Silly Little Snoodles


Alicia at More Than Words is the hostess of  Friday Flashback.  The idea is to dig in your photo files for old pictures to share. I’m too tired for words right now so instead of rambling on incoherently, I decided to post a few pictures that make me smile. These pictures were taken in April 2007 on Grammy and Papa’s deck. They remind me of how incredibly blessed I am to be the mom of these three baby monkeys.  I needed to see these pictures this week  to remember that at times they can be in close enough proximity to one another that they can actually hug without choking, pinching, biting, hitting, poking, telling on, or licking one another. Yes, this week I actually heard myself say, “Please do not lick your brother.” It’s been a weird week. I think for today, I’d like to think of them as they were on this lovely spring afternoon: goofy little people who make me smile all the way to my heart.





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25 responses to “Silly Little Snoodles

  1. Oh my gosh…all those pictures made me smile!!!!

    They are just gorgeous and full of personality!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing, Whimzie!!

  2. The cutest Snoodles I’ve ever seen!

  3. Adorable little silly Snoodles! Love it.

  4. lordy mercy..what cute Little Snoodles!!! They fuss and go at it w/ the best of them, I’m sure! But, you can certainly see how much they love each other too!!

    JuJu had that very same shirt in purple.

  5. love the pictures…too cute!

  6. What precious babies you have! These pictures made me smile!

  7. mom

    Can’t wait to get those sweet little Snoodle monkeys back on my deck! My heart melts every time I see a photo and to see those Snoodle smiles face to face…. words can’t describe! I am so-o-o-o blessed!

  8. mom

    PS- Can’t wait to see your and Kelly’s smile also!

  9. They are adorable. We often have licking going on here too.

    I love your mom’s comment!

  10. Those are such sweet photos!

  11. Darcie

    Awww…sweet and silly pictures all together! Yes, siblings can love on each other…even if it is for a few brief moments!

  12. WOW how sweet!! They are so cute. Oh and I have heard myself saying Don’t Lick your brother/sister.

  13. Oh those Snoodles. So precious.

  14. tls

    i love you. love RJL

  15. They are precious!!! 🙂

  16. i know what you mean, my kids love one another and the next minute they are on each other’s throat!

    your kids are adorable… 🙂 enjoy them! 😀

  17. ROFL! Isn’t it funny when they mug for the camera? Isn’t nice to have hard proof they aren’t ALWAYS fighting? They are adorable and I hope you enjoy these times because, before you know it, they’ll be 18 and on their way and you’ll wonder how you missed it all (even though you were they for the whole thing!).

  18. oh they are so adorable!! what blessings!!

  19. Wow…they’ve grown so much since those pictures. Hard to see day-to-day, I’m sure, but I’m seeing changes.

    Hope the licking stops soon. You could always use bitter apple spray.

  20. What great photos…they are so cute. What little blessings

  21. gretchen. bitter apple spray. so funny!

  22. They are so sweet and I think I too have uttered the words, “Please, don’t lick your brother.” Amazing!

  23. Deb

    Nothing but precious!

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