Twitter Will Kill You

I love David Crowder Band.  I love Twitter. David Crowder Band doing a Rockumentary about Twitter? Double the love. This was posted to YouTube in July so it’s not cutting edge, new, hip, or what the kids are watching today, but then again, neither am I.

You got the car scene after the accident, right? You did if you’ve seen this viral video:

By the way, my friend Shelby sat near David Crowder at a Baylor game last weekend! I know! Is that six degrees of Kevin Bacon or what?

Happy Friday, y’all!



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6 responses to “Twitter Will Kill You

  1. Oh, I think you are hip and happening…

  2. ha ha ha ha!!

    …and now I’m following @crowderband on the Twitters…

  3. David Crowder Band is on Twitter? This is great. Candyland. Kewl.

  4. carpoolqueen

    Okay, that kid was Huh-LAREOUS.

  5. Hysterical. Okay you MUST MUST watch this! It has one little ugly word but it is SO ding dang funny!!

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