Patriots’ Day (But No Tom Brady, Thank Goodness!)

I should be arrested. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have as much fun as I had yesterday. Since we knew when we moved here that we’d only be here a year, we decided to try to pack as much local stuff into that time as we possibly could pack. We still haven’t crossed off some of our major “Musts” on our To Do list, but yesterday we had the chance to make some BIG TIME FUN memories. Yesterday was a big day in Boston. We celebrated Patriots’ Day, which commemorates the  anniversary of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. The Boston Marathon was also run yesterday and a friend from church was a participant. To get the most bang for your buck on a day with that much potential fun, you have to wake up very early in the morning. So early that I could make an argument that it was actually still night. The “Littles” definitely thought it was way too late/early, but we rolled out of bed a little after 4:00 a.m.  I’ll be honest, when I first heard that alarm, I felt neither very patriotic nor very supportive, but I pushed through the pain, and we all loaded our sleepy heads into the car and headed to Lexington, Massachusetts.

The morning was crisp and foggy and the bell was sounding the alarm that the British were on their way as we walked to Lexington Green. Even though some of the spectators had been waiting for two hours already, they insisted that the Littles move to the front of the line so they would be able to see everything. Some of the bystanders have been coming to this event for as many years as they can remember. Many brought ladders so they could climb up for a better vantage point.

The narrator explained what was going to happen and then we waited. I have to tell you, my main reason for coming was so that the kids would have the experience, but as the volume of the British soldiers’ drums increased, so did my heart rate. The volunteers who reenact this battle are top notch. The costumes were great and each participant took his role very seriously. Something the narrator said has stayed with me since he said it. He referred to the eight men who lost their lives at that battle as our nation’s first veterans. I don’t know why I’d never thought of them that way before. He also referred to something Daniel Webster said: “…falling ere he saw the star of his country rise; pouring out his generous blood like water, before he knew whether it would fertilize a land of freedom or of bondage !” The brave men who gathered on that green that day had no idea what would become of the seeds they had planted. I looked around at the other spectators and recognized that we probably represented many ethnicities and many political affiliations, but yesterday morning, we were all Americans.

K was telling me about the man who was standing right beside him. He was born in India but has been an American for several years. He never misses being at the Lexington Green on Patriots’ Day and K was moved by the excitement with which he explained to his friend the details of the events that were unfolding during the reenactment. K said that it was obvious that he had become a passionate student of his adopted country’s history. I was embarrassed to admit that I had to study the night before in order to explain all the details to the Littles so they would at least have a general idea of what they would see the next day. I was born here and yet sometimes I forget what an amazing heritage I have. Our nation has a pretty exciting history, you know. 

I didn’t mean to wax poetic on the patriotic, but I was truly moved yesterday…more than I expected to be. I won’t bore you with all the pictures. I had to use the zoom and the lighting was low, so they’re not much to look at, but I’ll share a few with you anyway.


The Littles were concerned about the guys in this last picture. I explained to them that we didn’t do so well in this first battle, to which a fellow spectator (I’m guessing he was probably ten years old or so) interjected, “Yeah, but we kicked their butts in Concord.”  Well spoken, sir.img_0797Here are the Littles in front of the Minuteman Statue. Did I mention it was still very early in the morning? Hence, the lack of unbridled enthusiasm:


In fact, I don’t want to mention names, but some of us had completely run out of enthusiasm and opted out of posing altogether by the time we had a photo op at the super large American flag. But we did pick up some cool hats along the way:

img_08053img_08073img_0809img_0811See that house just in the background? It’s for sale. I told K we should buy it. I could live with a summer home here. He stared blankly. I think that means “not now.”

We were able to pick up a little bit of good humor on the way to breakfast at Wilson’s Diner. (By “good humor” I mean “less grumpy,” not ice cream.)

img_0812img_08132For some reason, that last picture reminds me of the wonderful CHEESY feta cheese & mushroom omelette I had for breakfast at the Diner! Anyway….

Good grief, Charlie Brown! I wanted to tell you about the Boston Marathon, too, but apparently you all don’t read fast enough. I know, it’s not you, it’s me.  Could I BE any wordier? (said in my best Chandler Bing voice) I realize that this is a post only a mother and father and Aunt Darlene could love, but hello, people! It can’t all be about you. For those of you who are now wondering when any of this blog has actually been about you, I have nothing. Nothing except the promise that tomorrow I’ll regale with my stories of the Marathon! Hopefully, I’ll at least see you back here then, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Darlene.


I actually wrote this on Monday night and scheduled it to be posted on Tuesday morning. I hope that’s not too disingenuous of me. But anyway, at the time I’m writing this, Baby Stellan is scheduled to have surgery here in Boston in the morning. However, he’s having a horrible night so plans could be rearranged. Please pray for this precious baby and his family. I don’t know them, but I know that they would appreciate any prayers on their behalf.




