Some Sad News to Report….


Guess what I just heard? Ray the Mover is dead. Yep. He died last year. His son Chip is in charge now.  I was talking to Eric, who is one of our movers, and he broke the news to me. Even though I never knew him, this news makes me feel a little sad and unsettled. Unsettled? Yeah. That’s a good descriptive adjective for this week. But the packing is going very well, thanks for asking. In fact, the packing is almost finished. 

Eric’s from Florida, by the way. He lives in New Hampshire and he really misses Popeye’s chicken.  I Googled it for him (because that’s what I do) and found out that Boston has a Popeye’s, so I feel like I did my good deed for the day. You’re welcome, Eric. Sorry I couldn’t help you out with a closer Sonic. One of our other movers felt a little left out of the conversation, I think, so he was telling us about how much he enjoyed grits when he visited the South. I then asked him if he’d ever had shrimp and grits. He sheepishly admitted that he hadn’t. So, BOOYAH! That’s one more point for the South. Not that I’m keeping score. Of course, he then told that many times when he was visiting the South and told people he was from New Hampshire, the people would then ask, “New Hampshire? What state is that in?” He’d answer, “New England,” and they were very satisfied with that response. Sigh. We may eat well but our geography could use a little work. 


Speaking of New England, it’s been a rather dreary spring and summer here. Have I told you this already? Stop me if I have. I forget who I’ve told what these days. I’m turning into one of those old people who forgets what she’s told you and talks about the weather too much. So if I’ve already told you this, my apologies, but did you know that this June was the gloomiest June in this area since 1903? The average temperature was around 60 degrees, which is the fourth coldest since 1885. I think Boston’s sad that we’re leaving. New England hates to see us go and can’t keep those emotions inside. I’ll miss you too, Boston.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not complaining. I’m loving the cooler temps. We still haven’t used our one little air conditioner unit. Meanwhile, in the hot and sticky South, they’re expecting to break some records of their own this weekend, except they’re breaking records for the hottest recorded temperature for the July 4th weekend. I keep trying to get the kids ready for the big weather change that’s getting ready to happen in our lives. They have no idea what we’re facing. But we’ll be close to family and good friends and we’ll be thankful for the air conditioners that are found everywhere in the South.

Oh! I almost forgot one more funny story! I was talking to the mover who has tasted grits and somehow we got on the topic of different religious denominations and the like. He was saying that after his parents divorced his mom became a Jehovah’s Witness. He then said that his dad had mellowed out over the years but he used to be part of a really controversial group. “They ride bikes, need I say more?” Apparently he did need to say more because I thought his dad had become a Mormon. Apparently his dad didn’t ride those kind of bikes. He rode these kind of bikes:

images-2(That’s not his dad, by the way.) Not these kind of bikes:


His dad was a member of the Hell’s Angels! I was a little confused. It also explains why he looked confused when I told him about my friend who used to live in Utah. Anyway. This story illustrates how even people from the same country need the help of a translator from time to time.

We may or may not be unplugging tomorrow (in case you haven’t figured, we don’t deal much in certainties around these parts), so I thought I’d stop by today for a quick hello. I hope we’ll have the laptop up and running in D.C. but it has not been playing well with others this week so it may be in time out. I hope not. I try to keep up via the cellphone, but everything is very small there. I hope you all are well and that wherever you are, you’re experiencing comfortable temperatures.

Hey, guess what? A new friend in the computer, Brittany Ann, dedicated a workout post to me, Whimz. (I’m completely okay with that nickname Britz!) I know! A workout post for ME! If you’ve read this post, you’ll understand what a big deal this is. She answered some of my workout questions. Thanks so much, Brittany. It’s like having my own personal trainer! It’s probably best that I have a long distance personal trainer. I might be a little too much for a trainer to handle live and in person.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you just one more thing and I don’t want to leave stuff out in case I don’t get to come back for awhile. I’ll forget what I was going to tell you (please see the paragraph about the oldness and the forgetting.) My friend Gretchen is one of my friends who lives in my computer. Today she came OUT of the computer! She called me and we actually had a voice-to-voice conversation. She sounded exactly like she does in my head. This is very important to me. If she hadn’t it would have been the equivalent of reading a book that is later turned into a movie and the casting people chose the wrong characters. They don’t sound or look like they did in your head when you read the book and it’s very unsettling (there’s that word again!) But Gretchen sounded just the way she sounds when I hear her voice in my head. I’m so thankful that God gave me Gretchen and I believe with all my heart that one day God is going to let us meet in the real world (if you can call this stuff that surrounds us daily the “real” world. I think it’s the fake Narnia, myself. Shout out to my C.S. Lewis peeps, HOLLA!)  Okay. I’m out of here. I’ll try not to blog while under the influence of packing anymore.



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14 responses to “Some Sad News to Report….

  1. So sorry about the news of Ray.

    He was a good mover.

    I hate to admit that I have never had grits with shrimp either. But! I just had my first taste of grits earlier this spring. They were cheddar cheese grits. And I thought they were pretty good.

    Praying for the next few days for you…travel safe!

  2. carpoolqueen

    Ray, we hardly knew ye. I raise a grit in your general direction.

  3. I was thinking Mormon too. Go figure. Then I thought…bikers for Jesus? Then I gave up.

    Hope you are having a great day and an even better move.

  4. Alex

    Ray. He was a good man.

  5. mom

    Everybody loved Ray-man, the mover!

  6. I chuckled b/c you sounded the same, too! So glad we got to chat, and look forward to many more, and a MIRL one day.

    Thanks for the informative post on Ray/Eric/bikes/Bikes. There must’ve been a reason I wasn’t able to sleep lately. Perhaps I was just puzzled and needed straightening out. And there you were.

    Hang in there with the move, friend. Glad your temps are comfy. Shhhh…it’s actually supposed to be sunny on July 4th here. Don’t say anything.

  7. You saved yourself. You were complaining about the “cool” weather and I was going to gripe because we are “hot” down my way, in the “south,” but then I read on…

    You still make me smile with every post!

  8. So sorry to hear about Ray’s passing.
    I actually know my New England geography, thankie very much.
    But I do not eat Grits.
    Perhaps those two even eachother out and allow me to keep my From The South card.
    And the whole sounding the right way in your head thing….um…yay. They totally wrecked my Edward in the Twilight movie. He is way cuter and sounds way cuter in my head. I was devastated.
    Oh…and that Gretchen….she’s lurvaly.

  9. Deb

    I can’t imagine life without grits.

    I love grits. With butter. With cheese. With shrimp.

    Grits is good! (Not a SVA error, I promise).

    Hope you get moved and settled in soon.

  10. First Ed, then Farrah, then MJ. Now you tell me about Ray!! I thought these things were only to happen in threes. I’m just so grieved in my spirit. Even in death, Ray can still move people.

    LOL! Love the story about the bikes. Totally something I would have done!

    Honey, enjoy the cool temps and the rain. The south has neither to offer, but at least we have Sonic — with happy hour!

  11. That is pretty sad about Ray the Mover!

  12. Whimzie..this post was too funny! Well, not the first part, but everything after that!

    LOL about the “bike” and “Utah!”

  13. Sorry about the mover! I hope you have a good move if you are unplugging! Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. You definitely need to do one of Priscilla’s studies- I love them! She just makes it make sense. 🙂

  14. I LOVE this post!! Your stream of consciousness is hysterical, so like my own. My mama always said (still says) that men think in a straight line without deviations, but women think more like spider webs. It’s so true. Oh, and I laughed out loud at the Mormon/Hell’s Angels mix-up. TOO FUNNY! Happy and safe travels, sweet friend!

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