Whimsical Weekend Continues…Chinatown, The Commons, The Public Gardens

Saturday afternoon, we decided to take the T and head to Chinatown. Because that’s what most people do when they’re in Boston, right? My sweet husband has great affection for Asian cuisine.  When we lived in Hawaii, he could not have been happier with our eating opportunities. I honestly believe that he would eat some sort of Asian food every single night of his life. So even though we still haven’t finished The Freedom Trail or visited the Minuteman Museum or seen all the battlefields, our first stop on the “Finish Seeing/Doing Everything in Boston Before We Move” tour was Chinatown. Because nothing screams Birthplace of our Country like steamed pork dumplings and a waving, gold cat.

cat_bank_largeI kid because I love. We love experiencing different cultures and we all truly enjoyed our jaunt through Chinatown, as evidenced by the following pictures:

img_0894img_08931img_0896The Littles’ favorite part of Chinatown? This slide and hanging pole:

img_0898img_0903Which leads me to an important piece of parental wisdom that we have gleaned from our travels. We will always look for amazing cultural, historical, and educational opportunities to share with our children. However, we have to remember that they can not fully appreciate the “cool factor” of these opportunities just yet. Even if they can’t fully grasp the significance of what we see and do together,  we will still take advantage of every chance we have. But as the grownups, we can’t get bent out of shape when they don’t throw a party because we just saw a piece of silver that Paul Revere made. To us, it’s a piece of history. To them, it’s a dinged up silver cup. We’re trying to add more “fun for fun’s sake” adventures into our day to mix in with the “still fun, but sometimes not as much” ones.

After a delicious dim sum supper, we decided to walk over  a few blocks to wander through:

img_0908I love this next picture. Look at the boys’ hands. That is not posed, people. They were actually having a moment. We had several of those this weekend. After church on Sunday, Baby Boy looked at his big brother and said, “Hey. We’re brothers. And I mean that literally.” 

img_0913img_0918The Commons are right beside:

img_0921One of the main reasons for wanting to come to the Gardens was to see the sculptures based on the book Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. If you’re a parent and have never read that book to your children, I question your abilities. Not really, but just check the book out of the library, for Pete’s sake. It’s a great book and it takes place in downtown Boston. We were glad to see that Pack was back. He was stolen earlier this month, but he was recovered and is back with his brothers Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack,  Ouack and Quack.


We’re going to have to come back another time for a re-do of all of The Littles sitting on the ducks, because apparently we gained an extra Little.

img_0928We want to come back another time anyway because we want to take a ride on these:


It was an absolutely beautiful day in Boston. And you know what’s great about living in the northeast? I was not the fairest skinned maiden in the land. I’m so glad that pale truly is the new tan here. I am not lying to you, I saw a girl whose legs were as white as this page.  I want her to be my new best friend. I looked like a Bahama Mama walking next to her. K made me move away because I think I was starting to appear stalkerish. No, I did not take her picture. That would be creepy. And I couldn’t get the lens cap off quickly enough. But here’s another picture of the beautiful day instead.


Favorite part of the Public Gardens for The Littles? Running around the empty fountains.

img_0961Just a few more random pictures from our day:

img_09634img_0946Just a word about this last picture. Princess Diva said, “Hey, Mom! Take a picture of me like this!” I asked her how she knew how to do so many modeling poses. She rolled her eyes and said, “I’m a girl. Girls know how to do stuff like that.”



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18 responses to “Whimsical Weekend Continues…Chinatown, The Commons, The Public Gardens

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tulip pics! Looks like a fun day. Hurry up and see everything so you can get back down here where you belong!

  2. carpoolqueen

    I love Princess doing her best Mary Tyler Moore impression. And Little B in the tulips. And Big B holding hands.

    We’re in the “stop touching me” phase. I don’t know that we’ve ever been in a hand holding phase.


    Somewhere in here is a coherent comment. Piece it together as you will.

  3. Great pics!

    I’m going to have to get AG to take a gander at this post. She thinks that the Duckling book was written specifically for her class at school because they are the ducklings and Miss Teacher Duckling gave her the book.

    I was reading your blog yesterday and AG came up to me and asked who the little girl was. I told her the name and her face lit up.

    We really need to arrange a meeting one of these days. 🙂

  4. The “extra little” guy on the duck is cracking me up. Then the pic of your 3 with your boys holding hands…awwww. Loved the tour! Now I’m craving some dumplings.

  5. What fun pictures! And oh my goodness you have such a GIRLIE girl on your hands. 🙂

  6. Lurve it ALL. But the faves are…hmm…all of them. Great tulips, ducklings, and that you’re sneaking every morsel of goodness from this amazing city.

    Your pictures of the kids on the park equipment remind me of our trip to the Netherlands when our kids were 3 and 1. After putting aside all the “we really should see this since we’re here” nonsense, we settled on: a) one good memory a day, and b) going to kid attractions. I like to call it the idiot parent’s guide to thinking a home exchange overseas with 2 in diapers will be easy and free of complication.

  7. You all have had quite the adventure! I have loved reading about it. My husband is tired of me reminding him that I’ve never visited Boston and that I really want to go.

    A few of my favorite things: the “Most Difficult” shirt-I love it!, Make Way for Ducklings is one of our very favorites-I look for it whenever I’m in a used bookstore, your model daughter-so cute!

    All of the pictures are fabulous!

  8. Your cutie pie in the Seed Spittin’ t shirt sure does look like you!

  9. What an incredibly fun-filled family day! I have to say quickly say I completely agree w/ getting your kids out there and experiencing culture, life, etc even though they may not retain it for what OUR eyes do–we’re still making memories!!

    Now, the extra little was QUACKING me up (yes, folks, I’ll be all week!) and the hand holding= presh!!

    Love “Make Way” and LOVE that style of children’s book, too…in fact, we have a copy that’s for readin’ and a copy for safe keepin’ b/c I love it so…

    PD’s flair right there at the end made me so happy! Way to end the day, honey!

  10. Dear Whimz,

    Please insert *here* before ‘all’ in that first part.


  11. Yeah, so your kids are adorable. But you probably already knew that.

    So….Hawaii, Boston. Wow. It sounded like you were maybe moving again? Or did I just read that wrong?

    …oh and come to Oregon and stand next to me. (I’ll even let you take a picture.) And then you’ll feel REAL GOOD about your tan. I INVENTED pastey, white legs….

  12. Your children are gor-ja-mus. I could simply eat them with a spoon, er…chopsticks.

  13. I love all these pics!

    I’ve told you before (I think) that we honeymooned in Boston. LOVED that city. I even have pics of us in some of those same spots.

    We talk all the time about going back one year for our anniversary. Maybe I can talk J into June of this year. 😉

  14. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful kids.

  15. What a great day! Makes me want to head that way for a vacation!!!

  16. Could your kids be anymore precious?!?! Your boys? So very sweet to hold hands. I wish my older 2 were just cordial to one another. I agree with Princess . . . girls do just know how to do that stuff – so, so cute!!! It looks like a super-cala-fraga-listic-expi-alo-docious (sp????) day!!! Love all the pics.

  17. BTW, I was cracking up about your white leg comment. This Southern Belle down here in GA is in desperate need of a tan- I am so pasty white right now. Jon said he saw my legs getting out of the car the other day and he thought in his mind, “Nerd alert. Nerd alert.” My skin color is pitiful I tell you . . . just pitiful.

  18. each of your kids grew eleventy inches since last i saw them.

    i’m taking it personally.

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