My Friends Are a Bunch of Pansies

Many of my friends have been griping and complaining and moaning and crying and whining about Jillian and the “30 Day Shred.” So why on earth would I want to try it? It doesn’t sound like much fun at all. But I hate thinking that they secretly might be having fun with Alice without me. Sure, they SAY they hate it, but what if they’re really having a party full of laughs? 

I looked for the DVD in over a dozen stores, but to no avail. Finally I just decided to see if I could order it online. I couldn’t find “The Shred,” but I did find this DVD called “The 20 Day Fray.”  I think it’s basically the same thing as Jillian’s video. It finally arrived this weekend. I tried it, and honestly, I think my friends are a bunch of wimps. This DVD is a lot of fun. The music is very peppy and the workout outfts are snazzy. Take a look and see for yourself:

Twenty days of this and I’ll have a boogie body, for sure.  

All kidding aside, I still don’t have “The Shred” DVD, but my senior year of college, I did live in the apartment below a Jazzercise instructor. She liked to practice new workouts in her living room. Early in the morning. Very early in the morning. And she was just as peppy as the instructor in this video. She was no friend of mine.

I hope you’re  moving your boogie body into a wonderful new week!



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10 responses to “My Friends Are a Bunch of Pansies

  1. The only Jillian I want to want to watch on my tv screen is the one from The Bachelorette. And I’ll watch her while I eat Reece’s Pieces…and am positive I won’t feel guilty (or scared) while doing it.

    I do want a kickin’ pair of leg warmers though.

  2. OK, that video was like a train wreck, I wanted to stop watching it, but I just couldn’t look away. Where do you find these things?

    I am totally going to laugh while I work out today. Instead of thinking of how much pain I am in, I will laugh about those white tights and Dorothy Hamill hair cuts!

    Also, just between you and me, I totally caved this weekend and bought The Shred. It should arrive sometime this week. Blame it on CPQ, she’s a big time influencer. Since you’re her BFF, will you do something about that, please?

  3. Oomchicka oomchicka oomchicka oom . . . Now I will be singing this in my head!!

  4. That video is filled with too many good quotes….”shake it sugar, do it to it”…What does that mean??

    I finally had a “shred” sighting last night…at Target. I did not purchase. You might want to stay away from Target until the “shred” urge is out of your head. “hot dog!”

  5. carpoolqueen

    Do you remember when we went through that Jane Fonda workout craze in OC Bailey? She actually said “Shake your tail feathers, ladies”.

    I miss the easy days of Jane.

  6. Is that Judi Shepherd Misset, herself? Or is it Toni Tennile. I know I’ve butchered spelling on both.

    Oh, I miss my days of doing jazzercise with my weird neighbor. In my lavender leo and white tights. Our instructor even wore a flower c.o.m.b. in her hair.

    Thanks for the work out! “Get loose for heaven’s sake”. Yeah.

  7. awesome. just awesome.

    (Gretchen, I actually saw JSM in the flesh in Palm Springs. Was starstruck.)

  8. holy.workout.batman.

    I had NO IDEA what I was getting in to when I stayed up to catch up on my blog reading today!!

    This is flippin’ HYSTERICAL!!

    Oh, I found “The Shred” on for 8.86!! Free site to store shipping, too!? Huh, wanna, huh?!

  9. Now you’ve gotta tell me who the Jazzercise queen was. I’m so curious I might not be able to sleep. 😉

    I’m not Shreddin’ anything unless it’s wheat.

  10. This clip is HYSTERICAL! I love it. I used to do all the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” with my mom. We’ve come a long way, baby. I kinda miss the old days. 🙂

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