Desperately Seeking D of C (israelitetexan)

Weird title, even for me? Last week someone left a comment on a post and I wanted to respond. I’ve tried to send a few emails, but they’ve all been returned.  If by chance, D of C, you see this post, could you send me an email? ( Don’t be afraid of the “desperately” part; that sounds a little…well, desperate. I just used that word for the sake of the title. No restraining order necessary.

In other news, CPQ is still speaking to me, in case you were worried about her reaction to my last post. I’m not sure if the pain meds are completely out of her system, but at least right now she’s not planning a counter attack. At least I don’t think she is.

Also, I did not win the Amy Grant contest. To be honest, I’m almost relieved. If I had won, I would have felt a lot of pressure to come across as a sane, coherent, highly functioning member of society. I’m just not sure I could have mastered that in a short phone call. Besides, Amy and I will always have Furman University. I like to remember us that way.

Remember my email inbox, Google Reader subscriptions, and my Reader’s starred items? When you checked in with me last, I had 1287 unread messages in my inbox. I have gradually whittled that number down to 645. Of all my word addictions, this was the one that made the largest number of you twitchy. I feel like I need to justify my inbox to those of you who reacted as if I hit baby ducks on the head with a hammer, or spit on Santa Claus, or feed my children sugary cereals. First of all, I’ve had that email address for years. It’s the address I use for all online purchases or anytime I have to submit my email information for any reason. As a result, my inbox collects more than its fair share of spam. As fast as I try to delete said spam, more accumulates to take its place. Second, I do have the ability to scan, people. Every time I check my email, I scan the list of new items and look for any mail that may be of a personal nature or is more important than the notice telling me that Pottery Barn Kids is offering free shipping on sale items or that 532 people who have commented on a Facebook status that I “liked.” (Learned my lesson about liking popular statuses; or would that be statusi?)

At the time of my post, I had 139 blog subscriptions in my Google Reader. I’m happy to report that I’ve decreased that number to 129. I actually had it all the way down to 120 and then one of my favorite blogs had a post about 10 Blogs Word Geeks Love. I added nine of them; the 10th was already on my Reader. Still, I’m getting updates from 10 fewer blogs than I was a few weeks ago. And because of my new “word geeks” blogs I knew to use “fewer” instead of “less.” See how I can rationalize most anything? And now you’re wondering if your blog is one of the ones I deleted, aren’t you? You can be so paranoid sometimes; of course I didn’t delete your blog! As if!

Remember when I had 502 starred items in my Reader? Five hundred and two blog posts that I believed I needed to go back to again some time? Well, I’ve weeded and culled and reconsidered. I now only have 431 posts starred in my Reader. I think that’s progress, people. I know some of you would like me to be further ahead on my journey. Baby steps, friends…baby steps. I’ll get there eventually. 

Speaking of progress, I actually see sunshine. We’re going to do something out there today, even if it’s wrong. I don’t mean that. My mom says that all the time. I don’t think it really means anything except that we’re not going to just sit here, we’re going to take action even if we don’t have a plan. But you knew that already, right? 

I hope you have a little bit of sunshine wherever you are. If you don’t, go make your own!



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13 responses to “Desperately Seeking D of C (israelitetexan)

  1. Here, come sit by me…

    I won’t go through ALL the numbers ’cause I’m about to go strawberry pickin’ BUT, my inbox??

    2024?! Did you hear me???? I have MAJOR dysfunction when it comes to cleaning/weeding/purging…

    So, just know, you are not alone. 🙂

    • whimzie

      Girl, where were you when “they” were heaping moral outrage upon my sweet little head over my inbox?! At least you’re here now. I WILL come and sit by you. We need to stick together. We’re just misunderstood, BellaSnoodle. So misunderstood.

  2. carpoolqueen

    I will live vicariously through you today. Still a little under the weather. A little pale, perhaps.

  3. Are you also a numbers lover?

    I avoid numbers at all cost. Well, that is not necessarily true. I only like small numbers. One that easily added and subtracted and divisible by 2.

    My big question is this (because you are like the third blogger I have heard mention this): what do you mean you have “starred” posts? Do you mean your own posts, or those you read elsewhere?

    I don’t star posts, but I also hate being out of the loop. I would hate to be missing the Starred Post Party!

  4. I am totally paranoid now. I weeded through my reader recently also, and felt so badly about the ones I deleted. But I figure that if it’s a blog I don’t comment on regularly they won’t even notice. How ever did you decide?

  5. My inbox looks pretty bad these days too. I’m so glad to know I’m “normal.”

  6. CPQ

    Did you just give me a new nickname? I’ m out of it and not picking up on subtlety. I may have misspelled that. Let’s just sit for a while. Still.

  7. Ok, when I first read that title…I thought that you were desperately seeking a D & C. I’m so glad that is not the case, I was worried for you girlfriend.

    Now, I do the same thing with my inbox…it’s loaded, over 1,000 of undeleted emails. Some junk, some I meant to go back to, some I don’t have a clue. I do cringe thinking of the time it will take to delete them, read them or whatever.

    Maybe we should all start some kind of “inbox deletion support group”-making ourselves delete a few a day? All I know is I need help 🙂

  8. I’m just this minute getting to 139 on my google reader… *sigh* I usually zero out when I get to 100 but I didn’t have the heart! Good luck with your word weeding!

  9. I just dumped 1,978 emails out of my inbox yesterday. Phew.

    Have a McWorderful Day Mrs. McWordsterm.

  10. You always leave me laughing!

    I signed up for bloglines last week, but haven’t taken the time to figure out how to use it…I think I am missing the boat on the whole feed thing…gonna have to catch up with the rest of blog world on that one! 🙂

  11. Well, my inbox is relatively low. Obsession is a clever trick.

    Sorry about your Amy Grant loss. You’re being very grown up about it all. I might’ve been prone on the floor, beating with fists, if I had entered and lost. Only because the requirements were so involved and all, and by the time I was done signing up for the giveaway, I might’ve felt like I had earned part of said prize.

    Entitlement issues.

    The “hitting baby ducks on the head” with a hammer just sets my teeth on edge. And no, I haven’t done it.

    Go outside, even if you do something wrong. Your mom sounds like such good people.

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