Things Pondered While Folding Laundry


I remember in vivid details the two times that I found out I was pregnant. I even remember that I bought the pregnancy test that told us that Firstborn was coming at Big Lots. I clearly remember wondering if I could be certain that I was going to be a mom on the word of a pregnancy test that had cost me less than two dollars.

I will always remember the night in Minute Maid Stadium that I cheered myself hoarse after Craig Biggio made his 3000th hit. I think I may have even shed a tear, even though two days before I had no earthly idea who Craig Biggio was. You’d have cried if you’d been there, too. It was very emotional for all the Astro fans and I got caught up in the emotion of the moment.

I remember where I was on the day that George Bush was inaugurated.  I had just given birth to my firstborn child a few hours before, even though I had begun labor with him the morning of the previous day. Apparently Firstborn had a vested interest in the highly contested election and refused to come out until the matter had been settled once and for all.

The moments when we become aware of major life-changing events become memories that we freeze in time to savor forever. Tomorrow, I will have just such a life-changing event. If all goes as planned, tomorrow, for at least one moment in time, all of the clothes that my family owns (except for whatever clothing we may be wearing) will be clean and put in their proper places. I know that good-time feeling won’t last long, and sooner or later someone will take a bath and create more laundry, but I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the occasion in your own way tomorrow.

It’s time to start packing the suitcases that will be our home-away-from-home for the next however many weeks, which meant that I had a lot of laundry to do over the past few days. I’m still not finished, so there’s still a chance I won’t have my moment tomorrow, but I’m closer than I’ve been in a very long time. I don’t mind the washing, drying, and folding, but I hate the putting away. Today while I was folding laundry, the kids were watching Max and Ruby. Do you know them? Maybe you’ve heard their theme song?

“Max and Ruby. Ruby and Max. Max and Ruby. Ruby and Max. Max and Ruby. Ruby, and her little brother Max. Max and Ruby.”

And someone got a nice fat  check for writing that little ditty. You’re welcome for the gift of that song running around like a lunatic in your brain for the rest of the day.

I don’t know why I bother analyzing kids’ shows, but I do, and several things bothered me about Max and Ruby today.

First of all, I think someone else is doing Ruby’s voice. I haven’t watched the show in awhile, and her voice didn’t sound the same to me today. 

Second of all, where are Max and Ruby’s parents? Their grandmother shows up fairly often, but we never see M & R’s parents. They certainly trust Ruby with a lot of  responsibility. It seems like a lot for a little bunny to handle.

Third, why hasn’t someone sent Max to a good speech therapist? He just doesn’t seem to have the vocabulary one would expect from a bunny his age. A lot of things could be cleared up easily if Max could only speak in complete sentences. Like today. We spent a good ten minutes looking for Ruby’s lost tooth when all along Max knew and was trying unsuccessfully to tell us.

These are the things I pondered today instead of making a plan for how I’m going to get an endless list of things done before Ray the Mover gets here on Monday. MONDAY?! I don’t think I can get there from here!!

P.S. This post may also explain why my children have been led to believe that our TV doesn’t show Caillou. A bald-headed four-year-old is just more than I can handle. Even on days that I feel like pondering.



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22 responses to “Things Pondered While Folding Laundry

  1. You make me smile!

    I almost didn’t read… sorry, but you had “laundry” in your title. I’m knee deep in it it, so it is a four letter word around here right now. But I did read and smiled. And I am totally celebrating with you right now, even though I am a very jealous camper too!

    Continuing to pray and think about you as you prepare to move.

  2. carpoolqueen

    Ruby’s voice drives me to drink.

    If I drank at nine in the morning.

    Which I do.

    But it’s only coffee.

  3. The Caillou thing gets me too! Why no hair??

    Anyway, as one who has done her share of moving (7 houses in 5 years) I feel your pain!

    Have you been told where you’re moving yet? Did I miss that announcement?

  4. OH Calliou. I had TOTALLY forgotten about him.

    I remember my kids asking me why they weren’t allowed to watch Calliou. I very clearly told them we didn’t allow any whiners in the house.

    Ray the Mover on MONDAY!? Wow. Will they be packing a couple of days and then get it hauled away?

  5. I can hear Ruby now…”buuuutt, Maxxxx”. And every.single.time we watch I ponder about the parents.

    I’m excited for your move….and all your clean clothes, road tripping, new digs..changes.

  6. Oh I could so get long winded in this comment!

    Seriously! It’s like a “life” question “what’s the meaning of life?”, “why is the sky blue?”, “where are Max and Ruby’s parents!”….

    This made me laugh so stinkin’ hard!! Because every bit of it is true about that ding dang show. My sister is convinced that MJ’s whining for years was a result of too much Caillou.

