And yet…

Is it just me or do you ever feel weird trying to explain your blog friends to people who don’t read blogs? 

“So a friend of mine just told me…well, actually, she’s one of my blog friends. We haven’t met in real life….”

I think it may be the “in real life” part that worries people. Sometimes I get the same look that Big Bird used to get when he tried to convince the others on Sesame Street that Mr. Snuffleupagus had just been there. Of course, that was back in the good old days before everyone could see “Snuffy.” If you ask me, I think Sesame Street may have jumped the shark when they made Mr. Snuffleupagus visible to everyone. But I didn’t come here to talk about Sesame Street. What was I talking about?  Oh, right. Blog friends.

To say that my blog friends are friends that I haven’t met “in real life” implies that blogworld isn’t part of reality, which makes it a half step away from Dungeon and Dragons. I would like to offer my apologies to any of my friends (in real life or otherwise) who play D&D. (But, really?)

I understand why many people don’t understand the attraction of blogging and are hesitant to accept that people you meet through the internet could be considered to be “friends.”  I certainly hope that anyone who “meets” someone through the internet is cautious about divulging personal information. Unfortunately, people aren’t always as they seem. And cyber friendships are no substitute for flesh and blood friendships…people who can literally be there for each other in good times and bad.

And yet….

I really didn’t have any expectations about this blog when I started it last November. I had been thinking for awhile about starting a blog as a place to just write down some thoughts. I’m pretty sure Jeff Noble was the first person to put the thought in my head, but I didn’t do anything with that thought until my best friend started a blog. “Oh, why not?” I thought. I didn’t even tell my “real life” friends that I had started writing here. I told my parents and a very few others.  

I “wondered” on my first blog day what I was even doing.  I have a love/hate relationship with writing and always have. I’m still asking myself some of those very same questions about blogging.

And yet….

More than once, I’ve thought that maybe this was a silly idea. More than once, I’ve become interested in who was stopping by to read and how many comments a post received. More than once, I’ve had junior high flashbacks where I just wanted to be cool and popular and liked by everyone. Yeah, I’ve had to take more than one step back to reevaluate what I’m doing here.

And yet….

Here’s the thing. Somewhere along these 100 posts, something has happened. Complete strangers have become very dear to me. Posts that I intended to say one thing took a very different turn somewhere in the typing and I was changed. Emotions and thoughts that couldn’t find their places made themselves at home here. As the Princess Diva would say, “Well, I sure didn’t see that coming.”

Last Thursday, I hit a wall. I won’t go into details; some things really shouldn’t be blogged. But I desperately needed a divine intervention to help me through a difficult situation. CPQ knew I needed some prayer support so she tweeted our Tweeps. With the exception of one, every single Tweep was a friend I had met through Blogburg (Blogville, Blogland, BlogWorld: whatever you call it.). She didn’t give a single detail except to say that I needed prayer right that minute. My friends stopped, dropped, and prayed for me…..someone they’ve never met IRL (that’s “in real life,” in case you aren’t as hip as I am). There were several other blog friends that I would have been just as confident asking to pray for me at that time, many of whom were complete strangers a few months ago.

Are my blog friends more precious to me than my other friends? Good grief, no. I think we’ve covered this before. I don’t do favorites. I think one of the neatest (does anyone beside me still say “neatest”?) things about this whole blog experience is that some people I really know have become blog friends. Candace and CPQ may never have met this side of heaven if it hadn’t been for Snoodlings. (You’re welcome, girls.) I’m so grateful to have both sets of friends in my life: the ones I’ve met and the ones I haven’t met yet.

I don’t believe in accidents. I believe that it isn’t coincidence that several of my blog friends are walking or have walked similar roads to the one I’m walking. We can pray for each other’s past and present hurts because we have been there or are living through them now. We know how to specifically encourage and pray for one another. No. I don’t believe in accidents.

So this is my 100th post. Have all 100 posts been pieces of literary genius? Hardly.  I’d venture to say I have more than a few posts that could warrant “do-overs.” I know that I didn’t do any of the traditional 100 Post things that bloggers usually do. 100 Facts About Me? Please. I was stumped after I’m left-handed and my parents could never seem to agree on how to pronounce my middle name. Riveting stuff, right? I figure if you want to know something I haven’t already told you that you’ll probably ask. I didn’t do a giveaway because I still haven’t mailed CPQ’s last birthday card (her birthday is in December). I did want to take this opportunity to say how very grateful I am for the friends I have here. Some I’ve known for many years. Some I’ve known for just a few months. Some are old friends that I’m so happy to have back in my life. Some are new friends that I’m so very blessed to have in my life. (Is anyone else singing that Beatles’ song? The one that was the theme song for that TV show “Providence”?)

