Old Friends & New Friends Who Feel Like New Friends*

*The title of the post is in no way, shape, or form meant to insinuate that the friends referred to in this post are “old” as in one step away from fighting over George Clooney in the nursing home. “Old” in this context simply refers to the length of the friendship I share with CPQ.

Kellie and Sus have already posted about our girls’ night out last night, and their blog posts actually have pictures. Someone left her camera at CPQ’s house and forgot that her phone takes pictures.  In someone‘s defense, she’s not firing on the few cylinders she has left these days. Someone was also so giddy to be spending a few hours talking to only grownups that she is surprised she remembered to wear shoes, much less accessories. Actually, someone borrowed the accessories from CPQ because she forgot to pack her own. Someone actually didn’t even bring a suitcase to CPQ’s house. She brought a laundry bag of dirty clothes and a Target bag with a few miscellaneous items. Does someone have it all together or what?

I’m going to quit referring to myself as “someone” for the duration of this post. You’re welcome. But seriously, I realized how long it has been since I’ve had a night with friends when I saw Kellie’s ears slide right  off the side of her head and down into her lap. Yep. I talked them right off  her cute hair-styled head. I apologized this morning over Twitter and she graciously forgave me. That’s just the kind of classy chick she is.

It’s too bad Kellie didn’t get to meet me today. I’ve used more of my words and I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as “talky” as I was last night. Who am I kidding? I can always find words. But seriously, fellow moms, we need regularly scheduled girlfriend conversations, if nothing else, so that we can find our “stop talking” buttons when we do have the opportunity to interact with other grownups.

Kellie is one of the bloggy buddies that I’ve admired from afar even before we began our computer conversations. As excited as I was to meet her, I was also just a little bit nervous. The junior high girl who lives inside my head who desperately wants the cool kids to think she’s cool, too, may have made a brief appearance as Sus and I got ready to meet Kellie at the restaurant. But as soon as we met, the conversation flowed freely and easily over dinner and coffee as if we were three friends that simply hadn’t seen in each other in a few weeks. As we talked about the seemingly random  (if I believed that anything was “seemingly random,” that is) events that introduced Kellie to Meredith (a giveaway contest, of all things) who introduced Kellie to Sus and then me, I marveled again at the sweetness of a God who understands that the female heart needs to be understood and is nourished and strengthened through relationship with other women.  Once again, I was so happy that Kellie sounded the way she sounds in my head when I read her blog and she is as beautiful, classy, and gracious as I had imagined she would be. I only wish that time hadn’t been stuck on fast forward. The evening ended way before I was ready for it to end. I hope that this was only the first of many dinners full of talking and laughing and eating.

Today’s been a slow and leisurely day at CPQ’s house. Just the way we like it.

Oh, hey! Check out my new blog feature! It’s a news crawl!!

BREAKING NEWS……BREAKING NEWS…..Ms. New Every Morning will be in the neighborhood later this afternoon and will be stopping by to say, “Hi!”…..Whimzie is reportedly thrilled at the news of an unexpected meeting of another new blog friend……Mr. CPQ continues his obsession with all things Honduras-related…..Michael Jackson is still dead……

(I think that last one may have been too much and not in good taste. I apologize.)

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, come on over! The party will still be happening, I guarantee it! But if you can’t be here, don’t worry. We will not have fun with Alice.



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18 responses to “Old Friends & New Friends Who Feel Like New Friends*

  1. I am seriously jealous of all the blog-friend bonding! It is so special that God gives women girlfriends. They are such a delight to my heart, as well, and I am thankful for them every day.

  2. Amy

    Totally jealous here, too!! I know you’ll enjoy your visit!

  3. Sweet Whimz,

    Thank you for the kind words…I’ll send the money to you by mail…whenever you know where you’ll be living.

    I nodded my head with great passion when you mentioned time being on fast forward…

    I am still laughing about what you said to those kids at the coffee shop. It just tickles me!

    I am grateful that you and CPQ were willing to share you time together with me, when time is of the essence!

  4. So glad that you guys had a fabulous meeting time, and so glad that you and the CPQ are yucking it up over at the Casa de Honduras.

  5. I am truly Green. I’m hoping God will bring me some PA girlfriends soon! Have fun with CPQ and safe travels.

    Love you~

  6. Seriously sweet post. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there too.

  7. I am so glad you had a great time. God knows when we need a little friendly boost to lift our spirits.

  8. I would not have imagined your visit any other way…awesome!

  9. CPQ

    Hey. You are sitting right across the table from me, but I realized I haven’t commented on your post. This has been fun.

    Even with the eleventy million Legos on the floor and the okra that disappeared before we got seconds.

  10. Sandy M.

    What a fun time! I’m glad you had this sweet time together! If the party continues into tomorrow evening, let me know…. as the song says, “I’ll be there!” Heading back that way tomorrow…

  11. There aren’t words! (From me that’s IMPOSSIBLE, but still)

    What an incredibly fun weekend you girls have had…more memories safely tucked away in your hearts for years to come!

  12. And thank you, God, for the technology which exists so that our friends, CPQ and Whimzie, who are in the same house, can communicate across the room to one another w/o raising their voices. Amen.

    Sounds like a blast. Come talk my ears off any time. I have a good friend who’s an audiologist. I’m sure she’d put them back on for free. Yours, too, if I asked nicely.

  13. I have LOVED reading all three perspectives on the one get-together. You interpretation, though, is beautiful. So true and encouraging. I want more of that. Well, not the MJ part; I’ve had enough of him, but you know what I mean.

    And I think I would have bouts with my junior high self when meeting bloggy friends too. In fact, I know I would. I mean, y’all are celebrities! 😉

  14. sounds like a fun night 🙂 and I totally do the same thing (you know, with all the talking . . . )

  15. Amy,

    I know you are literally on the move….Let me know if you could get the picture that I sent you…If not I will send it a different way….

    Safe travels….

  16. I’m jealous also. Wish you gals lived in my Pacific NW neck of the woods!
    I think I’ll go call my girlfriends (who don’t blog, btw) and schedule a much needed Moms night.
    Just sayin’

  17. What a fun night! I love girls’ nights out. . .

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