How amazing God is to allow us to pray for others who we’ve never met yet feel like we know because we’ve shared in their joys & sorrows through prayer!” I’m especially praying that the sweet memories you have of your dad will come at those times when you most need them, & that you will have the perfect peace that only Jesus can give you. Thanks, Suz for the sweet glimpse you have given us of this dear man.

  26. Amy,
    So sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Thank you so much for giving us all glimpses of him through your writing, prayers and struggle. Your faith has helped enrich us all as your family has faced this time. Thank you for portraying honesty and God-dependence throughout. It is instructive for everyone facing hardship, trial, illness and even death.

    We are lifting up you and your family during this time of grief.

  27. Praying. I wish there was more I could do or say, but … well, the One to whom we pray can do all things. May He comfort you richly today and all the days after.

  28. Although I do not know Amy, I know the pain of losing a father. My father graduated 15 years ago. I await the day I cross that same threshold to be reunited with him.

    When we have lost a loved one, we may also look at it this way: Of the roses that climb the garden wall, some will blossom on the other side, being hidden from our view, but the vine keeps them all joined together.

    And so it is with the wall of death. It merely hides the other side; it does not divide. Our loved ones who have gone on to be with Jesus may be hidden from our view, but they have just blossomed on the other side.

    And, if we, who remain here, are also in Christ, then we are all united together, because the Vine has kept us together.

    May the Lord encompass the whole family with peace and comfort.

  29. Praying since I heard, Amy. Especially today.

    There’s this song David Phelps sings and all I can do is picture your daddy singing it right.now….

    “See over there, there’s a mansion, oh, that’s prepared just for me,
    Where I will live with my savior eternally.

    No more night. No more pain.
    No more tears. Never crying again.
    And praises to the great “I AM.”
    We will live in the light of the risen Lamb.”

    No More Night – David Phelps

  30. Praying, dear friend. Every time you and your family come to mind. Which is often.

  31. Runrgirl

    Still praying for you all.

  32. wishing you a peace that passes all understanding …
    sandy toe

  33. Amy, just was thinking of you today. I know it will be hard. I love you, Sara

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