What Difference Do It Make?


I finished reading What Difference Do It Make? last night and was reminded why Same Kind of Different As Me is on my list of “Books You Should Read If We’re Going to Be Friends.”  One of the reasons I loved Same Kind of Different is that it is a multilayered book. One chapter convicted me about my blindness to the need around me while a few pages over I was praying for a deeper commitment to my marriage. What Difference Do It Make? has just as many layers. I was excited to catch up with the authors Ron Hall, a successful art dealer, and Denver Moore, a former homeless man. This book tells what they’ve been doing since the first book and adds more details to some of the stories we first heard in Same Kind of Different.

What Difference Do it Make? also includes accounts of people who read Same Kind of Different and were moved to make a difference. I was excited and convicted to read about people who did more than just read the book and pass it on to a few friends. Instead, they let the message of the book transform them and allowed God to use them as agents of change in their worlds. One of my favorite parts of the book details practical, step-by-step ways each church could make a significant difference in the problem of homelessness and provides counter arguments to many of the excuses we use to not get involved.

What Difference Do It Make? is available today. If you’ve read Same Kind of Different As Me, I’m certain you’ll want to read the sequel. If you haven’t read Same Kind of Different As Me, why not? While you’re buying it, pick up a copy of  What Difference Do It Make? because when you finish the first book, you’ll be left wanting more. What Difference Do It Make? is a great follow-up.

Go forth and read!


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9 responses to “What Difference Do It Make?

  1. Brandy

    Sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation(s). Lord bless you today!

  2. Same Kind of Different As Me is in my top 2 fav books ever. I love it. No wonder we’re friends 🙂

  3. Hey, I’m getting ready to review this book for TN too. Can I steal your review? 😉

  4. I’m so happy to read this post. I finished Same Kind of Different this weekend. I’m still thinky about it, and I remembered that you had bought the 2nd book. I wondered if you would like it as much. Same Kind of Different had a profound effect on me. I lived in Fort Worth during the time period of the book. I was so sad that I didn’t get to meet Ron, Debbie, and Denver. I was sad that I didn’t know their story until this week. After Hubby reads it, I think I am going to read it again. Good Stuff!!

  5. OH..I wish I read…I really do! I must have pictures….no, I am not FIVE!

    sandy toe

  6. I may just have to buy me a new book…

  7. So last week, I went to 1/2 price books to see if SKofDasM was available (and also the Sweet Potato Pie book). Neither were. Guess I need to try Amazon and buy enough for free shipping. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  8. It’s been since “Crazy Love” this summer that I’ve read a book…I read bits of “The Ragamuffin Gospel” but haven’t finished it…

    These two are on my list for sure!!

  9. I just finished up Same Kind of Different As Me on the plane the other day. EXCELLENT book. In fact, I think I scared the nice man next to me on the plane by my sniffling and trying to use his shirt sleeve as a kleenex. It was so moving.

    Going to go out today and look for this next one to read on the plane tomorrow!!!

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