Gladituesday…Because There’s Always Something to Be Glad About

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The title only works if you read it in your best British, Hayley Mills as Pollyanna accent. Try it again. See what I mean?

On the Tuesdays that she blogs, my friend Gretchen usually makes a list of reasons she’s glad and grateful, her gladitudes for the week. It’s been awhile since I joined her so I thought I’d make my own list today.

1. I’m glad for my friend Gretchen who came up with this fun idea.  I could say a lot more about my friend Gretchen (I’ve had her name legally changed in my mind to add “my friend” as a permanent attachment.) but there’s no crying in baseball or Gladituesday, so I’ll just say that I forget that we’ve never actually been in the same room at the same time. She has become a very real and very dear friend and I love that she reminds me that, yes, Pollyanna, there’s always something to be glad about.

2. I’m glad Aunt Darlene and Ashley are here for a visit. Yes, THAT Aunt Darlene and her daughter flew in yesterday and fun is sure to ensue.

3. I’m glad that while they are here we will eat good food. I have my stack of fun recipes to try and they brought some of their own. In my family, food and fun are Siamese twins who must never be separated.

4. I’m glad that at last night’s soccer game, my daughter made four or five saves when it was her turn to be the goalie!  I think maybe she’s starting to get the hang of this game!

5. I’m glad that even though her brother with the same birthday is not enthusiastic about soccer, he doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying the game. He spent most of last night’s game on the sidelines chasing his girl teammates around the flag and lying on his back doing leg stretches. At halftime I asked him what the score was and he said, “Zero.” To be fair, maybe he really was paying attention. Zero was indeed the number of goals his team had scored and unfortunately, that score held for the second half as well.  But again, a good time was had by all.

6. I’m glad that my state is participating in fall this year. In the past we’ve been known to boycott and stubbornly hold on to temperatures in the 80s through the autumn months. I’ve worn shorts on Thanksgiving more than once. I can’t say that we won’t have a few more summer-like days, but it’s been nice to enjoy some cool mornings and beautiful sunny afternoons.

7. I’m glad that I had a good catch-up conversation with one of my Massachusetts friends last week. Life’s been so busy and calling to check in has been on my To Do list for some time. Thankfully, my friend took the initiative and we were able to catch up on several months’ worth of news in a reasonably short time. It was just as I suspected it would be. Fifteen seconds into the conversation and it felt as if we’d talked every single day since I left. I’m so thankful that I have so many friendships that have been strong enough to stand the test of time and distance.

8. I’m glad for fiction. That may sound crazy, but I’m so glad that people make up stories and write them down so that I can have a place to escape from time to time.  Right now, I’m especially grateful for Jan Karon and her little town of Mitford.  My brain’s default mode is very thinky. I’ve discovered that if I spend a few minutes in another story before I go to sleep, I can usually turn off some of the thoughts that try to keep me awake. The Mitford series has been wonderful for me.  The characters are sweet and quirky and I can relax in Mitford. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I finish the series.

9. I’m glad for my family. I’m glad all my birds are back in the nest.  I’m glad I have the three most precious baby birds God ever created. I’m glad for a husband who has been very understanding of the many moods I’ve had over the last few days weeks months. We’ve both had to make sacrifices for each other this year. His job requires a great deal of patience on my part. My current life situations and family drama require a great deal of understanding on his. That we are leaning on each other rather than shoving each other under our respective oncoming buses is a testimony to the power of a God who can do marriage miracles. We’re still a work in progress, but I’m so glad we chose to gut out those hard days and let God do major surgery on both of our hearts. It is an unbelievable feeling to be able to reap just a few benefits of the hard work that our marriage has been.

10. I’m glad that God never changes. I do. My emotions were all over the map last week. I did not feel very stable. I am taking great comfort in the fact that God’s not moody and that He is the safest place for me to be. I’m so glad that it’s okay for me to be honest with Him. I’m so glad that He is honest with me. I can trust Him and it’s very reassuring to know that He is consistently Who He is.

So, I’m glad today. For these ten things and for many, many more. I hope you’re glad today, too. Want to tell me one reason you’re glad today? Or ten. I have time.



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10 responses to “Gladituesday…Because There’s Always Something to Be Glad About

  1. Am I first? Well that’s surely something for which to be glad.

    I love your writing, Amy. Every scrap of it. Every time. You speak to my heart in amazing ways. Especially appreciate the words about marriage in this post.

    So gladdy mcglad for our friendship–the incredible way that God has brought us together even though we’ve never met officially and all. And I’d say, who needs official, anyway? But one day, it will be official, and I will be so thankful.

  2. Rebecca Marchbanks

    I love Mitford…just one more thing we have in common… 🙂 Have you seen the Cookbook and Kitchen Companion? It’s the best cookbook ever. Father Tim’s ham is YUM!

    on another note…I will be in the East Texas/Northwest La area in the next few months if you know anyone around there that would like to meet up…I’m just sayin… 🙂

  3. I’m glad that you wrote this list.

  4. Hmmm… Time to get paperwork done this morning in relative peace, graham crackers, fleece, your list, my family, new mercies, hope, even a bulging belly with new life inside. Thanks for encouraging the exercise of gratitude. It always helps. Love you friend! 🙂

  5. Your list makes me glad. 🙂

  6. I’m glad that Thursday night I am heading to your part of the world and if you tell me anywhere you may be on Friday or Saturday or Sunday, I may show up!


  7. I’m glad you asked us what makes us glad… Let’s see, I am immediately glad when my baby takes a nap with me. Sweet relief. I am also glad that I tried your black bean chili recipe, which is cooking in the crock pot right now and smells delicious. And I’m glad you came to visit me on my blog! Thanks!

  8. carpoolqueen

    Yay! Haley’s trying black bean chili! She’s going to love it.

    I’m glad for you.

    Every. stinkin’. day.

  9. You are thankful for some wonderful things-God never changing is the one I most needed to hear. He isn’t moody, irritable, or grumpy. Ever. I need to be reminded of that!

    The Mitford books are a staple for me. I read them all at least once every other year. You must read the first in the Father Tim series. Very enlightening after you’ve read the original series.

  10. Wish I could be there with each of you. You were there with me for the last 12 days of Pappy’s life and I will never forget it.

    Please hug your mom for me!!! My wonderful brother!!!! Those sweet “babies,” and of course that awesome dad of yours. What grace and class you all exhibit. God is good – although we are not always pleased with his timing.

    Love Karen

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