Looking Good for the Sake of the Children

I really need to buy new make-up this weekend. I was thinking about that this morning and was reminded of a conversation I had with Baby Boy when he was three years old.

ME: Go get your shoes and I’ll help you finish getting dressed. We need to leave for Tumble Bears.

HIM: Um, Mom? (pause) Are you going to put on any make-up?

ME: Do you think I need to put on make-up?

HIM:  (longer pause) Well, I just want you to look pretty.

ME: Do I not look pretty now?

HIM:  Not yet.

I guess for my children’s sake, I’m going to get ready for the day and go look for new beauty products! We’ve talked about it before, but do you have any more recommendations for this mom who doesn’t need to embarrass her kids?



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16 responses to “Looking Good for the Sake of the Children

  1. I’m not big into make-up, but I desperately need some new stuff so I am anxious to read these comments.

    I’ve had Laura Mercier foundations and powders recommended to me by the experts (my mom and sister). They also recommend Nars and Mac products. Everything is at Sephora, a place which completely overwhelms me but they love. It has everything.

    I love Arbonne products as well!

  2. I do!!! I just bought some mineral makeup online at elf.com. It’s ridiculously cheap and the colors are great. Mineral makeup is so easy to apply, it’s better for you…I just love it. If you need the makeup NOW….Physicians Formula has a natural/organic line that I love too. The tinted moisturizer is great! You can find that at Target/Walmart.

  3. I’m a B E girl, as you probably know. But I’ve done what they call “kangarooing” in the industry (yes, I know industry-speak). And I see you’ve done so in the past, as well. We’ll be forever friends for that.

    I don’t have any advice for make up, but perhaps you could ask my daughter. She seems to know everything these days. 😉

    And speaking of whom…we’ve already had our little talk about how loudly I’m allowed to cheer in track meets.

  4. BTW, if you don’t speak industry speak, as I do, you might not know that “kangarooing” is going from brand to brand…

  5. I was going to suggest eyeslipsface.com like Mimi…I haven’t ordered yet but if you sign up for the email/newsletter I’ve received some AWESOME coupons…can’t WAIT to try the products..just go look at the prices, honey!!

    Aren’t kids just the funniest??

  6. Kids! Their honesty and candor amaze me at times. But then, many a post are based on their “free speech.”

  7. Rebecca Marchbanks

    My husband actually had an allergic reaction while hugging me once…it was my make-up. I can only use natural stuff now…SIGH…

  8. I think that the mineral make up is great. You can get it in any price range…from Wal-Mart on up. That’s all on that subject from me…I’m underqualified to offer any more input…there are more days than I care to admit, when I don’t even bother with the stuff!

    Love your conversation with your little guy! Sometimes that brutal honesty, while a little hard to hear, is softened by how totally funny it is!

  9. carpoolqueen

    I don’t do mineral very well. It seems to highlight my rather large pores.

    I’m all for Laura and Lancome, but you know that, as we speak about this subject ad nauseum.

    But I don’t like the expensive powders. Coty and Cover Girl work for me.

  10. I’m sorry. I was just picking myself up off the floor where I landed when I was laughing so hard. That is hysterical. Kids….

    I’m a mascara girl. I’m lucky if anything else gets schlepped on my face, but I WILL NOT leave home with out the dark stuff. And Cover Girl all the way. If I can’t get it at WalMart…then it isn’t going on this face.

  11. CLASSIC.

    at least they didn’t ask you if you had another baby in your tummy, like mine did. Now THAT’S bad.

    I go with….yeah pretty much just cheap. now my skin CARE products I will spend a little more on.

  12. Amy

    At least he recognized the potential for improvement on your current state? My 3 year old said to me recently, “Mommy, you so pretty,” (big smiles from me until he finished his thought), “with clothes on.”

  13. I’m frightened to have to admit this, but I try to find something that says….anti aging or wrinkle reducing….who knew I would ever be trying to cover my fine lines; but it has come to that point. Seriously….I actually love Arbonne and natural stuff. I may try that Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer someone above mentioned….of course it may not provide enough coverage for my, ever so lovely and appropriately named, age spots.

  14. I don’t wear much make-up…but my daughter is always complaining about my gray hair!

  15. I’m a big mineral makeup (Bare Minerals is my fave) girl. However, in the summer if I’m going to go somewhere where I’m going to be outside . . . a good tan and sunglasses (which stay on at ALL times) works great! I’ve done this many a time at the beginning of soccer season. No one even knows! Don’t feel bad. . . my middle daughter has said this to me before too!

  16. I need some make up in a bad way, but I’m so lost when I go to Ulta. I need some personal attention (like at Dillards or something) but I’m a frugal girl too and I don’t want to spend $100 on makeup!

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