She’ll Need the Drugs When She Sees This!

fpf2I’ve never participated in Friday Flashback before. Mainly because the movers accidentally left the box with most of our old pictures in our old house when we moved. (It’s okay, our current tenants found them and got them to my parents, but I don’t currently have them with me.) My friend from Frump’s Findings posted a fun picture of her dad in drag today and it gave me an idea. I double dog dare you not to click on that link now. (You’re welcome, Frump’s Findings.) My idea was not to convince K or my dad to dress in drag. Or to dress in drag myself. (Can girls dress in drag or is it just “getting dressed” when we do it?) So what was my idea?

Today CPQ has to go to the dentist. In case you don’t know her, she’s not a big fan. She’s requested drugs and will most likely be under the influence the rest of the day. This is where my idea evolved. I thought today would be as good a day as any to dig in the small picture archive that I DO have and post a picture from the early days of CPQ and Whimzie. I don’t know why I’m worried about what she’s going to think when she sees it. She looks a lot better than I do in the gems I unearthed.  The quality’s not the best because it’s a copy of a scanned picture. Maybe it’s a good thing that this is not able to be seen more clearly. 


Look at how tan CPQ is! Apparently, this picture was taken shortly after I was exhumed from a grave, because no living person could actually be that pale. Well, the living person that I am almost twenty years later could be and is. Want to know the sad thing? I actually had a tan in this picture. I remember when this picture was taken. It was near the end of our senior year of college. This was at a little party announcing the Tri Chi beaus for the next year. CPQ and I had been crying. During the last semester of our senior year, we cried almost daily because we didn’t want to leave college. It’s a good thing we had each other because no one else could stand to be around us. We must have been like portable parties with all the waterworks. Okay, let’s do one more. Apparently I’m on drugs, too.

 img040This is actually from the year after we graduated from college if I’m not mistaken. First, can I get a shout out for the hair? All of the hair? The hair that takes up the largest portion of this picture? We were rocking the hair, weren’t we? Love the shoulder pads, CPQ. And the nautical bow on my sweater.  I’m pretty sure that this was the last time my fingernails were actually painted and is it just me, or do I look Asian in these pictures to you?  The only way this picture could be better is if one of us was actually wearing the hat hanging on the wall behind us. 

So, there you have it: Photographic evidence that CPQ and I have a history and the pictures to prove it. There are plenty more where I found those, but I think we should probably just seal the vault on these pieces of history. Maybe CPQ can pull out a couple the next time I need dental work and am under the influence of prescribed medications. 

By the way, my friend Kellie dedicated a whole recipe post to me today. Isn’t that the sweetest? She posted a recipe for a roasted corn and tomato tart that sounds like a perfect dish for the warmer weather we’ve been having. She also posted an easy Snickerdoodles recipe. Oh, how I love a good cookie! I feel like I should have prepared an acceptance speech. She has learned of my love for good recipes and obliged me with two today…and she threw in an embarrassing story as an added dessert! You MUST read her story about NASCAR and Tampax. That will get your weekend off to a good start, for sure.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a weekend full of good food and that you make lots of fun memories with the ones you love!



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25 responses to “She’ll Need the Drugs When She Sees This!

  1. Oh. My. Goodness!

    I hate that I am going to say this, but you two look SO YOUNG in those pictures.

    Last week i posted a picture in my wedding gown, and every body commented on how young I was….I thought I still looked exactly the same…go figure?

    Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your college pictures! Not sure if I should say “Nice knowing ya” or be really excited to see what CPQ posts when she wakes up for her dental visit and sees this post….either way it will be fun for those of us who read you both!

    Happy Friday!

    • whimzie

      We WERE young in those pictures, Kellie. And apparently not as tired.

      I don’t know why my outsides don’t match my insides anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  2. Hey! you stole my flowered dress from my dorm room and now are taunting me with it!!!! And give me back my shoulder pads, CPQ!!!!


    You guys are HOT.

    Nuff said.

  3. Renae

    I remember those girls….great pics & nice hair! 😉

  4. Those are too cute!! LOL…my friend and I always wore shoulder pads!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh…you really brought back a good memory!! And yes, you do look a little Asian there! Nothing wrong w/ that though…I’m Asian..LOL!

    I’m glad you joined in and shared your pictures! Those were great (along w/ the stories)!!

  5. Hi again!! I’s so nice to “meet” you too!! I’m glad you like you the meme! Me, personally, I LOVE looking at pictures…even other peoples pictures, so was excited to do something like this!! The old ones just get tucked away and nobody gets to see them!!

    I had to LOL at the Jet Li and Lucy Liu!! But, you do look like you could be half Japanese!! I’m kind of scared to do mine! Those things are kinda accurate, aren’t they?????

