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Testing 1, 2, 3, Check, Sibilance*

*I’ll give a quarter to the first commenter who knows where I got that quote.

Can you hear me now? Guess where I am? In my own home!!  Check me out, I am wired!

And tired.

(And apparently channeling Dr. Seuss.)

Yet, I look around and wonder what in the world I have been doing because this place still looks like Ray the Mover had a box virus and regurgitated boxes all over this house. I don’t know where most of this stuff is going to live. I mainly shuffle stacks from place to place.

Let’s see, I want to put these towels in this closet, but wait! That’s where all the humidifiers and medicine and first aid stuff is. Let me move all the medicine stuff to this little cabinet. Oh, I stuck the bath toys in there. I can move those to….Yeah. You get the picture. Plus, I was telling my Tweeps this morning that I really need adult supervision while I’m working. I get distracted and spend way too much time doing unimportant things….like arranging my spices in alphabetical order. Really, Whimz? You still haven’t found the spoons or the iron. Is condiment organization really your top priority today? But if you need to borrow my paprika, I can find it in record fast time! CPQ and I were discussing this yesterday. I don’t even want someone here to help me, necessarily (although no reasonable offer will be refused).  Like she said, I’d be happy to have a friend sit on the edge of the bed to talk to me while I sort through boxes in my room.

Speaking of boxes, they aren’t going to unpack themselves so my inner mom says I have to go now. (At least I don’t think the boxes will self-unpack; maybe I should leave them for awhile and see what happens…FOCUS, girl, focus!) And did I mention my mother-in-law is coming for a visit on Thursday? Yeah, I hate to do it, but I need to run. I’ve been trying to keep up with what you all have been saying while I’ve been away. I haven’t had a time to tackle my email inbox just yet or to talk back to some of my favorite blog friends on their blogs, but I’m hoping to catch up a little bit at a time. It’s just nice to be plugged back into the neighborhood!

P.S. We didn’t get the Schnoodles. We visited them on Sunday and then Sunday night we received a phone call from Ray the Mover’s friends saying that they would be at our new home at 9 a.m. the next day (!!) which was a little unsettling since we weren’t expecting them until Wednesday and I had a hairapy appointment scheduled for Monday at 9:30ish to take care of my trailer trash roots. You don’t mess with a girl’s hairapy appointment and live to tell about it. Anyway,  it’s a long story, but, with all the chaos of the move and company coming, we’ve had to put the idea of adding a dog to the family on hold just for now. I know. They were cute, but they don’t allow dogs on the psych floor which is where we thought I was headed last week. Don’t worry. We’ll find our dog.



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