Let Them Eat Cake…..And Save an End Piece for Me

I chase rabbits. Not literally, mind you. That would just be silly because rabbits move too quickly to be caught so what would be the point? I chase metaphorical rabbits. Of course, I’m not sure they can be caught either. Some might call it “stream of consciousness” thinking. I call it Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Thinking, except instead of linking actors with other actors who have worked with Kevin Bacon, I like to make one subject tie in with an seemingly completely unrelated subject….often in six subject changes or less. It’s a gift, I tell you. Or a curse. Maybe you should ask my husband.

I guess to those who don’t have access to the inner workings of my brain (which would include all of you, I suppose), my thoughts, or rabbit trails, if you will, don’t seem to follow any logical path. If, however, you could see how I think from point A to point B, I’m sure the progression would make perfect sense to you. In other words, my random ramblings may not be so random after all. Let me give you an example so that you can judge for yourself.

Yesterday, one of my Tweeps sent this message: The hubs just ran into Trace Adkins’ bro and he gave him tickets/backstage passes for Trace/Toby Keith!!!!

At which point another friend Tweeted: Cool. If you like country music. I think Trace A grew up in the same town as Justin/Becky.

At which point I Tweeted (after Googling to be certain that I was correct. I mean, if it’s on the internet, it’s the truth, right?): Trace is from the great town of Sarepta, LA aka the home of the lady who makes the best wedding cake in the world.

Which made me think about why I proclaimed the lady from Sarepta the best wedding cake maker in the world.

Which reminded me of a comment I left on a friend’s Myspace page many years ago (back when I still checked my Myspace page). This friend is a great cake connoisseur and I shared with her my carefully formulated theory of what makes the perfect cake.

Which gave me the idea to repost my cake theory here to see if you agree and also to bless you with my knowledge of all things cake. So without further ado or rabbit chasing:

Whimzie’s Theory of Good Wedding Cake

These guidelines are mostly for wedding cake…which I would say is my favorite kind of cake. I have been known to go to the weddings of people I either didn’t know well are were not that particularly close to just because I was craving wedding cake.

First, THE CAKE: The cake should have a fine, not coarse texture. In other words, you shouldn’t be reminded of Jiffy Cornbread while eating it. I like a vanilla taste with a hint of almond. Too much almond can be a bad thing. It must be moist (although I really don’t care for that particular word). To determine if the cake is appropriately moist (there’s that yucky word again), I use the fork test. If you can press the back of the fork into a bite of the cake and successfully pick up all of the bite, that, my friend, is good cake.

Second, THE ICING: Without question, butter cream is preferred over that whippped stuff. Whipped stuff is for Cool Whip which was never mean to ice a cake. The icing should be firm, but not rock hard. It should not taste like Crisco, nor should it be sickeningly sweet. It should have the barest hint of taste beyond just sweet, but nothing that would overpower the cake.

If I am enjoying a piece of cake that meets my cake standards, I wouldn’t want to eat all the icing and leave the cake or vice versa…I would be able to enjoy the entire piece as one unit.

From Trace Adkins to cake in less than ten steps. It was easy as pie! Speaking of pie, have you tried the cherry limeade slush? It tastes like pie to me. But I digress. Did anyone else see that rabbit?



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9 responses to “Let Them Eat Cake…..And Save an End Piece for Me

  1. I see the rabbit….on the very logical trail from Trace to cake, but I’m a rabbit trail girl too 😉 I seem to even be able to follow other peoples rabbit trails.

    Butter cream is a must.

  2. Did you mean Cherry Limeade Chiller? Mixed with icecream? Because that tastes like key lime pie to me (with cherry of course) Mmmmmm

  3. Totally followed that trail, girl.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with your cake criteria.
    And I’m pretty giddy about the whole Trace Adkins thing…’cuz I get to go, too!!! Suhweet.

  4. i love your rabbit trail – I do the exact same thing 🙂 ps – cherry limeade = delicious

  5. Great. Now I want to go to Sonic. But I guess Sunset Slush shall have to do. Mmmm…cake.

  6. Followed along…forget everything else, when do we go to Sonic?

  7. Just wanted you to know that we lived in Sarepta, Louisiana for 3 years (94-97) and I remember going to a First Place weight loss class with Trace’s mama. Inside her little notebook she used to record what she ate was an 8×10 glossy of Trace. And I’ve had birthday cake made by the wedding cake lady. Delish.

    I’m praying for you and your family.

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