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Now Enriched With Even More Randomness

My brain is all over the place right now. I have to trick it into turning off so I can go to sleep. I hope it doesn’t read this and learn my secret, but when I’m lying in bed with racing thoughts  (I don’t mean thoughts about NASCAR racing necessarily, but just thoughts that  change very rapidly to other thoughts that pile on top of the preceding ones creating a NASCAResque pile-up in my head), I try to distract my brain by counting to 100. Whenever a thought tries to wedge in between the numbers, I mentally count louder. You have volume control in your brain, right? For especially persistent thoughts, I count to ten in other languages.

Anyway, since my brain is all over the place, apparently this blog will be too. I  want to tell you about something God taught me last week in the middle of all the chaos, but it appears that I haven’t actually learned the lesson yet. I had an opportunity to demonstrate what I’ve learned this week and I failed miserably. Sometimes I don’t know why God doesn’t just wad me up and start all over. I’m glad His patience exceeds mine. This week I’ve noticed that He’s speaking more slowly and using smaller words. He’s also had my blogger friends write three, nay, four posts expressing the lesson He’s trying to teach me. Yes, even the blogosphere is all about me and God causes blog writers to write posts specifically with me in mind. Self-absorbed blog writer much? We’ll talk about it later when I’ve had more time to study what I’m learning….and get over myself.

I made a new blog friend this summer. Her name is Deb and her blog is called “He gave me a dream…” She ends every post and email and comment with “Sweet dreams.” I just love that. It’s like when Charlie Gibson*  says, “I hope you had a good day” at the end of every nightly newscast. I really believe that he means it and he’s talking specifically to me. I love that Charlie. And I love Deb! She’s writes beautifully. She has amazing insight and I usually leave her blog with a head full of things that I can’t wait to discuss with God. I loved this post about fruit, although it made me very hungry. This post was a very timely one for me (and actually fits with the lesson God’s been teaching me. Maybe this post isn’t so random after all! Oh, who am I kidding?) Anyway, Deb gave me a sweet and undeserved award yesterday and I wanted to tell her thank you, so, thank you, Deb! I hope you’re having sweet dreams, too!

I’ve also learned how to pull my friend Melody out of Lurky Land.  She hasn’t blogged for awhile or left any comments here so I was thinking I needed to send out a search party. Nope. All I had to do was offer a quarter to the first person who recognized the opening quotation from yesterday’s post. (Grammar Girl says that “quote” is a verb and “quotation” is a noun, so it’s really not correct to say you heard a particularly inspiring “quote.” You actually heard a particularly inspiring “quotation.” I’ve alerted all the “Quotable Quotes” websites I could find and I’m sure they’ll be changing their titles accordingly.) I may have met someone who is more competitive than I. I should have known this when she refused to even guess what was in my envelope because I didn’t offer a prize. (Competitve or mercenary? I’ll let you decide.) Well, Melody, you were the winner of the “Guess Where This Came From” contest. The quotATION was from an old SNL skit where Tom Hanks was playing the part of an Aerosmith roadie testing the mikes.  It is a fun word to say. Try it. “Sibilance.” Some of you didn’t say it aloud. Do it now. We’ll wait right here until you do. Some of you need to try something fun every once in awhile.  Feel free to add “sibilance” to your Fun Word List. What? You don’t have one? Sigh. I don’t know what to do with you.

Back to Melody. She’s a friend from way back in the day. She’s on my list of Top Ten Smartest People I Know. It’s not a competition, Melody, so quit trying to secure your place in the Top Three! She also taught me this song:

Way up in the sky the little birds fly.

While down in their nest, the little birds rest.

With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right,

The little birds sleep all through the night.


They’re sleeping.


The moon goes away.

“Good morning, good morning!” the little birds say!

The farmer comes out with shotgun in hand.



“No birds on my land!”

With a stub on the left,

And a stub on the right….

Good times. Good memories. You can imagine the mental condition our former student pastor is in now. I’m also sure Deb is so happy that she chose this week to link to my blog.

So, Melody, send me your mailing address and I’ll send you your prize. I’ll mail you a quarter.  (Honestly, Melody?! You sold your comment for a quarter?) I’d link to her blog but I didn’t get permission and wouldn’t want to crash her site when my millions of readers come for a visit . She has a beautiful little girl. I haven’t actually met her yet, but I’m hoping to do so in the very near future. (Hint. Hint. Time for a road trip, friend! I’ll give you your quarter in person even!)

Okay. I hate to, but I have to go. I still haven’t found the spoons.  Or the iron. My house is so out-of-control that I can send myself into panic attacks just by walking from room to room. I have to leave my phone on the charger and stay away from the computer today except in cases of emergency. I’m too easily distracted and fifteen minutes here easily turns into an hour and a half.  So I need to go. You hang up first. No, you hang up. Are you still there? I can hear you breathing.

Instead of randomness, I think this plague is enriched with just plain silliness. I’ll blame it on the move. That’s what I’m blaming everything on these days.

In the words of the great CPQ, have a nice day.

*Edited from earlier posting. Thanks, Tiffani!



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