Hi. My name is Whimzie…

(Hello, Whimzie.)

….and I have a word addiction. I’m especially addicted to computer communication. I’m not sure when my  problems started. One email account turned into two and now I have  six. 

I remember when my Google Reader was brand new in March of this year. At first I added only the blogs written by my closest friends and a few that I enjoyed by random strangers. Then I added a few more, and then a few more, and now look:img_0163I break out in a cold sweat every time someone does a “Linky Love” post. I know that the odds of me making it through those links without subscribing to at least one new blog are slim to nil. I’ve made progress in this area though. Earlier today I had 141 subscriptions. Yep, I deleted two blogs today. Baby steps.

I also have a hard time not using the “star” feature on my Google Reader. I star items that I think I might want to go back and read again.

img_0175Yes, I have 502 items that I think I might need to read again some time soon.

At least I have my primary email inbox under control.

img_0172Lest you think all of my word addiction is related to the internet, here’s a picture of the list of books I want to read.


I haven’t updated this list in awhile. What’s the point?  Basically I’ve figured out that if I see a book, I’m probably going to want to read it.

Yep. I’m addicted to words. And I think I’ve used enough of them for this post. I need to save the rest. I think I’ll put star them and put them in my Google Reader to read later.



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16 responses to “Hi. My name is Whimzie…

  1. Admitting it is the first step. 🙂 I’m right there with you (minus the email inbox issue … that’s the only thing I’m on top of!)

  2. Hello Whimzie,
    My name is Mich.
    I also have a computer addiction. 🙂

    What did we all do before computers?

  3. I don’t use google reader…maybe I’m missing out!?!?!

    Whatever it takes to make our addiction easier to feed can’t be bad…

  4. I’m right there with you! I was actually dreaming about blogs, email and such last night.

    Thankfully, I have no idea how to use my google reader. I’m a saver, never go back to read-er…that star feature would cause me some serious stress! I do enjoy my blog dashboard:) And with books, I not only have a list…I have a large pile. See, I need to buy the book just in case I have a chance to read it. My email…I rarely delete….there are thousands in my inbox.

    Amber is on to something…I need word-apy too!

  5. i lurve words second only to food, and just above makeup and fabric.

    Hi Gretchen.

    P.s. there is no such thing as economy of words from my standpoint.

    PPS. just sayin’

    Ppps. keeping it real

    pppps. lettin’ you know…

  6. 1200+ unread e-mails in your inbox…I think I would be in the fetal position! What was I missing? What if one of those was important…Oh my…I’m going to have to go lie down!

  7. Wow. You seem to have taken all the words from my mouth that would express my shock and awe over that inbox.

    There must be professional help for this somewhere. Just sayin’.

    oh and as long as your caught up on MY blog and didn’t delete ME, I think you’ll be fine. And I’m also thinkin’ that a little Starbucks might help you get through that…and yet SOMEONE hasn’t visited my blog and entered my little giveaway…Maybe you really did delete me!!!!!!!

    …on my way to seek professional help for myself….

  8. carpoolqueen

    Seriously? Your inbox makes me twitchy. I may have to come up and take care of that for you. Remind me to never send you an email again.

  9. I am right there with you. . . i love reading words and talking them, typing them. . . whatever . . . just call me “Word Girl.”

  10. Aw, Whimzie, I love you even more since you’re a Mac girl. How did I not know this about you???

    I have a problem too, but my OCD self gets all twitchy if my inbox has more than 100 emails in it. I have to weed it out…and often.

    I heart you!

  11. me too. *hangs head in shame*

  12. i think i have the same problem.

    1088 unread emails in the hotmail…but just two in my photo email…book list…blog lists…yeah.

  13. also…it’s not a problem.

  14. Oh, so that’s why I’ve wondered about your where-abouts!

    I was gone for a week and I’m so overwhelmed with blogs but I cannot turn away! Faithful to the end I am!

    I couldn’t deal with that inbox chica, just sayin’.

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