May I Have the Envelope, Please?

First of all, let’s talk about the clues I left for you in the “Day in the Life” post.

Picture 1? E-Fed was sitting by the coffee pot reading THE SPORTS SECTION.

Picture 2? E-Fed was sitting in a RED chair.

Picture 3? E-Fed was sorting SOCKS, with a RED SOCK featured prominently (and ever so artistically, I might add) on the top of the pile.

Picture 4? E-Fed was doing computer research about that legendary law enforcement agency, THE TEXAS RANGERS. (I was rather proud of that clue, I must say.)

So, what was E-Fed holding for us? Tickets to the number one item on my list of Things I Want to Do While We Live in Boston:


My sweet husband bought us tickets to see the Red Sox play the Rangers in Fenway Park!!! Tanya and Meredith guessed correctly!


If you can click on that picture to make it bigger, check out the mustard on both sides of Baby  Boy’s mouth. He relished every bite of that hot dog. Except that he didn’t have any relish on his.


We arrived at Fenway just in time to take advantage of Family Hour at the Food Court. All the menu items were offered at a greatly discounted rate, so K bought EACH of us a hot dog, pretzel, bag of cotton candy, and bottle of water. We bought peanuts and Cracker Jacks from the vendors that run up and down the bleacher aisles. I think we covered most, if not all of the required baseball food groups.

Friends, I love hot dogs anytime and anywhere, but nothing beats a hot dog eaten at a ball park. Nothing. That said, had I been served that hot dog anywhere but Fenway Park, I STILL would have said that was one of the greatest hot dogs of my life. I just had to take a picture so that I’d be sure to remember it always. Let’s have a moment of silence in memory of the hot dog, shall we?


Oh, look! It’s Wally the Green Monster, the Red Sox’s mascot!


The Littles had a great time!


In the above picture, Princess Diva is cheering for “YOOOOOOOUK!” (Kevin Youkilis) The hand motions are something she added herself.

During the 7th Inning Stretch we sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”


Later we had the honor of participating in a cherished Red Sox tradition, we sang along to “Sweet Caroline.” I was verklempt.


Actually I’m not kidding about the verklempt part. Several times during our day I was actually a little teary when I thought about what a cool experience this was that we were getting to have together. Hey, you have your Hallmark moments, this was one of mine. Plus, the older I get, the more emotionally unstable I become. That’ll give you younger friends something to eagerly anticipate!

It was a great day. I wanted to document that I actually attended the day with the family, so we asked the college kid in front of us to take a family picture. I’m including both takes for my parents. In the first one Princess Diva is trying to shoot laser rays of hurt from her eyes into my skull because I broke her rubber band when I was trying to fix her ponytail thereby leaving us without any ability to maintain a ponytail.


I was of no use to her at all so I sent her to sit with her dad who is much nicer than me and she agreed to “play nicely” so we could take advantage of this wonderful family photo op. That blinding flash protruding from my shirt sleeve? That’s my lily white arm. Again, pale is the new tan, or so I keep telling myself.


It was a really great day.


Why, thank you, Fenway! We certainly hope we can visit you again soon.




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25 responses to “May I Have the Envelope, Please?

  1. I was verklempt just reading this!!

    What a special day for all of you!! That is the.cutest.shirt.ever. that Princess wore…I bet her hair is equally as challenging as JuJu’s to maintain, wash, comb, etc…does she have her own products on the bathroom counter too?? mmhmm..some detangler business, some leave-in conditioner maybe?!

    I KNEW you’d a eat hot dog for me! They are my fave too…how generous of Mr. Snoodles to feed you all so well and what a BEAUTIFUL park!

    Again, an incredible memory you made this day!

  2. That is the best! How fun!!!! I love it.
    Makes me smile.

  3. You won the book! Email me your address 🙂

    Great blog, nice to meet you!

  4. a) I had to look up the word verklempt to find out exactly what it meant. Then I found out it was Yiddish so I didn’t feel so bad for not knowing.

    b) You’re family is darling!

    c) Don’t feel bad. No one is whiter than Snow White! Let’s bring it back, shall we?

  5. That looks like SUCH a fun day. I love MLB baseball, but I don’t share your hot dog love. Blech.

    The family pic is great!

    Who won the game??? (I always take a pic of the final score on the scoreboard!)

    • whimzie

      That’s a great idea! I’ll have to do that next time.

      Of course, the only bad thing about the day was that the Sox lost. To the Rangers, no less. It was 6 to 3. 😦

    • whimzie

      Why am I not surprised that you don’t love hot dogs? Sigh.

