A Moving Experience…

So…guess who’s here right this very minute?


See? Not just a Fig Newton of my imagination. He’s really real. Actually, no one has actually introduced himself as “Ray.” So, Ray’s not here, but three of his closest friends are. Well, I guess they’re three of his closest friends. Surely Ray wouldn’t send any lesser friends than his very best. They’re all downstairs right now touching all our stuff and judging my stay-at-home abilities. At least, that’s what I’m imagining that packers and movers do. 

“Look at all this junk! People actually live like this? I can’t believe these Tinker Toys aren’t better organized. When’s the last time anyone cleaned underneath this washing machine? Look at all these sugary cereals. What kind of mom feeds her kids this trash? These baseboards are disgusting. What’s all this craziness stuffed into this closet?”

I don’t enjoy this very much.

By the way, I’ve reached the “I really just don’t care” part of this process. I started the move preparations the way I start every move’s preparations. I have high hopes of having everything greatly organized and its proper place. I expect to reach my destination with boxes packed neatly with only other like things. Last night at about 9:30 p.m., I reached the point in the move where I realize that Martha Stewart doesn’t live here and started throwing odds and ends into various and sundry Rubbermaid containers whose lids don’t match and labeled them “Miscellaneous Odds and Ends.” Yeah, that will be easy to figure out six weeks from now when I start opening these frantically packed boxes of crazy. But you know what? I don’t care any more. Just put it in a box and get it there the best way you know how, Ray. I’m tired, Ray. I’ve hit the wall and I “really just don’t care,” Ray. 

But, hey! I’m just happy that trained professionals are making sure that our worldly belongings make it safely to our next destination. That’s a good thing.  

But you know what’s not a good thing? I can’t hang out here Twittering and emailing and Google Reading and blogging with you as much as I’d like to this week. In fact that’s why I’m stopping by right now. I needed to tell you that I’ll be here and there and everywhere for the next little bit. Hopefully I’ll get to check in sooner rather than later, but if I don’t, please know that I’ll be back when one of these days is new. And I’ll have new ideas for you. And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about. I will, too. 




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11 responses to “A Moving Experience…

  1. I hope you have a smooth move and enjoy this break before all the unpacking craziness begins! Praying for you.

  2. Hope you have a stressfree move. Hang in there!

  3. Last time we moved I ended up with a few boxes labeled “random junk”. Martha doesn’t live at our house either!

  4. I have a deep and abiding love for Mr. Rogers. I’d be your neighbor any day. There’s no one just like you, Whimz. You’re special just the way you are.

    Praying for your move. I’d be doing the same things with the rubbermaid containers. Only I’d probably resort to old plastic grocery bags,too.

  5. carpoolqueen


  6. Oh, I have been there…that stage where you oh-so don’t care and just start chucking your crap in boxes, backs of vehicles, extra satchels and handbags, carseats, etc., willy nilly? My last move was like that. Hang in there!

  7. Deena

    Hang in there! Praying for you!

  8. I’ve been thinking of you. Hope the day went well!

  9. Ah…Ray the Mover.

    Hope that the move is stressless. And that by some miracle you remember what is in every single one of those misc. tubs.

    Because you make me feel better just knowing that you move like I move. So un-Marthaish.

  10. neweverymorn

    Hope everything goes smoothly.
    Looking forward to all of your stories as you discover all of your ‘hidden’ treasures in your misc. tubs.

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