No, YOU’RE Shmoopy..



It’s the 10th day of the month so that means we’re making a list of 10 Things today! (Technically, I’m posting this at the end of the 9th, but I’m pretty sure it’s the 10th somewhere.) This was the brainchild of my sweet friend Meredith, who is one of my favorite bloggers. This is a very special week and weekend for those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus.  It’s also a special weekend for my little family. This Sunday is my thirteenth wedding anniversary so I’m using my list of 10 things to tell you 10 Randomly Special Facts About My Husband.

1. On our first date, I rode with him in a plane over a little rural airstrip in Gilliam, Louisiana. He opened the door of that little Cessna 182 and  jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. (He was wearing a parachute.) I have to tell you, my heart pounded like it was going to jump out of my chest and follow him. I wasn’t sure if it was the thrill of the open door or the good looking, adventuresome superhero who had just left, but I promise you, he easily won the prize for best first date ever. He definitely brought out my adventurous side. I doubt that I ever would have skydived, scuba dived, or bungee jumped had it not been for being married to a true adrenaline junkie. I wouldn’t trade one terrifying minute for the world!

2.  I didn’t want to pick out my own engagement ring, but he wanted me to love it, so he took me ring shopping. He said he wanted to see “how the rings looked on my hand.” He ended up giving me my absolute favorite of all the rings we saw. I asked him how he knew it was my favorite and he said that instead of looking at my hand, he watched my face. “Your face lit up when you tried this one on, so I knew it was the one.”

3. He proposed to me in an incredibly unique way. The story’s too long for this list but it involved renting a Civil War uniform,conspiring with my daddy, spending time on some creative video editing, and the movie Shenandoah.

4. At our wedding, he surprised me with a barbershop chorus singing “Shenandoah” from the balcony of our church. 

5. He loves our kids and has been a hands-on father since before they were born. He is fully comfortable handling bathtime, mealtime, bedtime, and all the times in between. My children cry if they don’t wake up before he leaves for work and they throw a party every day when they hear the garage door open and know that Daddy’s home.

6. I don’t doubt for a single moment that his priorities in life are faith, family, and friends, in that order. Anything else comes further down on the list. He was even willing to sacrifice his career for our family. 

7. He is often mistaken for Franklin Graham. He also has an uncanny resemblance to one of the Fantastic Four candy dispensers.  If you have this Klik dispenser, you have a tiny replica of my husband:


8. He is one the most generous people I’ve ever met. I have to be careful when I say that I like something in his presence because if it is within his power to do so, he will get it for me. His gifts have ranged from the complete set of Godfather movies to celebrate the birth of our firstborn (Yeah, unusual choice, but I do like those movies), an iPhone when my dad was in the hospital because my “Go Phone” couldn’t keep up with all the texting, to this Charlie Brown sculpture that is one of my favorite possessions:


9. He is a man who demands excellence of himself and lives his life with the utmost integrity. He is highly respected by his peers and his superiors. He is often chosen for important missions and tasks because his leaders know that he will get the job done and the job will be done even better than they’d imagined. 

10. Our marriage is a testament to the power of prayer and a testimony to God’s mercy. We have not always made wise choices in our relationship. We didn’t always treasure each other or our relationship. We went down some rocky roads that we didn’t have to walk but that were the results of our own selfishness and stupidity. We have not always been true to the promises that we made in front of God, our family, and our friends on April 12, 1996. But God has been more faithful to us than we deserve and through His strength, we have worked at this relationship to create something that can bring God glory. God has brought beauty from the ashes of careless fires that we should never have even started. I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than I did on the day that I married him. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.  He is such a gift and I love him more than words can say.

Happy Anniversary, Shmoopy! 143 forever!



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19 responses to “No, YOU’RE Shmoopy..

  1. I think you’re husband is almost as cool as you! What a match God made, and I am so glad he did. Happy Anniversary!

  2. You had me at “your face lit up when you tried this one on”. What a gem. I suspect, however, that you give as good as you get. Blessings on your anniversary, friend. Er…I mean, Shmoopy. BTW, we first saw Seinfeld on our honeymoon–1990!

  3. *sniff, sniff

    since just LAST weekend we celebrated our anniversary (although it hijacked by you-know-who) I’m still a little emotional…

    I love a good man. Seriously. I hear such stories from friends or friends of friends who won’t do anything to help, have a problem with bathing or whatever…

    I think my hubby and K MUST be soulmates…he cannot find ANYONE to share his love of adrenaline..I only watched him come down out of the sky and he wants me to go so badly. Next adventure–hangliding…

    Why am I so wordy at 12:30am??

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Congratulations! You snagged yourself a great guy! It sounds like you all have had a very eventful 13 years, and learned to appreciate each other more and more along the way! Hope the next 13 are even better!

  5. The ring story pretty much melted my heart – what a guy!

    I’ve been skydiving – once. I loved it, but I don’t know that I would ever do it again now that I have a little one. But I want to hear more about the bungee jumping! Something I’ve always wanted to try.

    You know you’re going to have to expound a little more on your engagement story, right? You can’t leave us hanging!

  6. You have been blessed . . .God is so good. What sweet, sweet words you have to say about him (it looks like he’s pretty blessed as well). I hope you have an incredible anniversary and I hope the rest of your lives together you fall even more madly in love with one another. Blessings to you and your family. Happy Easter!

  7. What a treasure, I hope you have a happy anniversary and blessed Easter.

  8. What a precious list and wonderful gift for your husband! Happy anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Great 10 on the 10th!

    My personal favorite? The party your kids throw when your husband gets home. My kids do the same thing for their daddy, along with the pets. Feels great!

  10. You guys sound like you have an awesome relationship…great list…and Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary….

    Love your Charlie Brown…how perfect is that? And that your husband would buy it for you…even more perfect!

  12. Awww…he sounds wonderful! You are blessed.
    Happy Anniversary.

    I love the ring shopping story. Precious! The jumping out of perfectly good planes…not so much.

  13. What a wonderful post! Happy anniversary!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and your love for your husband came shining through!! How wonderful to celebrate this on Easter!

    Have a wonderful day. And thanks so much for your prayers! Some days are still hard.

  14. carpoolqueen

    I truly hearted him when he gave you the Charlie Brown. Can you mention in his presence that a week in Hawaii just for you and me would be heavenly?

    Just want to see him spring into action on that one.

  15. God blessed you with a keeper! Happy Anniversary!

  16. How very sweet. I started crying at #2 and my tears kept falling til the end. You are blessed, friend.

  17. He sounds like a blessing from the Lord!

  18. How sweet! You can just tell how much you two love each other! Hope your Easter and anniversary weekend is blessed with much happiness!!!

  19. I love your list! I’m in a pretty fantastic marriage myself, 14 years this summer.
    I love to see healthy, strong marriages! Makes me happy to see people doing well!

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