  6. carpoolqueen

    Look how blonde your hair is!! And it looks very shiny and pretty. Blah blah baseball…it’s all about the hot dogs and singing the song. My first MLB was Camden Yards in Baltimore. My second MLB was in Toronto, and I got a little misty singing the Star Spangled Banner in a foreign country. Yes, it was Canada, but whatever. It was cool.

    • whimzie

      I was hoping you wouldn’t notice but I knew you would. I told you she went all Cruella De Vil all over my head!!

      I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t watch the baseball.

      This was actually my fourth MLB game! Rangers (boo hiss…although I used to pull for them before I became a Bostonian 😉 ), Astros, Braves (wish I’d seen a game in the old stadium 😦 ) and now Red Sox. YAY!!!

  7. first, pale IS the new tan. or that’s what I tell my kids, anyway!

    Glad you had fun at the park. Some of my best childhood memories took place at Dodger Stadium. Only, there we Root, Root, Root for the Dod-Gers!

  8. Yay for MLB – although you may just offend this Texas gal. 😉 Really, I’m more a National League girl, so not a HUGE Ranger’s fan.

    Love your littles! They are precious!

    My emotional instability is from aging?? Who Knew!?!

    Finally – Pale is the new tan — plus we won’t have wrinkly skin that looks like a handbag when we are older and even more unstable.

  9. I’m verklempt just reading this! (and I just realized Tiff said the same thing!)

    What an amazing day!

    You, and your family, are beautiful.

  10. I always lose it when I sing Sweet Caroline….as in, holding back the tears “lose it”. And my boys have “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on their playlist. That would have been the highlight of my day….that and that delish hotdog.

    What a fantastic day! You look like the all American family. But, did those seats drive you crazy? They are so close to the people in front of you. I kept thinking …what if that guy behind you had a beverage in his hand and oops, or his knee in your back. See, I even want to re-arrange Fenway Park!

    • whimzie

      Oh, sweet Mimi. I love that only you would want to rearrange our oldest MLB park. I love that you cry at Sweet Caroline. You, my sweet quirky friend, make me smile.

  11. So glad that you all had such a fun time! You got some great pictures too!

    What a neat place to have lived in and experienced…looks like you all have made the most of it! 🙂

    By the way, I’m with you…can’t beat a good ol’ hot dog!

  12. Lurve your blonde ‘do.

    Lurve the family fun at the ball park. As you know, my daughter is also a long time fan of the Sox. 😉

    It’s just not the same to add that extra syllable: root, root, root for the Mar-i-ners…if they don’t win…

    That hot dog looked divine. It would’ve been worth all the pre-game Tums or Prevacid I’d need to consume it.

    Glad you got to check this off your list, and…you know…torture the rest of us with E-Fed antics.

  13. WOW!!!!!

    What a wonderful surprise!!!

    Ya know, I would have had a Hallmark moment if I was there too!!

    The hot dog did look yummy!!

    And I was lol’ing at the pony tail story! My daughter would have been the same way!

    Great pictures!!! You and your family are just tooooo cute!!!

  14. I heart baseball!!

    But don’t heart the Sox. Unless, of course, I ever get the chance to go to Fenway, and then I’ll heart the Sox. And probably get all verklempt when I sing “Sweet Caroline,” too.

  15. I am so glad you all got to go to a game at Fenway! That is awesome. We are big baseball fans here, (well Tim is and now the boys are becoming more so and I go along to take pictures).

    Beautiful memories and beautiful hair!

  16. Alex

    Well I guessed the event but not the right day. duh. Live in person MLB is one of the things I miss most about living in paradise. Really and truly. There was a time in my life where I loved MLB so much that I would take stats, yes in my stats book, when I watched on TV. Yes. Really.

  17. Marie

    Oh how FUN!! I was wondering what you had in that stinkin’ envelope and since I don’t tweet and have been a wee bit distracted lately with “stuff” I am just now getting to it. I really loved all those pictures! I learned how to whistle really loud with my fingers when I was 17 years old in seats about two rows from yours (at least I think so, but hey it was a long time ago). Anyways, it took me back! And the hot dogs absolutely are to die for! How FUN!

  18. Love myself a ballpark hotdog as well….at The Ballpark…. you know the one…..the one that Your (or I should say OUR) Texas Rangers play at….the hotdogs are grilled Decker dogs with grilled onions, and they are fantastic! I could eat them for every meal, and Tuesdays is Decker Dog Night…woohoo! Unfortunately we are headed to The Ballpark on Wednesday this week, nonetheless I will still treat myself to a grilled Decker, even if I do have to pay full price for it!

  19. We visited Fenway YEARS ago before kids. And before I understood the value of the visit. Have you considered coming ALL THE WAY down here to RI for some PawSox games? Much cheaper and almost as much fun!!

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