Will You Do Me a Favor?

I truly did not intend to keep you waiting here. Remember when I made you try to guess what was in the Fed Ex envelope. Man, that was annoying. I had no idea this week was going to be so hectic. Ray the Mover’s truck came on Monday instead of Wednesday so my life has been upside down this week with boxes and piles of stuff. We have put the dog situation on hold for now because quite honestly, we just don’t need any more chaos.

The main reason I stopped by tonight is because I need to ask you for a huge favor. I’ve made a few new blog friends in the last few weeks that may not know that my dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (malignant brain tumor) in December of last year. He’s been on a new chemotherapy for the last eight weeks or so and he had an MRI on Wednesday to see how the medicine is working. Tomorrow Dad’s oncologist will give us the results.

I know that the Bible specifically says to “be anxious for nothing,” but to tell the truth, I’m anxious. I would really appreciate any prayers you would be willing to give on behalf of my dad and my family. We’re praying for a miracle and we don’t care how it’s delivered. If God wants to name the miracle Avastin, the drug Dad is currently taking, we’ll praise Him just the same. We just desperately want Dr. Hargon to give us good news tomorrow. 

Can you do me a big favor? Will you please pray? My dad’s appointment is scheduled for 9 a.m. tomorrow (CST).I’ll try to update you here as soon as I can. Tweeps, I’ll try to let you know something from my phone as soon as I know. Some of you are real-life, flesh-and-blood friends that I’ve known for many, many years. Some of you are new friends who live in my computer. All of you have become precious to me and are an important part of my life. I appreciate you sharing in this part of my life as well.

So will you do me a favor and pray?


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14 responses to “Will You Do Me a Favor?

  1. Will be praying….love your family so much

  2. I will….as I type.

  3. Praying for you now, and again in 2 hours!!
    Love to you!

  4. Deena

    Praying today!

  5. Praying, Whimz. Praying.

  6. carpoolqueen


  7. Rebecca Marchbanks

    We have you covered!

  8. Nica

    You’re not on a contracted publication schedule! And, it’s not like you’ve had ANYTHING to do. The dig was all in fun (thus the hyperbole), and I am sorry if it didn’t come across as such. . . . I was just wondering how things had worked out.

    I am praying for healing for your dad and peace for your whole family to be delivered into your maelstrom.

  9. Whimz, that’s not a favor–its a privilege.

  10. Deb

    Just got back home.

    Read your post.

    Prayed for your dad.

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