A Couple of Schnoodles’ Tails

We want a dog. We’ve wanted a dog for quite some time actually, but at first K didn’t think it was a good idea. The kids and I began the wearing down process some time ago and had made considerable progress, but our last landlady didn’t allow pets. K promised that as soon as we were settled in our new location, we could get a dog. The kids and I took “settled in our new location” to mean as soon as we were in the same time zone as our future house.

I researched a few breeds that I thought might be a good match for our family. Of course we want a dog that plays well with children, being that we have children and all. I really want a dog that doesn’t shed. Our first practice dog was a black Labrador retriever, Whuffo. Whuffo was the greatest boy dog who ever lived on the face of the earth. The only thing that kept Whuffo from being perfect is the litter of fur puppies he produced daily that I had to sweep every fifteen minutes of the day. Oh, the shedding! Yes, a non-shedding, hypoallerginic dog would be ideal.

As a result of my dog research I have decided that the poodle –how can I say this delicately so as not to offend?–really “gets around” the neighborhood. Yes, apparently the bows and painted nails are the equivalent of fishnet stockings and micro-minis, because EVERYBODY in the dog world seems to have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a member of the poodle family. Labradoodles, Golden Doodles,Weimardoodles…..Don’t believe me? Google it yourself! But one breed in particular caught my attention. Do you know what happens when a poodle falls in love with a schnauzer? They have baby schnoodles!!  Schnoodles? Why my blog’s name is “Snoodlings,” don’t you know! But the dogs I saw online were specially bred dogs that cost anywhere from $400 to $700. We’d really rather adopt.

I went to Petfinder.com, because we want to adopt a dog who needs us as much as we want him/her. I scrolled through the list of dogs available in our area, and lo and behold! Two Schnoodles were available to adopt from a rescue center not too far from us! I called the contact number and arranged to meet the foster moms and the two dogs after church today at a Pet Smart in their town. They’re  dogs are a precious brother and sister who are about six months old. The foster moms said that the dogs were the victims of abuse in the form of neglect. The dogs are shy but very affectionate. My kids love dogs of every size, shape, and variety and they immediately took to both dogs.


So now we have a dilemma (one of my favorite words to say but not one of my favorite things to have). The boys love the boy dog, Hobbes. The girl loves the girl dog, Calvin. (Apparently, they were unsure of Calvin’s gender when she was named.) The deal was that we were going to add ONE dog to our family. But how in the world can we ever decide between these two? Also, my mama told me that you don’t go steady with the first guy you date and I’m wondering if it’s smart to make a lifelong commitment to the first dog we meet. But they’re so very precious! Yep. We’re in quite a pickle. I was hoping there would be bells and whistles and we’d immediately know if we’d met the one(s). Hopefully, the dog we choose will be in our family for a long, long time and we really need to get this decision right!!

We filled out the paperwork that the Humane Society requires and we told the foster moms we needed to go home and talk and pray about this decision. You’d better believe we’re going to pray about this one! We’re adding a family member, for crying out loud! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the driver of our moving van who is supposed to arrive to unload our earthly belongings this Wednesday called tonight…..to tell us that he’ll be arriving tomorrow at 9 a.m. Yes, tomorrow as in less than twelve hours from now. To unload our stuff into our house. The house for which we don’t even possess keys. Yay. K told him that we needed to delay that unloading for a day if at all possible. So we have some frantic phone calls to make tomorrow. My next post may be live from a padded cell. That seems like a nice, soft place to rest, doesn’t it? I could really use a nap.

Until then, if you have any doggie words of wisdom or advice that you’d like to share, I’d be more than happy to hear from you!!



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18 responses to “A Couple of Schnoodles’ Tails

  1. I think we need a Schnoodle too! So, so cute. And I think you should take both of them.

    I hope the movers pull through for you!

  2. We have two dogs. I think it is a great idea to have two. And it helps that Calvin and Hobbes are just too cute!

  3. I say 2 are better than 1 ….that’s what I was told when we almost adopted 2 labs! And being a mom of twins…well, 2 works for me. Go for both!

    You are actually making me want a small dog now…I thought I was a big dog girl.

