That’s a Major Appliance! That’s Not a Name!

John Hughes died? Why didn’t any of you call to tell me? The only reason I even know about it now is that this morning I read posts about his passing from a few of my favorite bloggers. I used to read the newspaper and watch the nightly news. Then I started reading the headlines on my internet home page. Now I find out about current events from my blogs. It’s too early in the morning to spend much time mulling what that says about me so let’s keep moving, shall we?

Melanie from This Ain’t New York asked us to tell her our favorite John Hughes movie. Even though I’m not usually good at committing to a favorite, this question was easy. I LOVE Pretty in Pink. Like I said on Melanie’s blog, if I had a quarter for every time I’ve watched that movie…I’d have a lot of quarters. My friend Jennifer and I used to quote scenes from that movie incessantly, to the chagrin of our other friends. In fact, I still say “I’m off like a dirty shirt” from time to time.

What don’t I love about that movie? I love Andie’s clothes and her car.  I love the soundtrack. I love Iona. I want to hang out at the record store with the gang and discuss albums. I especially love Blane McDonnagh. I had a serious Andrew McCarthy crush that has lasted for many years now.  Goodness, I thought he was mighty pretty.

But something interesting has recently come to light. In the 80s when I was watching Pretty in Pink with my girlfriends and dreaming of Mr. Right, I just knew that Blane was the one for Andie. Sure, I felt sorry for the Duck, but Blane was the obvious best choice. Now, many years and life experiences later, I think maybe she should have chosen Duckie. His lines are the ones that immediately come to mind when I’m reminiscing about this movie. He makes me laugh and that will carry you a lot further in life and love than cute lips.

I’ve had a similar heart change about Gone with the Wind. The first time I saw it, I wanted to be Ms. Melanie, because I thought Scarlett was just plain mean. And I actually may have had a bigger crush on Ashley Wilkes than I did on Rhett Butler. When I watch that movie now, I really want Ashley and Melanie to grow up and be somebody, I admire Scarlett O’Hara”s spunk, and Rhett gives me goosebumps every time he looks at Scarlett.

Time has a funny way of changing your mind about things, doesn’t it? Do you have any movies that you see differently now than you did the first time you saw them? If that requires too much deep contemplation, you could always share your favorite line from Pretty in Pink. Twenty-three years later, my love for quoting that movie is one thing that hasn’t changed!

Happy Friday! I’m off like a dirty shirt!



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12 responses to “That’s a Major Appliance! That’s Not a Name!

  1. How I love Pretty In Pink…..oh how I love that movie. I so wanted to be her and date him(Blane). I loved the clothes, the hair and the music. Loved the music. I have a problem not being able to remember quotes…..I remember music(not lyrics) and clothes though. The shirts buttoned to the neck, the floral prints. Such fun.

  2. I much prefer Some Kind of Wonderful! But Pretty in Pink runs a very close second.

    How’s it going with the company?

  3. If it wasn’t too late, then I would think of one of my favorites! So, thank goodness, like you, I love Pretty In Pink! I even have it on VHS!!! LOL!!

    Of course, my favorite part is when Blaine tells her he loves her at the prom!!!!! Then, I didn’t feel so bad when the other girl was checking out Ducky!

  4. I actually had no idea who john hughes was but I looked him up! He wrote a lot of good movies, sad he died from a heart attack. I also love pretty in pink! I think I first watched it only because of the title (pathetic I know) but it is a really good movie!

  5. Poor sweet Duckie.

    I have a thing for underdogs. And hot guys. So I always get all torn in movies like that.

    MY FAVORITE EVUH….”Can’t Buy Me Love.”
    Because I was loyal to McDreamy before he was Dreamy. And I may or may not be guilty of dancing his awesome African mating ritual dance in public.

  6. Amy

    Pretty in Pink is one of my favorites from that era, too!

    I’m still smiling because your post reminded me of the intense jealousy I felt when my best friend in HS got to meet Andrew McCarthy when he was in our town to film Mannequin.

  7. I wanted to name our kid Blaine. I got denied. You’ll be missed John! Thanks for inspiring us!

  8. I can’t really pick a fav in this category. He sort of defined our formative years…well, mine at least! Some Kind of Wonderful is a favorite. Vacation…How many hours did we spend with my dad watching that. He loved it! We called him Clark in honor of that one. The new Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favorite Christmas movies! But for me…the Breakfast Club was the defining movie. I still love that movie to this day.

    Some favorite quotes from Pretty in Pink:

    Andie: I just want them to know that they didn’t break me.
    Duckie: [as he is leaving Andies’ room with a juice box in hand] Drinking and driving don’t mix.
    That’s why I ride a bike.

  9. Yep, no way I can pick a fave anything really…but I do love Pretty in Pink…and all the movies from that era and “the Brat Pack”…

    With that said, I have always 100% loved and wanted to be Scarlett, I still harbor a love and fascination for all things GWTW (y’know I only live a few miles from all the Tara Museums and suchs). Ok, back to being Scarlett..I would’ve never let Rhett walk out that door, number one…number 2, the amazing dresses, number 3, the DRAMA 😉 the LINES…that’s just good stuff…but, this was supposed to be a tribute to John Hughes and not Margaret Mitchell…oh well, may they both rest in peace! 🙂

  10. Chris

    I loved his movies…Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles especially. My favorite movie line is from PT&A…as another driver is trying to tell John Candy and Steve Martin they’re driving on the wrong side of the highway…
    “Neal: He says we’re going the wrong way…
    Del: Oh, he’s drunk. How would he know where we’re going? “

  11. Stacey Parker

    My favorite Ducky quote is, “UUUUGGGHHH…I love ‘er too muuuuuuch.”! I think you and I watched Pretty In Pink together a few times!

    SAY ANYTHING is still my top movie pick of the ’80’s!

  12. I’ve never seen Pretty in Pink *blush* I’ll add it to my netflix queue RIGHT NOW!

    But I do LOVE Gone with the Wind. I always wanted to be Scarlett, though I never understood why she was hung up on the dippy Ashley when Rhett was so in love with her!

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