Guessing Game: Boston Edition


Guess what this envelope contains!

Just so you won’t waste your best guess, it does not contain orders telling us for certain where we’re moving next month, although that would be nifty.



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24 responses to “Guessing Game: Boston Edition

  1. Plane tickets to Arkansas to meet me and the rascals?!

    That would also be nifty.

  2. I second Amber’s guess. I’m not that far away and I’ll come too if you girls will let me!

  3. I am only guessing if there is a prize – I am just competitive that way!

  4. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Plane tickets to see CPQ?

  5. My first thought was tickets too. Amy Grant concert? Going home?

  6. carpoolqueen

    An autographed photo of you and somebody famous?

  7. carpoolqueen

    And Marchbanks, I wish.

  8. I was gonna guess Red Sox tickets but someone beat me to it.

    Second guess, tickets to a Broadway show, which just clarifies HisGirls guess a bit.

    Third guess. The Shred? Or did that already arrive? I’ve read about it on so many blogs that I can’t remember if you’ve started.

  9. Tix to Seattle? 🙂

    Certificate for an infinite number of pedis?

    Oh, I know…It’s some newfangled out fit–pour water on it and it grows to wearable size? No?

  10. Alex

    A letter from a publisher that has accepted the book you are writing!

  11. Wouldn’t it be surprising if it were a picture of me?

  12. You are SnoodleTricks with this!!

    I don’t like guessing games…because I wanna be right and I wanna win! Even if there’s not a prize..I still like being the one who was RIGHT!! (note to self: add this to things to discuss w/ therapist)

    Hmmm, let me think…

    you didn’t win the Amy Grant thing..
    you already have The Shred…
    probably not tix to anything b/c you don’t know where you’re going next…
    (surely I get points for knowing so much about your life)

    Um, so, I am going to guess…

    The Lord’s Prayer Necklace 🙂

  13. facial blotting tissues? only from sephora, of course.

  14. I’m a terrible guesser, but I’ll just be general and say some kind of tickets. 🙂

  15. I’m pretty sure it contains…the answer to this question! Boy, I’m good. So glad I got that one right…

  16. OKAY – so when are you gonna tell us?

    I so wanted it to be your orders. Maybe it is ours?

  17. Ok… I’m new, but is your husband in the military? Is that why you don’t know where you’re moving?

    P.S. Tell us what’s in the package!

    P.P.S. Thanks for the note about the blog design!

  18. Your acceptance letter for…”The Real Housewives of Boston…or Louisiana…or DC”?

    Just a random guess, I can’t think straight right now 🙂

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  20. Hey Amy….Always enjoy your blog…

    your Mom wrote a beautiful post today….

    Would you send me her email address…I wanted to send her something about Maggie, but not put it in the guestbook…

    Love and prayers,

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