Share the Love Thursday: A Wonderland of Linky Goodness

For some reason, Thursday has always been one of my favorite days. Maybe it’s because the best TV shows are usually on Thursday nights. Not that I watch TV. I’m usually reading intellectual tomes or throwing lavish dinner parties, or threshing grain for our homemade bread. (You thresh grain, right?) Maybe it’s because Thursday comes before Friday which kicks off the weekend. It doesn’t really matter why; I just like Thursdays.

On this wonderful Thursday, I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’ve enjoyed looking at this week. I like to share the love. I hope you enjoy!

This is really something:

This, on the other hand, is something else:

Yes, some day, I want my boys to go to a reputable, quality institution of higher learning so they can spend their spare time learning how to do that.

There. That ought to get you through until Friday.  Happy Rest of Your Thursday!



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11 responses to “Share the Love Thursday: A Wonderland of Linky Goodness

  1. Casey watched the second and his comment was, “well, they’ve learned a lot of physics!”

  2. carpoolqueen

    Please tell me these were not OUR Tigers…. And the other one? Simply amazing.

  3. Oh wow. Just wow. For both!!

    I’m sharing these with Adam when he gets home..he’s the YouTube King. He will love these!!

    The Beautiful Mind was just amazing. God is so purposeful with someone even when we think we don’t understand them.

    The Pong Boys. Glad to know their parents money is going to great use…hmm, there was some major engineering involved there so..there ya go.

  4. I too love Thursdays for some reason! Thanks for stopping by my blog to read Sara’s post. I’m loving your blog…I’ll be back!

  5. Savants are always amazing….truly amazing.
    As for the pong shots…that was actually pretty impressive as well…much more so than rolling a quarter off your nose into a cup of beer which is what we use to do in college! I’m really hoping my kids don’t do either….

  6. That is amazing!

    I will show my boys the second one later, they will think it is very cool.

  7. Wow. What grabs me the most about Stephen’s video is that the neighborhoods, streets, and villages are just as important to the overall picture as getting St. Peters done well. Feeling an analogy about how important and orderly everything is in God’s picture, too. Awesome video.

    My kids would be all over drinking the rot-gut which comes in the 32 oz cups. Not sure about their learning the timing of the rest of it.

    Funny, but the pong boys kind of remind me of the treadmill dancers. And now I’m embarrassed I said that.

  8. Well, I had a hard time deciding whether or not to suspend my grain threshing in order to watch these clips, but I must admit that they were both well worth my time.
    And by the way, thanks for always making me giggle. You’re quite good at it.
    Now, I must go and milk the cows (code language for raid the freezer of Breyer’s ice cream).

  9. Love the linky love.

    Will pester the husband with these later!

  10. Oh My goodness! Where do you find these things! So crazy!

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