Ray the Mover Just Called

Ever so slowly but ever so surely we’re crossing items off our List of Unknowns. We don’t have orders we can actually touch, but we officially know that we’re moving back to the South in just a couple of weeks.  And just about an hour ago, this phone rang and this number appeared on the caller I.D.:


I couldn’t get a very good picture. Can you read that? It says “Ray the Mover.” I guess all the good mover names were taken? I felt a little less than confident initially, but K took the call and he reassured me that the representative he talked to seemed very knowledgeable and efficient. At least it wasn’t Mr. Zero.

So we not only have a location, we have movers who are willing to pack and load our stuff and hopefully take it there. Someone from the company (not Ray) is coming tomorrow afternoon to walk through the house to estimate how much packing stuff they need and how long the packing/loading will take. So yay! Progress!

Of course, the specific “there” is still on the List of Things We Do Not Know.  Hopefully we’ll have a house assignment sooner rather than later. I’m trying to pack the belongings we’ll take with us in the car as if we won’t see the rest of our stuff until some time late August. Hopefully we’ll be reunited before then, but we’ll just have to let the rest of the details fall into place. The key phrase in the second to last sentence was “trying to pack.” I’m having a hard time getting my act together. I’ve sat down to make a list several times but I get distracted by….air. 

So this week I should be getting for ready the movers to come and pack our earthly belongings. Next week, the packers and movers will do their thing, and then we’ll be leaving “The Bay State” on either the 4th or 5th of July. We’ll spend the next week in Washington D.C. because K has to attend a conference there. I was just looking online at the hotel where we’ll be staying in D.C. and it looks very nice. We’re going to look like the Clampetts arriving with our truck, trailer, and minivan and clomping through the lobby with our mismatched luggage. I want to care about this and yet I just can’t seem to get there from here. I just look at it as a gift to the hotel employees who have blogs. Our stay should give them plenty of writing material. I plan to drive down one day that week to spend some time with CPQ and to actually meet LaVidaCoffeeGal Kellie live and in person!! 

After that, details are sketchy as to the route we’ll take to get home. If K is able to leave with us when the conference is over, we’ll visit his family on the way to our final destination. If he has to stay, I may get to go another route and maybe meet Tiffani on my way home. These are still on the List of Things We Do Not Know. But we have a destination and people to help us get there, and for this, I’m very grateful!



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15 responses to “Ray the Mover Just Called

  1. Ray the Mover on your caller Id…I love it!

    And “distracted by air”…..describes me lately too! You put feelings so well into words.

    You might just get to give your blog friends a live hug?? Seeing CPQ too? Nice!! I wish NY was on your route!!

  2. Ray the Mover? We have made five military moves and we have never had Ray. He must be a contractor for a bigger company?

    Ok…sorry. Talk about bunny trails. I am excited for you, and a little anxious. Oh and also, it makes me feel a little better that you are moving through without official orders in your hands…we always end up doing this and its always a little scary. “they” say you can’t start until orders and the “others” say you can…

    Ok, sorry, another rabbit trail.

    It will be interesting to see how many rabbit trails we go on when we meet!

  3. “…a gift to the hotel employees who have blogs” LOL.

    I think I’m going to use that as my excuse every time I do something embarrassing. Love it.

  4. Amy

    I think Ray the Mover sounds much more professional than Two Men and a Truck. I would trust Ray to treat all of my worldly belongings with care.

  5. Ray the Mover?! I bet he even has a shirt with his name stiched on the front. Awesome.

    You could detour further West and come meet Amber in Arkansas!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Ah! So we contine living our parellel lives. 🙂 I haven’t heard from Ray, but I have spent today setting up appointments for moving estimates. We will collect 3, then the church will pay for the cheapest. I’m just thankful I don’t have to pack all this stuff myself.

    I’m excited that you are returning to the South. I pray you will be near all the things you love – including family and Blue Bell.

  7. Too cute!

    You will be in my prayers as you pack up and move out. Just make sure you throw all your trash away before the movers start packing…last time I moved I opened a box marked “dishes” and had a trash bag of “trash” (imagine that) on top.

  8. Hi there! It sounds like you are going to be a busy lady!!

    I think packing is the hardest thing to get started. You get a mental picture of what needs to be packed in each room, but once you start, you realize how much more you have!!!

  9. What could be worse than Mr. Zero knowing?

    most luck with the packing. and the distracting.

  10. Yay for Ray the Mover!!!!! And yay that you’re headed our way! 🙂

  11. carpoolqueen

    Getting antsy! Only a little while ’til you’re HERE!

  12. Girl, be ever so grateful for Ray the Mover. I wish he’d come to help us move . . . instead I had Rayna and James (my mom and stepdad), 3 kids, and a hubby, and a dog . . .and TONS of trips to the old house. What an exciting journey you’ll take as you get to your new home. Have fun meeting Kellie and Tiffani! I can’t wait to hear about it! I love reading about when bloggers meet for the first time.. . so very, very cool.

  13. shut my mouth!! I want a Ray the Mover t-shirt! That’s the funniest thing!

    I can’t believe it’s finally here for you!!! I’m so excited and waiting (but not to have you be w/o K) to see if your route may bring you this way!!

    You MUST try to sneak a pic of Ray for all of us! 🙂

  14. If your route takes you down I-30, know you have a rest stop in Arkadoo if you so desire!

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