Beef: It’s What Was For Dinner

“So, Whimzie, what did you guys have for supper when Barr came over?”  At least that’s what I’m imagining you must be asking yourselves. Although you all don’t ask many questions, do you? I’m blessed to have friends who already know so much. Even though you didn’t actually ask, I’m sharing anyway, because I love the peaceful exchange of recipes.

Before I tell you what we had for supper Thursday night, I’d like to get something off my chest.  I feel that somehow as a result of this blog, I am being painted in a not so healthy light. I fear that many of you imagine me at home feeding sugar cereal and white chocolate popcorn crack to my children every meal. Coupled with my lack of desire to exercise that I have discussed with you, I’m afraid many of you may picture me like this:

review_jabba_1This is not entirely accurate. I’m much paler than Jabba and my arms are longer.

Seriously, The Snoodles are usually healthy eaters but  we are not opposed to a good cone of homemade ice cream from Lizzy’s from time to time. We’re great big fans of moderation. That said, this was not a granola-crunchy-healthy meal. But oh my word, it was so good. 

Instead of reposting the recipes, I’ll just link you to the entry on my recipe blog.

We had delicious, brisket that I cooked in the oven all the live long day. It literally just fell apart. To go with that brisket (that actually could have stood alone), I whipped up a batch of “Come Back” sauce. This makes a HUGE amount of sauce. You can either send some home with guests or just stockpile it in your fridge. It keeps indefinitely. And it’s delicious.

We had green beans cooked slow and low with maple bacon (yeah, I told you this wasn’t my healthiest meal) and Paula Deen’s strawberry mold. I know, that’s a horrible name for a recipe. More mold, anyone? It tastes much better than it sounds.

I’m notorious for creating dishes by combining different recipes I find. I did that last night with my potato salad. I just mixed up a couple of recipes and added a few more ingredients that I always like to see in potato salad. It’s a sweeter potato salad; I may need to work on some of the ingredient ratios. What I like about this potato salad is that it’s a good creamy one that reminds me of the kind grandmothers used to bring to church potlucks. It’s not one bit healthy. 

I was very excited about a new honey wheat roll recipe that I tried out for the first time. I was sorely disappointed. The bread was tough and didn’t rise and this after I followed the instructions for once! Instead of light, fluffy rolls of goodness, I created hard balls of blech. Do any of you have a good wheat roll recipe that you could recommend? The sweet orange butter that I made to go with the rolls, however, was quite tasty.

Barr brought dessert so I don’t have any recipes to share in that category today, which is unfortunate, because I truly love to make dessert. But we enjoyed some yummy apple pie and a delicious chocolate pudding loaf.

It was a good dinner if I say so myself. You know what I hate about cooking a good dinner? The next day. Why can’t we all just sit around and talk about how good supper was last night? Why must everyone always be hungry for more? The pressure of the next meal is sometimes too much. So Friday night we had cereal for supper. I’m just kidding. We had leftovers and deviled eggs that K’s mom made with the hard-boiled eggs we had left over from the potato salad. We had cereal for dessert. 😉


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10 responses to “Beef: It’s What Was For Dinner

  1. Yummy! Much better than the burnt bacon I had last night, I’m sure! 🙂

    I think I might have to try your brisket recipe one of these days…

  2. I find comfort in knowing that there might possibly be someone else out there that just feed their kids junk for dinner and sit idly by and watch everyone else diet and exercise. Don’t leave me, Whimzie. Please don’t leave me stranded on the dark side.

  3. Apparently I also gave away all my grammar and spelling skills to the dark side as well. Forgiveness is begged of from you, dear friend of wordy goodness.

  4. I’ll have to try some of those recipes…I am a hard core recipe girl. I rarely venture out on my own, and when I do, it usually reaffirms my need to stick to recipes!

  5. Okay…I guess I’ll have to start cooking more now that I’m a SAHM…Oh, the possibilities!

  6. As good as those recipes sound, I’d really just prefer you coming out to make them for me.

    I wish I lurved to cook. And I don’t mind it. It’s simply the forgetting that one last ingredient on the list, and doing the clean up which makes it all a bit distasteful for me.

    Apparently, all I lurve is the eating.

  7. Oh my goodness…now I’m craving brisket!

  8. Why must every post a read lately remind me of FOOD…and my need to refrain from it… I have a love/hate relationship with you, Summer. I love the sun, but people look at you weird when it’s 90 degrees and you’re outside in long pants and shirts. sigh. I blame it all on an aging metabolism.

    Sounds delicious, Whimzie. Is the west coast calling your name any time soon???

  9. Oh my word… all sounds so delicious. Now I just need you to….please…cook it for me. For some reason, I often take a recipe and mangle it. I will be coming back to this post often. You have a recipe blog??

  10. mmmmmm.

    Sometimes (okay maybe more often than not) look forward to food at functions as much as the company!! I anticipate the table spread and especially dessert!!

    When I’m invited to a shower or whatever..I get excited about the food. I’m just a food lover period. And, boy, do these recipes sound just delish. I need some new “things” to try…we are in a dinner rut. So, thanks for the inspiration!

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