Things I Learned During Hairapy Yesterday

Who’s a little weary of all the Whimzie Wonderings and Introspection? Raise your hand. Yeah, me too. You can put your hands down now. Let’s talk about something else today.

I was way past due for a haircut and highlights so I finally made an appointment and went in yesterday for some hairapy. I never complain if my stylist is running late. I don’t mind if she makes me sit my foiled head under the dryer for “a few more minutes.” I actually enjoy the guilt-free time to read fluffy magazine articles about anything and everything. No one interrupts my article to tell me that Diva “umphed” at him. No one asks me if she can have a popsicle for lunch. No one expects me to be folding laundry. All I am supposed to do is sit quietly and let my hair get cute. We don’t call it hairapy for nothing.

By the way, when I was little my mom used to make me get the Dorothy Hamill haircut. And I used Short & Sassy shampoo just like Dorothy. Can I get a witness? Anybody here know what I’m talking about?

I vowed and declared that when I got to make my own hair decisions I would never have my hair cut short ever again. I was looking at my new ‘do in the rearview mirror as I was leaving my stylist today and do you know who I saw looking back at me?


Anyway, while I was at the salon, I was looking at an old issue of Health magazine and found an interesting article about foods that aren’t actually as healthy as other choices. I was surprised. Let’s see if you are smarter than I am. If you are, there’s really no need to gloat. Leave a graceful comment and then throw yourself a parade in the privacy of your own home, please. No one likes a bragger.

Okay, which one would you think is the healthiest:

1. Grapes or raspberries?

Raspberries. Grapes are good for your heart, but they’re low in vitamins and fiber. Raspberries are a good source of fiber. Who knew? The article said frozen raspberries are just fine out of season. By the way, I answered this one correctly in case you’re keeping score.

2. Asparagus or beets?

I thought beets, but the answer is asparagus. Beets are high in sugar. Roller coaster sugar levels make you hungry AND they make you store calories as fat. That’s not good. Asparagus is lower in sugar, and higher in vitamin C and folate. I’m glad of this answer because I prefer asparagus to beets, don’t you?

3. Vanilla soy milk or skim milk?

I got this one right.  Vanilla soy milk has more calories and sugar than skim milk, so skim milk is the healthier choice.

4. Vitamin-flavored water or flavored seltzer water?

I had already been warned about this one. Vitamin-flavored water contains more calories and  sugar than many sodas! Isn’t that ridiculous? I’ve tried flavored seltzer water, but what I really like the best are the waters that are lightly flavored but with no sugar like MetroMint (thanks for introducing me, Rebecca!) or Hint (a new water that I just discovered this weekend). The flavored waters without sugar are hard to find, however.

5. Couscous or bulgar/quinoa?

This one surprised me. Did you know that couscous has the same nutritional value as white pastas like rigatoni or penne? Bulgur and quinoa are much higher in fiber and quinoa is a great source of protein. Who knew? Not me.

6. Extra-lean sirloin or ground turkey?

I missed this one, too. If the package doesn’t say “turkey breast” or “lean ground turkey,” you’re actually buying a mix of white and dark meat and some skin. This translates into 325 calories and 20 grams of fat per 5- ounce serving versus 240 calories and 10 grams of fat for the same serving of 95 percent lean sirloin. Plus the sirloin has about five times more iron.

7.  Canned chickepeas or low-sodium red, black, or white beans?

And my losing streak continues. Chickpeas have more fat and calories. The other beans have no fat, lots of protein, fewer calories, and plenty of nutrients like zinc and folate.

8. Tricolor pasta or whole-wheat pasta?

I guessed correctly on this one. Despite what you might think, tricolor pasta contains precious little spinach, beets, or other vegetables. Although whole-wheat pasta and white pasta may have the same number of calories, the whole-wheat pasta has more fiber. Fiber helps you feel full faster so hopefully, you’ll eat less.

