Stay Tuned, More to Come

We had our first soccer game last night. My original plan was to get back from the game and post some pictures so you could share in the fun. However, I know now that being a soccer mom is exhausting, what with all the cheering and encouraging and such. By the time all the kids were bathed and in bed, I was ready to fall into a pile somewhere, so I did.

This morning the kindergarten classes are celebrating the phonogram “k” which says “kuh” as in Krispy Kreme, so we’re taking a field trip to Krispy Kreme. Guess who was the first mom to sign up as a chaperone volunteer? We don’t normally go to kindergarten on Tuesdays or Thursdays so this is an added bonus for us! We’re supposed to play at Duck Pond Park after but the weather may not cooperate.

All of the above is to say that I’ll be back hopefully later today to regale you with stories of my life as a soccer mom and doughnut eater, but you’ll just have to wait. I know, I know, it’s like waiting to find out who shot J.R. (just dated myself with that pop culture reference!) all over again, but you’ll just have to bite the bullet and persevere. I have to go make breakfast. Too bad we don’t have any poptarts. Speaking of poptarts, watch this while you’re waiting:



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12 responses to “Stay Tuned, More to Come

  1. Waking up the neighbors laughing so loudly!! He is a funny guy (and usually pretty clean too)!

    Can’t wait for pics and now I’m wishing Krispy Kreme was nearby!! Have a fun day!

  2. Warm Krispy Kreme….yum.

    JR…tv was so simple in the days of JR. Miss it.

  3. I was snickering a little bit last night when you tweeted about being all excited about becoming a soccer mom. And I had a conversation with myself about how you didn’t know what was getting ready to happen to you.

    Um…so now you know. Being a bleacher mom is exhausting. And you’re just getting started!!!

    Good times!!!

  4. carpoolqueen

    “Insert pastry vertically.”

    That step always gives me pause.

  5. I love Brian Regan. Take luck!

  6. Our girls’ soccer season ends Monday. I couldn’t be giddier.

    Love Brian Regan with all that is in me. I can’t sit still through much TV, but I can watch 2-4 Brian Regan DVDs back-to-back with my hubby.

  7. Chris

    Love Brian Regan…watching his stuff since the early 90’s. Saw him a couple of times at the Improv in Dallas, at the Majestic in Dallas, and here at the Strand in Shreveport. Great clean show I was able to take Dalton to.

  8. I love Krispy Kreme but my hips don’t!!

    sandy toe

  9. Prayed for you just now, friend. I’ve tried to use your real name when I pray, but I keep going back to Whimzie. Love ya!

  10. He is hilarious. We had the opportunity to see him in person a couple of weeks ago … great show

    enjoy your krispy kremes

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