As Seen On TV….

We usually watch shows that we record onto the DVR and fast forward through the commercials. I really didn’t think much of it until the other day, when the TV was on in the middle of the day and Princess Diva discovered the excitement and promise of low-budget advertising. She’s made a list of things she wants for Christmas. Here a few of her top picks thus far:

p148083b*The Lord’s Prayer Necklace. “Mom, it has a secret stone with a prayer on it! And they said it would be good to have for Easter! And it comes in kids’ sizes!”

It’s apparently also good for first communions, christenings, confirmations, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and Christmas. I love it when the announcer calls it a “spiritual accessory.” So you may have all the weaponry you need with your shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the Spirit, but do you have the proper matching accessories?

images3*Acorn Stairlift: “Whoa! Mom! If your legs don’t work, this will take you upstairs.” Yep. After eleventy million loads of laundry shuttled up and down the stairs, Mom’s really close to indulging this wish of the Princess Diva’s.

images-1*Hoveround: “That’s so nice. It takes old people around the world.” She understands that this is geared towards senior adults, but she still wants one. Because as she told me, “Mom, I’ll be old one day, too.” Won’t it be nice to have a Hoveround just waiting for her.

Baby Boy’s pretty fascinated by the commercials, too. He ran in to tell me,”Mom. We have to get this. It’s not just free. The man said it’s ‘absolutely’ free.”

I think we’d better hide the phones, start turning off the commercials again, and make sure they never know that QVC is a channel on our TV.



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12 responses to “As Seen On TV….

  1. carpoolqueen

    I just bought Debbie Myer’s Green Bags as seen on TV. And the boys want me to get the mini hamburger maker and the doughnut fryer.

    Now I want donuts. Why did I rush to comment?

  2. I got really sucked into the Snuggie hype. Wonder what that says about me? You have permission to worry about me if I ever get the clap. I mean the Clapper. THE CLAPPER.

  3. My husband is threatening me with The Lord’s Prayer necklace for Mother’s Day.

    And my 7 year old throws a hissy fit everytime we shop the cleaning product aisle because I keep refusing to put the Oxyclean into the buggy. He is convinced that we need it….because the yelling man on TV told him that we do.

  4. I am the envy of all because I have the Lord’s Prayer necklace! Yes-sir-ee, I really do! I got it as a present from my in-laws. They (the inlaws) are real gems. I have loads of other treasures from them, too. Aren’t you jealous, and don’t you just wish you could know me in real life??

  5. Amber, OxyClean is good stuff. I’ve spent our retirement on it, so I should know.

    And I thought that everyone knew that if they say it on TV, then it HAS to be true…

  6. My kids are after those sticky, pipe cleaner stick things…and moon sand…they like all the worthless toys advertised on Nick.

    My grandmother tells the story of me sleeping (so she thought) and suddenly I sat up and in sync with the commercial said “and they told two friends, and they told two friends”… those commercials stick with us!

  7. I personally am intrigued by the “Shamwow!”

  8. Every time I try to type, I start guffawing again. Be patient.

    I have a secret:

    i watch QVC.

    And once–only once mind you–I saw a reality TV show called “Pitchmen”, and it was all about finding that next holy grail for “As Seen On TV”.

  9. Every infomercial/commerical my kids see on TV they tell me I need one of those. . . one was a purse that you could put water bottles in. . . any workout DVD they tell me I should get.. . . if it is golf then Dad needs that one. Glad to know I’m not the only one who needs to not let the kids know about QVC!!

  10. When I let J pick out a new toothbrush tonight he informed me that this one was better at getting “bactria” off your tongue.

    I never let Tim watch infomercials he is terrible about wanting whatever he sees on them.

    Stephanie just made me thankful for my inlaws.

  11. HYSTERICAL! My daughter does the same thing….and I hate to admit I’ve been tempted at times….especially by that cross necklace with the Lord’s Prayer in the stone….I really wanted that spiritual accessory, but I held steadfast and didn’t buy it.

  12. oh yes, as seen on TV, so many choices , so many 19.95’s how’s a person to choose?!

    Personally, I want the donut thingy Sus mentioned.

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