Bend it Like Gumby

I think we’re finally starting to get some semblance of a routine around here. The Youngest Boy Snoodle still hasn’t started gymnastics but I believe all of our other extracurricular activities are scheduled and rolling along as planned. All three of the Little Snoodles decided to play soccer for the school team this year, which officially makes me a minivan driving soccer mom. Too bad I’m only thirteen years too late to be relevant. I’ve never been on the cutting edge of trends.

This was a new endeavor for all of us. K has always been athletic but he has never played soccer. And me? Well, we’ve covered this ground before. I just now realized that it should be blatantly obvious to anyone who even read that old post’s title that I’m not the player of many sports. Most people use the word “athlete” rather than “sports star.” Anyway, we were all clueless when it came time to buy soccer equipment. We had to call one of our best friends who coaches his daughter’s soccer team and he walked us through our shopping adventure at Academy Sports. It’s a good thing because I never would have thought to put the socks OVER the shin guards. Looks bulky and weird to me, but whatever.

The two youngest Snoodles are playing on a team together and their big brother is on another team. They all practice at the same time in the same place so for the last two Tuesday evenings I’ve stood on the sidelines and pretended I had a clue as to the appropriate cheers to yell during a soccer set     game match. So far I’ve come up with, “Kick it!”, “Kick it the other way!”, and “Way to kick it!”

Actually, I know a little bit more about soccer than K does. I was actually in Italy for the 1990 World Cup. What I mean by that is I had a layover in Italy on my way to South Africa while the World Cup was being played and I saw it on the TV at the gate. This was back in the day where very few American kids played soccer so I was surprised at how seriously the rest of the world takes this sport. Our guests in South Africa were glued to their TVs and enjoyed making fun of our American soccer team. I still remember the joke that someone told every. single. time. we were together. Want to hear it?

What’s the difference between a tea bag and the American team?

The tea bag stays in the cup (Cup) longer.

Yeah. That was our reaction, too. It didn’t get any funnier the 2078th time we heard it.

The Little Snoodles seem to like soccer.


That’s the Princess in the middle of the picture. Here’s a picture of her biggest brother playing goalie:


Wait a minute! Let me get a closer look at that picture. Who is that in the background?


Could it be? I think that’s….why yes! It is! It’s his mother’s child! Searching in the grass for who knows what while his team practices on the next field! Maybe looking for daisies to make a daisy chain? I was so intent on taking Big Brother’s picture that I didn’t even notice Little Brother in the background until I downloaded the pictures.

To be fair, Youngest Brother and one of his teammates had a head-on collision. Some days it’s harder to “shake it off” and “cowboy up” than others and on this particular day, my boy decided to take himself out of the game for a little while and look for bugs. Eventually he decided to give it another go and his athletic ability has already surpassed any that I ever had or wished I had.

Saturday mornings in October will find The Snoodles playing and/or watching soccer. Maybe I’ll bring along piping hot Pumpkin Spice chai lattes while I yell encouraging things (yet to be determined) from the sidelines and discuss current events, such as whether or not we can fully support the idea of revisiting the 80s for fall fashion this year. Hmm. I think I might really enjoy being a soccer mom.



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18 responses to “Bend it Like Gumby

  1. My kiddos love soccer…have fun being soccer mom for a season.

  2. 2 of our 3 are in soccer (and have been for over three years now). I like it more than I thought I would.

  3. Oh I love soccer (it’s the only sport I can play) Jayci will definitely be playing in a year or so 🙂 haha or maybe a few years. whatever.

  4. I’m so glad that you are putting the socks on top of the shin guards.

    I want to run all over the field and fix those poor babies’ socks/guards whose mamas don’t do it right.

    So what if he’s making daisy chains…at least he looks professional doing it.

  5. I love your cheers. How about “great kick” “awesome kick” “good kick”….so many variations and they all do the job. I always yell the most ridiculous things at any sporting event.

    You will make one awesome pumpkin latte sporting mom!! Or you could do what my dad did for my brother….each Saturday he would dress in a full blown chicken costume(yes we happened to own one) and cheer on the sidelines. Good times.

  6. You are my kind of soccer mom! I’m afraid I was the player who was out looking for bugs or picking my nose while I should have been playing. I didn’t last long.

    Be sure and get your latte extra hot!

  7. At least you have grass. My son sat on the field and played in the dirt. Perhaps he was, as a defender, just confident that the ball would never come his way. That was 7 years ago. Not playing so much right now. 🙂 But I’m glad to see that the tradition of looking for important things on the ground is still being carried forth.

  8. If being a soccer mom means pumpkin spice chai lattes, I am totally in!

  9. lydia Stevenson

    I remember the jokes about American soccer(or lack of) and I remember the layover in Italy. I bought a World Cup t-shirt . Closest I will ever get to the real thing. Do you remember who got stuck in the bus door on the way back to the airport, and thought they were going to be dragged to death down Italian roads? Now, I live where soccer rules, but we do not go to the games.Too much violence before and after the games.

  10. I LOVE the picture of the little brother scouring the grass for THINGS. When my daughter played softball we would often see her in the outfield, picking weeds, sitting down indian style or just looking up at the sky. She was the most UN-prepared outfielder in the history of the game. 🙂
    Now she plays volleyball and it has every bit of her attention!
    Those days of plucking daisies and following a bug on it’s path through the grass are so sweet! Love it!

  11. You make me laugh, Amy. And so does that pic of your son searching in the grass for something…let’s pretend it’s a four leaf clover.

    Love you.

    Am praying for you too.

  12. Oh, this is just a HOOT..I startled Adam I busted out laughing so loud!!!

    We tried soccer. once. that’s it.

    I guess I’ll have to tote my latte to Upward Basketball…

    Have an awesome season, Snoodles!!

  13. Love the soccer pictures. My son has one soccer game in one state tomorrow…then we travel 2 hours and he has another game in another state later that afternoon….
    we are big soccer people here.
    sandy toe

  14. So cute. I live in a country where soccer is King. We can be in bed at night, then suddenly hear horns blaring all down the street. Oh, someone won the game. Just this week our power was out and we sat on the balcony enjoying the stars. Suddenly people started screaming..oh, someone scored. How did they get power?

  15. I love the soccer joke! It’s interesting to live right next to South Africa – who will host the 2010 World Cup. EVERYTHING there is about W.C…, everything at McDonalds.

    We’ve lived overseas so long that my hubby and boys watch as much or more “football” on TV as American Football. That probably has to do with the fact that we only get the European version of ESPN.

    Love little brother out in the grass…..hunting for bugs maybe?? Reminds me of watching a T-ball game with little guys and the coach kept having to tell the little ones in the outfield to turn around. They were facing the wrong direction.

  16. Deb

    Not an athlete either.

    Attempted to play softball.


    Right field.

    The ball came to me.

    I missed.

    Hit me.

    In the face.

    Broke. No. Crushed.

    My nose.

    Required serious surgery.

    Now, I run.

    No ball necessary.

    Sweet dreams.

  17. Thought of you this weekend when I pulled out the “Big Cheerin’ Mama Guns” at my son’s flag football game and yelled (screamed and jumped up and down, more like it) “RUN!! RUN!! RUN!! RUN!!”…except it was 90 degrees, not exactly hot latte weather, but we headed to Sonic afterwards to make up for it.

  18. Anna Grace’s first ever soccer practice is tomorrow and I’ve got to say… in reading this post, I’m REALLY sad that I won’t be standing next to super soccer mom Whimzie while laughing at her banter and sipping a pumpkin spice latte. Because that sounds really good to me right now. The Whimzie AND the latte. 🙂

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