Even MORE for Your Listening Pleasure

Want some Coldplay?

How about a free download?

You’re welcome.

In other news,

Jillian Michaels hates all people. I did my first day of the 30 Day Dead Shred yesterday.   I have muscles hurting where I didn’t even know I had muscles….and I wasn’t even able to do everything she asked me nicely  yelled at me to do for as long as she asked told me to do it. I don’t know about what she says to any of you on your DVD, but she all but called me a wimp yesterday. Does she talk like that to the rest of you? I bought Sweatin’ to the Oldies on eBay last summer because Princess Diva loves to dance and I was feeling nostalgic. Richard Simmons NEVER talked to me the way Jillian does. Never. And you can actually sing along to his music. But Jillian has better abs than Richard Simmons does (and much better hair), so I guess I’ll try for Day #2. My knees just found out I typed that, and I kid you not, they are crying now. Why did I have to pick now to be a follower? Why don’t any of you pick something fun for your new obsession? I need a new bandwagon to jump on; this one is painful.



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11 responses to “Even MORE for Your Listening Pleasure

  1. who’s driving Miss Pansy? What?

    Sorry, someone hijacked my comment. Have you started drinking less, just so you didn’t have to sit down on the toilet as much? …cause I definitely would never do that. ahem. One of the few times it would pay to be a guy…:)

    In other news, why do you keep reading my mind??!! First it was the cold cereal post and now the title of this one is awefully close to the one brewing in my head entitled: For your viewing pleasure… Contents not related, because your view would not be pleasured by me sweating it out to Jillian the Torturist. But titled very similar…maybe I’ll hold off, as to not appear copy catish.

    Now go dry your knee’s tears already.

  2. I remember, as a kid, watching Richard Simmons every morning…wait, I just dated myself, didn’t I.

  3. You’re starting to scare me. Jillian has yet to arrive in my mail box. She’s due on Friday. Should I go on just start crying now?

    Oh my…richard simmons. We owned all those tapes!

  4. I did one…I repeat ONE…night of P90X THREE nights ago with the husband. Still making all kinds of terrible faces when I sit down. Not cool. Very not cool.

    And my guy yells at me, too.

  5. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Ah, Richard Simmons…. I remember my momma being pregnant with my youngest sister doing his workout…I still turn it on every once in a while for smile. 🙂

  6. I have no desire to join the shred craze…I like sitting down…I don’t think it’s supposed to be a painful experience!

    I’ll start a new craze..let’s see, how about everybody watching Mr. Darcy every night for a week while eating dove dark chocolate! That sounds like WAY more fun!

  7. I’m doing “the shred” vicariously through you…or maybe not. Maybe I’m just lounging drinking Arnold Palmer’s.

    Hmmmm, should I or shouldn’t I buy “The Shred”?

  8. Oh, I used to heart Richard, too. We used to work out together during the day. Back when his hair was way bigger and i was about 12. I remember his license plate (hello, my name is gretchen, and i’m freaky): “YRUFAT”.

  9. And you have reaffirmed in me the desire not to follow on this. I’m not that desperate for a post. 🙂

  10. Alex

    So. Your friend Jillian came to visit me yesterday.
    Today I allowed her into my DVD player.
    I anticipate that tomorrow as I walk up the stairs to my second story classroom I will be calling her names my mother would not approve of. Clearly she has anger issues.

  11. Alex

    Jillian is not allowed back in my DVD player until I can sit down without wincing.

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