So What Was in the Envelope?

I’ll tell you tomorrow. Unless you’re one of my Tweeps, in which case you found out today and if one of you spills it……I will not be happy with you. Yeah, I can’t really do much of anything about it, can I?


By the way, each of the first four pictures from E-Fed’s Day in the Life post contained a clue as to the contents of the envelope.  Pretty sneaky, huh?



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8 responses to “So What Was in the Envelope?

  1. Bless you, child, for spilling it to the Tweeps.

    We are indebted forever.

  2. Those picture clues are funny! (Now that I know the answer!)

    I was just telling John at breakfast this morning that I was puzzled over your envelope and that you were taunting us with pics that didn’t reveal it’s contents…

    you are OH-SO crafty!

  3. I’ve waited this long….I can wait until tomorrow 🙂 You are enjoying this aren’t you?!

  4. girl, you are soo crafty/clever!! I only picked up that ONE of the pics was a clue…

    ahh, the benefits of being Tweeps.


  5. Well, we know it wasn’t an 8×10 glossy of me, because I’m just not prideful that way. And besides, I’d need hairapy before doing such a thing.

  6. So today is the big reveal…right? 🙂

  7. NOW I know — and I don’t tweet. 🙂

  8. If I had known you were going to twitter about the envelope that would have been enough to drag me into twitter. Since I missed it I will just hang out here and hope that you reveal your news to those of us who aren’t cool enough to be on twitter.

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