    However, on the other end, I’m still teary over Steve leaving Blue’s Clues. Joe was a sorry replacement w/ bad eyebrows and hair. Mmmhmm, you heard me Nick Jr. I’ve even googled Steve just to see how he’s doing.

    Sorry, I got so wrapped up in my TV self that I’m not even mentioning how proud I am for you and OF you for getting MUCHO laundry done. It’s almost time, sister!! WHOO HOO!

  7. Oh. That Caillou. First of all….bald? Weird. Second of all….whining? Um. No thank you. Third of all….his parents? The most annoying set of parents since…well…ever.

    Our tv remarkably doesn’t pick up Caillou either.

    And where the heck are Max and Ruby’s parents?

  8. True story. One of my professors in speech therapy school told us that cartoons were evil because of all the speech impediments they made fun of.


    I have never watched Max and Ruby, but used to read the books ovah and ovah to my kiddos. I thought they were darling. Maybe it’s time to reconsider? 🙂

    I’m a great washer and dryer person, too. But the putting away does stink. So does unloading the dishwasher.

  9. Thank you! I was having a quiet morning reading blogs when boy #4 wondered by and saw “max ‘n uby” now I have a boy to work around while I am trying to be unproductive on the web this morning. LOL

  10. Just found your blog and it makes me smile. I cannot stand Caillou (too much whining!) and oddly have wondered the exact same things about max & ruby. and I’m not a parent just constantly around children 🙂

  11. tls

    Your firstborn came at BigLots? 🙂 When will you tell that family secret?

  12. I’ve also wondered about their parents as well….and they wonder why Max always gets lost or breaks rules, etc. That also probably explains why he can’t speak properly….there’s no adult to take him and pay for it.
    As for Caillou, we absolutely abhor that whiny little show….however my son LOVES it. You think the Max and Ruby theme song is bad, try listening to your 10 year old sing the Caillou theme song OVER AND OVER AND OVER! It’s not pretty.

  13. Amy

    Please blog about the completed laundry feeling, so that I can continue to enjoy it vicariously!!

    Max and Ruby – Yes, Ruby has a lot on her plate for a little bunny, but she’s awfully bossy! She bugs me! Max makes a lot of bad choices, too. We hold him up as a bad example, here in the MBB household. Our dogs are Max & Phoebe, so you understand why we love to sing the song.

  14. I am in wholehearted agreement about Max and Ruby. She’s too bossy but he seems to be a little unconcerned about following rules. That dreadful little ditty will be dancing in my head all the way to Chattanooga tomorrow.

    Caillou was dreadful.

  15. I am so happy for your potential laundry status. That is a good (yet VERY FLEETING) feeling! Can’t wait to have you back down south!

  16. I’ve often wondered the same thing about M&R parents? Where in the world are they?

    Oh .. and Caillou . . a friend and I were talking about him yesterday . . . we both agreed we had enough whining in our house with our 3 kids without listening to another whiner. It also bothers me that they paint Caillou’s mom as this frumpy thing . . . Mom’s DON’T have to be frumpy. They so need to dress that chick up with a new hairstyle, clothes, and accessories . . . and maybe even some high heels:)

  17. i really don’t like that show. ruby is SO friggin bossy and is always telling max to do this, or do that… but then again, max is bad. very bad. 🙂
    and you’re right… where ARE the parents??

  18. This made me laugh out loud, for I, too, have pondered the lack of parental supervision in the wee rabbit house.

    Caillou was nevah allowed in our household. Who needs yet another whining child that has no qualms stating his opinion on everything?!

  19. I cannot stop laughing at this post. Oh the things we mothers ponder when we are subjected to endless kid’s television. The other day, sweet sister told me in the car that she had such a good big brother. That she was Rosie and he was Caillou. When she told Brother her observation, he was so offended because, “Caillou is dumb and bald!”

    As an aside, my first born was born 2 days after the Bush inauguration. I was on bedrest for the days before he was born, so I watched the entire day of ceremonies from the couch. I will always remember it.

  20. Deb

    I love your sense of lunacy during laundry day.

    Highly entertaining.

  21. Aaaah, Max and Ruby are big in our house. Calliou, too. Calliou is a whiney baby and needs to grow up. Ruby is bossy. My kid always feels sorry for Max. Ruby never lets him talk or do anything fun! My hubs is disturbed there are no parents around. And we’ve all noticed, even our 3 year old, that Ruby sounds different. And apparently we need a life!

  22. Funny stuff.

    I analyze kids’ shows too. My husband (and friends) are always reminding me that they’re fictional. 🙂 And I don’t like Caillou either, but it’s not because he’s bald. I don’t let my kids watch any shows featuring main characters that baby talk or exhibit speech impediments. We’ve got enough of that going on around here. I don’t want to encourage it further.

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