What He Said…


I think this may be what I meant….Hanging On | WithoutWax.tv by Pete Wilson. Minus the jet lag and the preaching and birthday parties and such.

That might be a little bit like what I was trying to say. Me no use words so good right now.



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8 responses to “What He Said…

  1. I like the way BOTH of you said it. When I read your last post I thought, she explains what is in my head that I cannot explain.

  2. But we understand you, so The Girl of Many Words still has a voice…just keep on hanging on!

  3. I’m really sorry you can identify with me right now. 🙂

    Praying for you.

  4. totally understand.

  5. I’m a speech therapist. So I get it. 😉


  6. words aren’t needed when someone knows your heart, sister….but I did like Pete’s words too.


  7. carpoolqueen

    Dude. Pete Wilson left a comment on your page. Seriously.

  8. Dude, Pete Wilson was our pastor in Nashville. He dedicated Eli. I wonder if he remembers that, it was in the dark because for some reason the electricity was off at the school where we met that morning.

    Great guy but you both have a great way with words.

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