Long Time, No See

Hey! Missed me? How embarrassing would it be if you hadn’t noticed that I haven’t been here in just over a week? If you didn’t notice, just don’t tell me, okay? I’m a little fragile.

I have missed all of you. I’ve had plenty to say, but not enough time to say it. I feel like I’m a 45 record stuck on 78 speed. Records were like CDs back in the day, children. Just for giggles we used to play our records on the wrong speeds so that they either sounded like someone walking through mud or the Chipmunks. We’d laugh ourselves silly. We didn’t have cable. Or blogs.

So what have The Snoodles been doing?

Well, this past weekend we went to Newport, Rhode Island, where we had lunch with Barr AND Ruth. You remember Barr, our Gentle Giant Friend, right? Well, meet his beautiful and wonderful wife, Ruth.


That bright light behind me? Why, that’s the glow of my vibrant personality coming forth like the noonday sun. Or it might be a reflection of the flash off the mirror behind us.  I can’t be sure.

Oh, sweet Ruth. How we love her! It was so wonderful to get a chance to spend some time with our friends one more time before we have to move.


We had to run to get away from the paparazzi who had discovered we were in Newport….


We were able to lose them at Brenton Park where we caught our breath and watched this:


The temperature was barely in the 60s but the Little Snoodles really wanted to get their feet in the sand. 

“Just your feet at the edge! Don’t get your pants wet,” I said.

IMG_1893“Never mind!”

Oh, well. As you can see, I forgave him. (I’m not trying to get him in a headlock. That’s really a hug. I have no idea what’s in his mouth. I don’t think he’s started chewing tobacco.):


Looking for one more rock or shell to stick in my pocket for mom to wash and dry in her machines when we get home:


This week has been a week of “lasts.” Yesterday we had our last t-ball and baseball times at the YMCA with Mr. Pat. We’re going to miss him so very much.


These next two pictures are blurry, unfortunately, but I wanted you to see them anyway. When Princess Diva makes it to a base, she is her own best cheerleader. 


Oh, these little Snoodles make me laugh!

Tonight, we enjoyed the first watermelon of summer (even though it isn’t officially summer and it was only in the 60s today):


I’m still reading your blogs (those of you that have them) and I read my email and keep up with my Tweeps on Twitter, but I’m not writing here or commenting on your blogs as much as I’d like to be. For one thing, I have many long To Do lists to get ready for the impending move….And, thank you, Lord, tonight we found out that official location of K’s job has been announced so we at least know where we’re moving. We don’t have a house or even official dates for the movers to come get our stuff (we’re hoping for week after next, please?) but we’re making progress.  And we know that we’re going to be living close to my parents which makes my heart so very, very happy.  So, some of the reasons I’m less available right now are very good and busy ones. 

But the last week has been a difficult one for me and for my family. Life is still brutal, man. If I can be completely honest with you, lately it feels like the same God who lifts my head is sometimes holding it under the water. I’m not saying that’s theologically correct. I’m just saying that sometimes that’s how I feel. Please don’t misunderstand. I know that God loves me. I know that God is the only reason I have breath in my lungs. I know that He is above me, before me, in me, around me….It’s just hard sometimes. But as my friend John Piper tweeted me this morning, “Am I more amazed that I am forgiven than that I’ve been hurt?” Did John tweet that to you, too? Actually, John Piper is not even following me. In case you wondered. But what he said this morning? It helped me gain a little perspective today and put an abrupt end to my pity party that had gone way past its prime. Truthfully, I’m glad it’s over. I didn’t even want to be there anymore and I’m the one who threw the party. And you know what I’m being reminded of on a daily basis? This world with all its hurts and pains? This is so not my home. 

I tell you that to tell you this: The Snoodles would greatly appreciate your continued prayers. We have some happy moments in our future and also some that will be trying. We have to say some goodbyes before we say some hellos. We’ll share some laughs and shed some tears. We  anticipate some physical and emotional exhaustion in the days ahead of us. We will be glad for every prayer that is offered up on our behalf. I’m so very thankful for you and that you stopped by today.



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10 responses to “Long Time, No See

  1. I missed you, friend. Definitely. Glad to get a whimzical update.

    And I’ll definitely be offering up prayers…

  2. My favorite line: ” sometimes it feels like the same God who lifts my head is sometimes holding it under the water.”

    You just perfectly described what I’ve been feeling lately. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. I find myself these days not so much praying and asking for God to do stuff (like heal my friend’s husband or my friend’s dad) but just desperately hanging on to Him and trusting that whatever happens we’ll get through it. I’ve just kinda strapped myself in for the ride because I think it’s gonna be bumpy from here on out!


  3. I had missed you on the blog, but because you are one of my very favorite Tweeps, I knew you were still “around”.

    Loved seeing the photos of your little trip. The kids are so cute!

    I will continue to pray for you. You’ve got a lot of things going on right now that have varying levels of stress, so be easy on yourself.

  4. carpoolqueen

    The only thing that gives me comfort about the craziness the next few weeks will hold for you? That it gets you closer to hanging out with me. We will rest, we will laugh, and we will recharge.

  5. Glad to pray for you, and glad for CPQ’s comment. For I know that getting to see her will be gladification in its highest form.

    And, Whimz…I’m sorry this is so daily right now. But I have to say…He is shining thru you so brilliantly because though you may waver in your strength, you always go back to the fount. What an example for the Littles and for the rest of us to see. xxxooo

  6. Deena

    We have missed you in the blog world. I’m praying for you today! Hang in there!

  7. Praying…

    Beautiful pictures.

  8. I was going to say the same thing as Lisa…my favorite part of this post.

    Sometimes, I think that God gave us a half of each other’s brain or something. More often than not, you post and your words are what I’m feeling and haven’t been able to say. Thank you for putting it out there and sharing when it would be very easy to go on about your life and not take the time to write these things down but I am sure glad that you do.

    I am always so touched by your honesty. It makes me feel so very real and normal in my head is under the water moments. That walking with God isn’t always a walk in the park, on this side anyway. Because, life is brutal, man. But, God is God and we are friends and that all makes for a great combination, in my opinion. Love you to pieces.

  9. First, I think I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again….there is no pity party going on. You are sharing life with us. I like it when people share what is going on….I like when people are real. Now, with that being said…you are in my prayers daily. You have inspired me in many ways Ms W or Ms A…Ms S? I pray for that sunshine in the photos to follow you all the way to your new home!

    If I’ve made little sense in this comment….I blame it on too many raisinets 😉

  10. I have missed you and I have been praying for you and yours. I hope that the next few weeks are filled with God presence and peace.

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