9. Dried apricots or banana chips?

Yay! I’m back on track.  I knew this one. One-half cup of dried apricots has 150 calories and less than one gram of fat plus a lot of vitamin A. One-half cup of banana chips has 220 calories and FIFTEEN grams of fat! You know those puppies are deep fried, right? By the way, the article said that this is one of those time where buying organic may make more sense. Organic dried apricots don’t contain sulphites which may cause migraines and interfere with your sleep.

And lastly,

10. Feta cheese or goat cheese?

Feta has 4 grams of saturated fat per serving while goat cheese has 7 grams. I prefer feta so I was happy with this answer even though I guessed incorrectly.

So, how did you do? Wasn’t this informative? Aren’t you glad you stopped by today? Aren’t you glad I didn’t include a poem, a link, or a video clip? 😉



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15 responses to “Things I Learned During Hairapy Yesterday

  1. Thanks for sharing, Dietitian Whimzie! Off to grab a handful of berries 🙂

  2. carpoolqueen

    Hmmmm….I hate beets, so yay! They’re bad for you. Now I have an excuse.

    I bought the healthy raspberries and then didn’t use them so I had to throw them away unhealthily coated in mold.

    Prefer skim to vanilla soy. I’ve tried. Really. Not happening.

    And I need to drink more water, so maybe I’ll do flavored seltzer. Maybe.

  3. blah blah blah hairapy..good foods blah blah blah…


    I am a faithful Snoodlings girl even pre-trickster days so I daily come here whether there are links, poems, facts, heart or soul…so, why you doin’ this to me, Whimz?

    In other news,
    I am going to dig out my DH haircut pics just for you…and I did not pass the “test”..I didn’t even know what some of those things were if THAT tells you anything.

    Sooooooooooooooo, I was thinkin’ since we’re so super tight and have various forms of communication…you can just tell ME what’s in the one has to know and I promise not to tell….k?!

  4. I’m ashamed to admit that I thought feta and goat cheese was the same thing.

    You must share a new hair cut photo! I used to like that shampoo that had beer in it? Do you know what I’m talking about??

  5. First of all, let me congratulate you for reading something substantial while at hairapy. I can’t seem to put down the People magazine when I’m there.

    I learned a LOT today actually. I like quinoa. I really like saying it too. And I hate beets so it makes me happy to have a reason to avoid them.

    So…you ever gonna tell us what’s in that envelope?

  6. Because, seriously, I think about what you’re NOT telling us is in that envelope about 20 times a day. For real-sies.

  7. Hello, my name is Gretchen, and I’m an envelope obsessor. Or is it “obsesser”? No matter. How is it that when typing “hello”, I always add a “w”, making it “hellow”? Just following the thread of thought, my dear Whimz.

    Haven’t eaten quinoa, but guessed that it was better than couscous simply because it had a better name. And couscous is white.

    Gladdy mcglad about the asparagus. Though it maketh the pee smelleth, it’s grand on a heavenly scale.

    Also, re: the banana chips? That’s just wrong. Why, I’d rather go to Taco Bell, wouldn’t you? I mean if we’re blowing calories, let’s make ’em count.

  8. Back again. I really think we should see live pictures, rather than Dorothy Hamill imitators.

    Just sayin’.

  9. The one that surprised me was the sirloin/ground turkey. The fact that they sell it to you with skin ground in makes me a little gaggy. *shudder*

  10. Thanks for following my blog. I’m going to have to add you to my Reader as well. I love this post! I’m glad I was able to “meet” you.

  11. Alex

    The envelope please.

  12. mom

    Uh-hum! I got 100%. What can I say?


  13. Unfortunately, I won’t be throwing myself a nutrition party over here!

    And I LOVED my Dorothy haircut!

    Did I just admit that???

  14. Dorothy Hamill haircut in 7th grade….sadly it was my choice….and I do believe that I used Short and Sassy, but as I got older; I know I used Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific….and it did.

  15. I got an 80, which I think is not bad since it is 1:03am.

    I totally had a Dorothy Hamill.

    And we used to tear off the shampoo label to make it say “Short Ass” and we thought we were really really witty.

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