  4. We had brother and sister puppies that we got right after our first was born – granted they were Siberian Huskies and they were HUGE. But it was precious seeing them together … and I didn’t feel bad when we left them home together because they had a buddy. That said two dogs is two dogs to kennel when you travel, two dogs to take to the vet, etc. My girls are itching for a dog and we (I) am thinking poodle as well … and only one. 🙂

  5. I’ve only ever owned one pup at a time, but I hear that when you bring two in together at the same time, they bond to each other before they bond to you. So if you can choose, I’d recommend one. (Still, we are currently in the process of inheriting another dog with our move, so I’m a big, fat, hypocritical two-dog owner in T-minus 4 days.)

  6. They are too precious! And smart, good dogs. I would take both, sigh.

    That said, if you can only have one, my suggestion would be the girl. Female dogs don’t feel the need to mark their territory EVERYWHERE they go. Just my $.02.

  7. We had a schnoodles when schoodles weren’t cool (pretend I sound like Barbara Mandrel). Heidi was my dad’s dog for 13 wonderful years. THE BEST DOG EVER!!! She was supposed to be a schnauzer…turned out the painted toenails were irresistible to the schnauzer mom (that just sounds so wrong). Anyway, we found out later the dog we loved was a schnoodle. We have schnauzers now…good dogs, but not better than Heidi. Keep ’em both!

  8. I was also told
    (and we almost bought Bellas sister) if we got 2 they would bond to each other….and not us….weird thing is after six months, Bella has bonded to everyone but me…..Maybe that is because
    I just cannot let go of our 17 year old cocker, Annah that we had to bury last October, so maybe it is me and I have not bonded with Bella…but I sure am trying.

  9. Get both! They can be friends!

    Popped in from a Ladybug’s to say hi!

  10. Oh I LOVE poodle mixes. Our sweet dog (not the mentally handicapped one . . . ) is a “cavapoo” (cavalier spaniel poodle mix) and he’s the BEST. For realz.

    That’s all I have to say. You should know better than to expect any wisdom from me 🙂

  11. I’m no help as I’m a cat person, but they’re both awfully adorable!

  12. You know we’ve ALWAYS had poodle mixes. We had 2 in Las Vegas and they were great. That way neither one every gets totally pooped from being in charge of the kids!

  13. Sandy M.

    The families I know that have 2 seem to have a good set up because the doggies keep each other company & work out some of their energy on each other. If going for one, I would definitely go for the female… those boys love to mark their territory, inside & out! They will kill bushes, ruin drapes,…. Been there, done that! They are both SO cute! If you are still not sure about a breed, miniature dachsunds are great. We had them when our kids were growing up & they don’t have that “doggie smell” that nearly all dogs have. With short hair, even when they shed, which is just a couple of times a year & not bad, it’s not much hair. The pictures with your kids are SO cute! Hope you get some house keys soon…. Love having you back on bloggy world!

  14. My boys (including the big one) thinks you should get them both. They are both adorable. Now that you are in LA hopefully we can stop and see you on our next trip to AL.

  15. Those dogs are so precious! I didn’t know there was such a thing as petfinder.com! We have two dogs, two cats and a fish and definitely don’t need another pet anytime soon! Our kids love animals. I hope you’ve gotten the keys and are unloading your belongings by now!

  16. You definitely should get both of them, especially since they are related! But I also speak from experience {haha, that just sounds funny :)}. We currently have three dogs, haha, and would never go back to just having one. The dogs are still very bonded to us but it allows them to have playmates and have company when we are not home. It is adorable! Really, if you can get two I would. I am not just saying it so you don’t leave one out or have to choose but because it gives them a companion who looks like them. 🙂 If you can only get one I would probably get the girl. In my experience of girl dogs vs. boy dogs I much prefer having a girl 🙂

  17. Okay…you need them both. Like pronto.

    But, of course, that is coming from me…who isn’t living in your house…with all that schnoodly goodness. And I also don’t have to feed them. Or bathe them. Or clean up after them.

    But, still…those faces. YOU NEED THEM BOTH!

  18. whew! lots of info here in these commentos…

    so, I’ll say simply…it was very easy w/ Sugar and Norah (KK’s dog) together..two is great…BUT, b/c you have THREE kiddos ONE wouldn’t lack for love/attention etc…I absolutely love a poodle anyway…GREAT choice…I adore the gray one…but either/both will make a great addition.

    I don’t know what I’d do w/o my Sugar Baby now.

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