    Oh..and I think alot of us look younger now than we did before. I don’t know why that it is??? Hopefully we can still say that 20 years from now!! 🙂

  6. Well, that was a pleasant surprise!! Thanks for the shout out 😉 My dad thanks you too! He’d get a kick out of that.

    Those photos are amazing..the clothes, the hair, the jewelry…everything! Such a complete flashback. You both are just too cute. Love your phone pose too.

  7. Those pics are hysterical! I love that you have such an enduring friendship. I love it that you aren’t afraid to show the world who you used to be. I love it that you were so beautiful even with big hair and nautical bows. Oh… and I love the ‘tude with the phone. Sweet. Totally makes my Friday. 🙂

  8. whimzie

    Yeah, the phone pose. I don’t remember what that was about. My best Judy the Time-Life Operator impersonation, maybe?

  9. Pam

    Those dresses with the bows were all the rage. Plus the hair and shoulder pads. What were we thinking? lol

  10. Has CPQ made peace with the fact that your hair was having boundary issues in the bottom photo.

    As always, having me crack up. Need to empty the old bladder before I read your posts. Because i’m not as young on the outside or inside, either.

    Was CPQ ever a flight attendant?

    I think i have your same suit. Wore it after my wedding as my “get away” outfit.

    • whimzie

      My hair knew no boundaries. It was its own person. It entered the room a good two minutes before I did. She made her peace with it. To be friends with me, you had to make peace with the hair and all of it’s Blair from “Facts of Life” wannabe glory.

  11. That is just good stuff. And it is nice to know that someone else also had the great appreciation for wearing our grandmother’s bedspreads as dresses and for cotton candy bangs.


  12. Wow! That first picture is how I remember you two at college.

    The clothes and hair…what were we all thinking?!

    Then there is that hat on the wall, I remember having one of those too. I was so into the country decor once upon a time. Still like a little bit of it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Can I get a ruler to measure the height of those bangs? I think I remember you wearing that nautical bow sweater! Wow! Good times. You know, they are about to knock down Daniel. I’ll take pictures and share them with you.

  14. I see CPQ is still too indisposed to see your gift to her. Perhaps you’ll be saving up for the friend debt? E.g. marital debt is often paid in full with nice dinners out or jewelry.

    But I’m sure you and CPQ never keep accounts.

  15. I think your photos are very cute!

    I’m also THAT pale…LOL!

  16. oh lawd. I sooo needed to come over here! I can’t believe I’m reading this at 11:15pm! Between getting two little people to the dentist, dinner and completely ENGROSSING myself on the MLS and in the Real Estate Book I’ve been only slightly occupied!

    So, I thought “y’know, I didn’t read my SnoodleGirl’s blog today”…boy, am I thankful I made the click to visit.

    Could you BE anymore retro?? Between shorty mcshort bangs, big hair, the bow/striped/navy combo, oversized cardigans, shoulder pads, florals and geometrics..OH, and how can I forget the corded phone!..I’m in such a time warp I’m thinking the Go-Go’s or Bangles tunes may start popping outta my mouth at any moment!

    Your descriptions had me ROLLING and about to upchuck my “too late to eat a piece of cake cake”…I can’t wait for CPQ to see your “flashback”!

  17. My little cousin is a sorority girl these days and I thought she was the quintessential sorority girl. I was wrong. YOu and your friend have it nailed – hands down.

    I do love the hair. I remember life with hot rollers…gee, why don’t I miss them?

    Awesome pictures…seriously perfect.

  18. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I remember those girls. Though I don’t remember your hair being so, um, alarming at the time. Has Sus seen this yet? Hope you didn’t make her laugh so hard she burst her stitches.

  19. carpoolqueen

    For the record, that was a NATURAL tan, not a Connie McWilliams fake-n-bake. I think I only needed two classes to get my degree by the time that last semester rolled around and I scheduled them early in the morning so I could hit Lake DeGray for Prime Tanning Rays.

    *sigh* my eyebrows are tragic. And your hair….honey, I want all that time back spent in your room waiting for the hot rollers to cool.

    We rocked.

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  21. Oh Do I love love love these pictures. I am still suffering from major bang envy… could never achieve such heights.

    Someday I’ll have to post mine with s4j that look alarmingly similar.

    haha. love the friendship you guys have. makes me so happy.

  22. Amy

    Awesome pictures!! You two look so cute! Much nicer than my Jon Bon Jovi-style messy, frizzy big hair pictures from the same era.

  23. Bwahahahahah!

    Just like I remember you two! Unfortunately, I believe I also had the big hair/tall bangs syndrome. Mmmmm…shoulder pads. What were we thinking?!

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