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17 responses to “Patriots’ Day (But No Tom Brady, Thank Goodness!)

  1. The Redcoats!!!!

    That is awesome! I want to go!!! And I want that house!!! And your breakfast!!!

    Praying for Stellan, too. Bless his precious heart.

  2. I’m breathless after this!

    Too kewl.

    Lurve the shot with the “enthusiasm!” LOL.

    There’s always someone who’s out of good humor. 🙂 Thankfully food helps in this fam, too.

    I see nothing wrong with purchasing that house. Hmph. Just saying.

    Good for you for blooming where you’re planted.

  3. You just brought back a memory….not about Patriots day…about Chandler. I went through a phase where I said….”could it/I BE any…” all the time in honor of Chandler. I think you just called my phase back out..oh no!

    The Patriots Day pics are wonderful! What a great thing to experience. And the feta omelet after, yum.

  4. I have so much to say here…hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    American history is my absolute favorite. We were hoping to get to Williamsburg when we go to the wedding but it doesn’t look hopeful at the moment…

    I was so moved to almost TEARS looking at the pics and reading this so I cannot imagine being there in person..

    The Littles are PRECIOUS and look like they really had a great time..what a great memory y’all made!! Your hubby is very handsome and you are always the cutest thing, sister, especially working your patriot hat!!

    Chandler…could he BE any funnier?? Miss that show but still watch reruns at least a few times a week.

    Can’t wait to hear more!!

  5. I am so jealous. I am a history lover . . . all kinds . . . and things like this just thrill my soul. We hope to make it to Williamsburg one day. We promised our son last year that that is where we would go for vacation. . . but never made it. I loved all of the pictures. I can’t wait to read about the Boston Marathon. I’ve been reading prerun stuff in my Runner’s World this past month. How exciting! My dream is to run in that race one day!

  6. carpoolqueen

    Looks like FUN!!! So glad you dragged everyone out of bed for that. It’ll be a lifelong memory for them…

    K’s looking WAY too perky for being up at 0 dark thirty.

  7. I would have loved being there with my family…maybe someday.

    You have lots of fun opportunities for history lessons in your neck of the woods!

    I went to Williamsburg, VA a lot as a teenager, but would love now be able to go there with my family. With homeschooling, maybe we could plan a trip that would be timed well with our history lessons! 🙂

    Several years ago, we took the kids to DC. They were 7 and 11 I think..before Carson was around! It was a great trip, and the kids learned so much! They still say that it was one of their favorite vacations.

    Don’t worry about being wordy. I always make a point to remember that my blogging is mainly intended to be something for my children to look back on and to help them remember more about thier lives, and what made their mommy “tick”, than about anything else.

    It is a great bonus when blogging results in new friendships, etc., but don’t become less wordy to benefit anyone else…your kids will treasure each and every word! 🙂

  8. My dad would have loved being there with you guys! He and my mom do what they call “living Portraits” and dress up as historic people and give presentations. George Washington is one of his favorites!!!

    It looked like a lot of fun and a good family day outing!

  9. I guess I’m a nerd…cause I love it! Historical things that is… someday I’ll talk my family into taking a “historical road trip” across this country. (won’t they think that’s exciting and fun!)

    And you’re in Boston?! Cause poor MckMama would have found me in the lobby praying today if I lived even close to Boston…

  10. I’m with Tiff, I felt a little teary eyed myself. We have been studying American History this year and I am going to have to look into taking the kids there next spring. It looks amazing.

    Praying for Stellan today!

  11. What an amazing day! That is exactly the kind of thing I LOVE to do and my husband HATES to do. If it’s even remotely educational, he turns down his nose at it. But I can just imagine all of the amazing things you and your kiddos saw that day and all the incredible seeds of appreciation planted in their brain. Patriotism rocks! And I’m with you on the house-we should all own one just like it.

    We’re praying for Stellan too!

  12. Runrgirl

    Hey, I’ve also accessed your blog through Candace’s a few times. You and your family are regularly on my prayer list. How awesome to participate in such a great day yesterday!!!! Can’t wait to see what you thought of the marathon. Take care of yourself, Godspeed! Melissa

  13. What a great post, would love for my kids to see that. Sometimes I have to remind them we are Americans, since that is only where Grandma lives. Loved the photos and thoughts, thanks!

  14. Deena

    I love that you guys took advantage of the opportunity to go. I’m sure it was worth getting up in the middle of the night.

    Are you a scrapbooker? These pictures will make great pages!

  15. “Are you a scrapbooker?” asks Deena. Now is a great time to start, Amy!

    Seriously, that looks like SO much fun! I think it’s so cool that you live in such a historical place. How perfect for a homeschoolin’ mom!

    BTW, you have a handsome husband. 🙂

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