Celebrating that Jesus Rise-ed!

“Mama, do you know why we celebrate Easter?”


“Because that’s when Jesus rise-ed from the dead!”

img_07121Baby Boy wanted to boycott the pictures but his mama wouldn’t let him. He missed the first picture, but was “strongly encouraged” to participate. I think at this point he reasoned, they can make me sit, but they can’t make me smile. This was his response to our gentle request for a little smile for mama:

img_0713Oh, but Mama wields the power of the chocolate bunny. Yes, I resorted to threats involving his Easter basket. Don’t judge me. Other mothers were probably doing the exact same thing at the exact same moment all over this great nation of ours. How badly did Baby Boy want his Easter basket? You tell me. The first picture was taken as I was telling him that if he didn’t give his mama at least one Easter picture we could frame, he’d never know even a taste of his Easter Chick Pez.


At this point, I believe he may have adjusted his attitude:

img_0715After the service, we enjoyed a New England Easter Egg Hunt, bundled in winter coats:

img_0122Later at home, everyone was so excited to see that the Easter Beagle had brought each Little a Webkinz! Oh, the joy!

img_0726img_0728img_0725 She wanted to wear the ears to church. I was glad to convince her to wait until we got home. However, she did sleep in them last night. She’s wearing the shirt that she would wear every single day of her life if if were available.  Sometimes it gets “lost” in the laundry room for a few days to give Mom a little break.

This was the first Easter that all three Littles were old enough to truly grasp the meaning of Easter. The youngest two could repeat the story last year, but this year, I think they are really starting to grasp the meaning of what Jesus did for us. What an amazing gift to be able to see Easter with their fresh perspectives! My prayer is that at the earliest opportunity possible, it will become more than a story to them and that they will accept it as their foundation of faith. If it isn’t yours, that is my prayer for you as well.

I hope your Easter was just as blessed and special as ours was.



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12 responses to “Celebrating that Jesus Rise-ed!

  1. Easter candy bribery! veeeery creative!

  2. carpoolqueen

    My boys slept with their Lego Power Miners last night. I don’t mind it, but it’s hard to get the imprint on their cheek to go away before we head for school.

    And I haven’t seen that shirt on Princess Little. Must’ve been “lost” while you were here.

    And your kids got more chicken marshmallows than mine. I only put them in there because you would disown me if I didn’t. Only 1 out of 3 CPQ children agree that they’re delicious..

  3. gretchen

    What adorable kiddos & pictures. Don’t hate me for loving the “mess ups” most of all. I won’t tell your kids, though.

    Looks like you had a blessed day from start to finish–threats (of candy removal) & all. 🙂

  4. This just totally comforted me in Mother status from yesterday….many thanks…

    Big Brother and Little Sister look super presh together even though Little #3 wasn’t havin’ it…

    Indeed the Peeps must be included although my do not eat them…

    Ahhh, the “fave” clothing articles…JuJu slept in the Land’s End Bathing suit my Aunt Gail gave her yesterday…I used your Ninja bribing tactics on her this morning to get it off! I soo love how you “need a break” from certain articles of clothing…I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AGREE! Must be a girl thang…I think she and JuJu would have a Girly Good Time together!!

  5. So cute, your children are. I love that Jesus rise-ed.
    That’s awesome!

  6. How sweet that the kids really understood what Easter meant this year!

    And if I were your daughter, I would want to wear that shirt every day too…it looks so comfy, that I wish I had one! 🙂

  7. Praise Jesus for other mothers who use threats to preserve “happy” memories! I look around my house at all the pictures of smiles that were totally bought with a bag of m&m’s or an icee….excellent!

    The 3 rascals got Webkinz, too! And now they have hijacked my computer…..what was the Easter Bunny thinking?!

  8. Wasn’t the East coast so cold yesterday?! We were wearing winter jackets too! I think my son would love your daughter’s shirt(not meant to sound weird-LOL) He loves soft things. Ok, this does sound weird…..
    Loved all the photos.

  9. I loved seeing the pictures of your kids! Their personalities are really shining through, especially your little guy. I bet he’s fun to have around! Well, I’m sure they all are!

    My daughter wore the same skirt and shirt almost everyday to first grade. I was so glad when she outgrew it, but now it has a special place in her closet. I shouldn’t complain-my wardrobe doesn’t vary much from day to day either. Actually, not at all! Jeans, t-shirts, etc. So boring!

  10. You family is gorgeous! Loved the pictures with you little non-compliant picture taker…nothing works like bribery. (although before i had kids, I was NEVER going to use bribery…whatever.)

  11. Awww. .. I just love all of these pictures. Your children are precious!! The bribery . . . ? . . . . my philosophy on motherhood is WHATEVA works . . . he!he! I’m glad you guys had such a blessed Easter!

  12. Bribery? Absolutely.

    Those pics are priceless…your children are beautiful!

    And you have a very nice Easter beagle. My kids love Webkinz, but Mama doesn’t like sharing the computer. 🙂

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