Wordless Wednesday: A Whimsical Weekend Wrapup




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12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: A Whimsical Weekend Wrapup

  1. Sorry the weekend was such a hardship and all. Especially the ice cream.

    I’m glad you included a picture of the picture-taker and all.

    I like being the picture taker, for it gets me out of exercise. And it looks like you all did a little too much of that for my refined, sedentary tastes.

    Seriously? Darling. Awesome memories for you, hubs, and the Littles.

  2. Love it!

    Some days..I feel like I’m hanging from the monkey bar with one hand…with bid Daddy waiting to catch me 🙂

    You all looked like you had such fun!

  3. Great pics!

    Looks like you all are living it up!

  4. umm, that should be….big Daddy.

    Not sure who “bid Daddy” is. Maybe P-diddy’s daddy?

  5. Oh to be in shorts and tanktops already.

    (well, not shorts or tanktops for me. Because I wouldn’t want to scare people w/ my big pastey white legs. but the weather that brings those things about for OTHER PEOPLE would be lovely.)

    It’s nice to see a picture of you!

  6. carpoolqueen

    I would have commented sooner, but I’ve been out all day. Love your showgram, baby. And your “protect my country” husband who never has a bad hair day or less than photogenic perfect smile.

    And JJ informed me that I looked like Aunt Amy today with my new hair cut, so it’s kid approved, but I think you rock it better than I.

    Pictures to come.

  7. My favorite part is the ice cream. And the equally delicious smiles of the Littles.

  8. I love the simplicity of playing at the park with dad. Followed by ice cream, of course!

    I also love that zipline! Our school had one but took it down after a kid broke his arm. Party poopers.

  9. Great pics, the sad little guy in the swing…that’s a keeper. Sometimes I love sad faces more than happy ones in kid pictures.

  10. All of these pictures are GREAT! I love the pouty face on the swing . . . and all the ice cream pics!

  11. Looks like great family fun. It really is true…kids don’t really care about how much money you spend on an outing, they care about the time spent on an outing. Great pictures.

  12. Alex

    Oh how I love these people!

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