So thanks for continuing to read my Snoodlings. I’m so very glad to have you here.



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19 responses to “And yet…

  1. I’m happy you are there. I am thousands of miles away from everyone. It is nice to be in touch.

  2. carpoolqueen

    Love you, friend. Thanks for letting me rant today about the unbloggable stuff. And don’t worry about the birthday card. I have a small closetful of stuff I’ve intended to give you for the last year or twelve.

  3. I have a hard time explaining the blogging thing to non-bloggers, too. “The other day I heard.. well ok, I didn’t hear it, I read it.. on a blog.. from a friend, well…a blog friend” And then the weird looks start.

    I’m so glad you’re here too!

  4. We really WERE on the same page, huh? I should’ve linked up to you for this!

    I completely concur with all things in this 100th post (if you makes you feel any better my 100th post came and went without so much as a nod).

    I am just so happy that blogging brought our worlds together, my friend. Keep on writing, cause I love reading!

    And lastly, it’s so good that you don’t show favoritism because that just wouldn’t be right to pick a favorite blogger (although I know it’s me). There are so many creative, talented, wonderful girls out there (just none like me) and it’s just best to keep us all equal (albeit difficult). So, I’m proud of you, Whimz, for being unbiased (not really, cause I know the truth) when it would be so easy to pick a favorite (me).

  5. All my friends live in my computer.

    I gave up on the “trying to explain blog friends to non-bloggers” and now I just refer to them as my friends. Once upon a time I felt like that was slightly dishonest because I didn’t REALLY know them but now I think I really DO know them, I just haven’t seen them face to face…yet!

    And I really don’t know how to explain blog friends that I have met in the past (at college) but didn’t really know then but now I call them friends. What? Did you follow that?

  6. Yep, yes and nodding my head in agreement.

    I call my “real life” friends “local friends” now. Because, my blogging friends are real…they are just out of town(usually). I’ve given up trying to explain it….heck, I don’t fully understand it. But, I see it as God connected people-truly. I’m so thankful to have met you…and CPQ…and others(no not the “others” from Lost-though, that would be interesting)….anyway, back to you….YOU are fabulous and I’m honored to call you friend.

    Love ya Whimz!

  7. Yes, yes, yes… thank you for introducing me to CPQ! LOVE her. And LOVE you. And I’m so glad to have a venue to pray for and love those that I can’t always see IRL.

    GREAT post.

  8. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Can’t wait for the IRL… 🙂

  9. Aw, Whimz. Can’t imagine life withoutcha.

    Crazy world this is. Crazy good.

  10. Snuffleupagus! yes! ‘zackly!!!

    You know, I am overwhelmed by the amazing connections that are being made. In the past, I think I classified people with ‘virtual friends’ in the D&D department, too- the stereotype that virtual friends were what people had when they couldn’t manage to scare up any ‘real’ friends.

    couldn’t be wrong-er. what a blessing ya’ll are to me 🙂

  11. Your analogy of Big Bird and Snuffy made me laugh. You have such a precious heart and I’m so thankful to have the honor of knowing you through the words on the pages of your blog. Your blog inspires me and makes me laugh . . . you are just simply delightful!

  12. Happy 100! And what makes me the most happy is that soon you will be an IRL to me!!

  13. Having moved to where I STILL know no one, ALL of my friends are through the computer. I have no distinction of the two.

    And I totally LOVE the Snuffy comment. My brother and I still talk about the good old days when people thought Big Bird was making him up.

  14. Happy 100, Whimz!

    Lurve you and lurve that you’re left-handed. Your writing is amazing, and so real, whether real serious, real silly, or real in-the-moment. And yes, not only am I starting a sentence with “and”, I’m real aware that I’ve used “real” incorrectly. Apparently, i don’t care. But I care a lot about you, my invisible, but still-oh-so-awesome friend.

    And Tiff? Back off. I’m the favorite.

    If she played favorites, that is.

  15. Gretchie started a sentence with AND!!! I can’t believe it!!

    AND, no way, G, that spot’s for me!

  16. The gloves are off, Elphie.

  17. I’m a “new” friend. I get to be an IRL friend to CPQ. She adores you, so I knew I would too. Happy 100th!

  18. I’m always glad to be here with you (even though I haven’t been lately, but you know why). Blogland would not be the same without you!

    And, once again, the comments are almost as good as the post itself. Almost.

  19. deb


    You are wonderful! I just finished reading your Snoodle epic. All three installations.

    Yes! To everything that you wrote. Your doubts. Reservations.

    The whole I’m not enough thing…will probably never be enough. To the I’m too much thing…too talkative…too prideful…doubtful…skeptical.

    You just wrote my story. Without knowing me.

    How could we not become friends?

    Sweet dreams!

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