Are You Happy, Sad, Mad, or GLAD?

gladitude-button-spring-2-1My precious friend Gretchen has a kicky, new button to go with her Gladitude posts. I hadn’t really planned on doing a Gladitude post today, but I liked the new button so much, I decided to do one anyway. 

1. I’m glad that Firstborn’s first pastor is driving up from Rhode Island to have dinner with us on Thursday night.  We haven’t seen him since he and his wife visited us when we lived in Hawaii. He’s never even met the two youngest Littles. We’re all very excited.

2. I’m glad that even though I feel it trying to sneak back this evening, for the best part of the day, I did NOT have a headache. It’s been awhile since I had this many hours in a row without one.

3. I’m glad we have a few more weeks in this incredible state. K’s mom is here for a visit, so yesterday we took a Duck Tour (SO FUN!) and today we went to Minuteman Park and to Lexington. Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days. I tried to pick only the ones with people in them but you will still have quite a few to peruse.


4. I’m glad that “30 Day Shred” has not been in any of the stores where I’ve looked for it. I’m glad I haven’t found it yet so that I can’t jump on the band wagon with all my friends who are now convinced Jillian is the AntiChrist’s baby sister. I know misery loves company but I’m glad to be out of the loop on this one. I am glad that some of my favorite blog writers have been able to make me laugh through their pain. I found this post by BooMama particularly funny. However, my husband hinted that I may be getting this DVD for Mother’s Day. Apparently, Brookstone didn’t have any of these.

5. I’m not sure “glad” aptly describes this next item, because I’m definitely more than “glad” for the blessings of my 20-plus year friendship with CPQ. She wrote a post yesterday that was simultaneously heart wrenching, amazing, and triumphant. Some time ago, she and I were talking about the weirdness and “wonderfulness” that is blogging and I proposed that some people need their blogs to be a place where they can get real because their lives aren’t, while some people need their blogs to be a place to escape because their lives are too real. Sometimes, those two realities seem to intersect somewhere. I think Sus’s blog yesterday was a perfect example of that.  I haven’t even commented on that post because all I can come up to say in response is, “Wow.” Maybe that’s all I need to say. Maybe that and “I’m so very glad to have you in my life, Sus.”

I’m glad for any of you who took the time to stop by today, too. I hope you had a great day today and that tomorrow’s even better.





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17 responses to “Are You Happy, Sad, Mad, or GLAD?

  1. Thanks for directing me to carpoolqueen. What an amazing post. Is that Susan G that I know?

  2. Looks like another fun day! Beautiful pictures!

    I’ve said it before, but I know a mother can never hear it enough; your children are beautiful!

  3. carpoolqueen

    No wonder you haven’t been near your computer. You’ve been all over creation!

    I’ll add #6 – Glad to know you’re alive
    #7 That you hadn’t keeled over from a headache
    #8 That I didn’t shred today – I just needed a rest day
    #9 That you can wear yellow and pull it off
    #10 That we’re friends.

  4. Glad you posted pictures.

    And I’m glad to see how many nanometers it takes to make a little one. That made me smile.

    I’m also very glad to have CPQ in my life. Even though the face to face has never happened, the heart to heart has. How crazy is this blog thing?

    Glad to know today was headache free. Let’s pray for another pain free day tomorrow!

  5. Your lifelong friendship with Sus makes me glad, indeed.

    Lurve the pics, but my top faves are:

    * grandma and the fam
    * “Marilyn Monroe”
    * the picture of you showing your “I don’t need no stinking Shred Video” tiny self.
    *all the back pictures. I tend to take them, too. Just neat, and certainly not posed.

    Gladdy mc glad that you joined in. Glad that your headache is bettah.

  6. Deena

    Great pictures – once again!

    I also haven’t commented on Susan’s post – I just don’t have the words. Tears flow everytime I try to write. She is amazing! I’m blessed even as I watch the beautiful friendship that you two have.

  7. Love the picture of them walking down the road with the soldier … great scene!

    And, I agree with you on CPQ’s post; I haven’t figured out what to say yet either…

  8. So sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope you are pain free today! Thanks for sharing your Glads. I may have to do the same!

  9. Glad to know your still “around”…:)

    Love the pics.

    Love your tribute to your friend. YOU seem like a wonderful friend to her, too… 20+ years.

  10. What a neat place to have lived in! It’s so great how you are hitting the sights before your move.

    This was a lovely post, the photos are always a nice bonus. BTW-that is a beautiful picture of you!

  11. Wonderful pictures and I hope today is a pain free day for you.

  12. Whimzie . .. I just loved reading this . . . especially the sweet things you said about CPQ. You are such a dear friend to her, and I know she knows how blessed she is. You know me and my fitness self is going to be have to heading to the store to get the new ‘fitness craze.’

  13. You seem to be milking MA for all it’s worth…I love that!

    And so jealous that you can pull the yellow off!!!

    I also loved Susan’s post. It was definitely a “wow” kind of response in me too.

    Hope your headache continues to stay away!

  14. I saw your comment over on mama in high heels and couldn’t help but come on over. Cute pixs…I’ll be back. Blessings.

    Looks like you’ve got a
    “mighty good man too” as do I.

  15. Okay, so I’m digging her britches. I need to get me some of those. Pronto.

    I’m glad for you. And that you like to be wordy. And that you are sitting on my side of the Shred fence.

  16. I’ll join you in the following:

    wearing yellow

    no shredding

    making every moment count where you are

    enjoying special friendships

    and being glad for lots of things

    You always take such great pics…I love PD’s outfit and all of their’s so funny watching how they change up (I wonder if they discuss) which one is smiling and which one(s) aren’t!

  17. fantastic gladitudes! I especially like the boys with flowers pictures. swwwwweeeeeettttt.

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