For Your Listening Pleasure

I have two iTunes libraries. One has 3815 songs, the other has 4204. And I’ve never gotten around to putting all my CDs on either one. Yeah, I like music. All kinds. My playlist looks like it belongs to someone who has multiple personality disorder. From ABBA to Zeppelin, it’s on there.  I can’t remember where I first saw this video, but I like it. Coldplay meets Taylor Swift:

Speaking of music and since you’ll probably find out eventually….

My name is Whimzie, and I watch American Idol.  Don’t judge me. Those of you who are too highbrow to watch need read no further. Have a nice day.

Okay, fellow Idol fans, now that we’ve lost the riff raff, I want to show you something that will make you laugh your socks off, if you’re wearing socks. I found this American Idol post written by someone I don’t know and it is HILARIOUSLY funny. When something makes me laugh out loud I then feel compelled to read it out loud. I read it to K, who doesn’t watch American Idol (Well, he says he doesn’t, but he always happens to wander in when I’m watching it and comments on the singers.), and he laughed until he cried. Let’s just call it:

The Funniest American Idol Blog Post Whimzie Has Ever Read

Was that funny or what?  Okay, I’m off to see who made it to the final two!!


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11 responses to “For Your Listening Pleasure

  1. Amy

    Are you kidding me? I love Melissa! I, too, laughed when I read her post about Idol (and 99% of her other posts, too).

    By the way, are you the iTunes/iPod guru I’ve been seeking? You must be if you have 18,000,036 songs! I have some issues related to my dead external hard drive from months ago. My iTunes still isn’t right.

  2. carpoolqueen

    I would be that riff-raff that doesn’t watch, but because I love you more than my luggage, I will read the post and watch your stinkin’ video.


  3. I love that song. I heard it for the first time the other day. What a great mix.

    I am so clueless about American Idol. Please don’t hate me.

  4. I’ve only watched AI this season but I’m hooked, and that post was HILARIOUS.

  5. Love that song. Very pretty.

    AI post…FUNNY!

  6. I admit…I’m not a big Idol follower, but I kind of keep up with it since Caylie LOVES it! Did you see this post…Kris is our man! 🙂

  7. That was HILARIOUS!!!

    And so accurate. I’m pretty sure I heard those exact comments.

    I would be the riff raff that indulges in WAY too much Idol.

  8. LOL!!!
    Seriously. And I NEVER use “LOL”, because I think it’s overused, and yet, I just did.

    I’ll join your support group.

    Hi, my name is Cathy, and we are addicted to American Idol. In fact, it is not uncommon for me to let out my best childish “SSHHHHH!” to my own children when watching said show….or for me to cry for weeks when I accidently forget to *gasp* record it when we’ll be gone.

    …now that I’ll lose all of my 5 readers for those admissions, I think I’ll go fix my hair in bangs, take some crack so I can talk like Paula, practice my best white girl ghetto “dawg”, and come up with some random similes and metaphors like Simon…

    Thanks for the free therapy. I’m pretty sure it worked.

  9. Lurve this music, Whimzie! I do, I do!

    Fab linky love, my dear. She is funny. I don’t know for sure, but I think her “Paulas” were my faves.

    But you know I’ll always have mad love for you.

  10. Listening to the song as I type….love it!

    I needed a laugh this morning….the link was just the medicine.

  11. I am not an AI watcher either…

    But if I promise to post recipes tomorrow, can we still be friends?

    And seriously? You have a HUGE iTune library(ies)!!! Mine is just a mini library at 695!

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