Today I Choose To Be Wonder Woman…

Have any of you ever left a comment on a Blogspot blog? Am I the only one that gets tickled when the instructions say to “choose an identity”?  

Sigh. I probably am.

Notice that I didn’t choose to be FlyLady in the title (I love it when a segue comes together. I also love the word “segue.”) So Day 1 of FlyLady Wagon Ride is complete. How’d we do, peeps? (It’s almost Easter, so I can call you that.) Did I complete 100% of the FlyLady tasks that I wanted to complete? No. Did I have a much more productive Monday than I have had in many Mondays? Yes, Alice, I did. (Thanks to the eleventy ten of you who called me Alice in the last post’s comments. You’re all so very cute.) And really, that’s the beauty of this program for me. You’ll always have room for improvement, but there’s no room for beating yourself up when you fall short of your goal. I am still trying to tweak my schedule to find out which things work better when. It’s a process, people.

Just a couple of tidbits….If you’ve never ever flown with the F.L. before and you haven’t already done so, check out the Beginner Baby Steps section at  first. It takes you through the program in 31 glorious days, adding a little bit each day so that you aren’t completely overwhelmed with the system the first week.

Also, if you’re a more advanced flyer but you’re signed up for the individual emails, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Some people can handle the individual emails. We, my peeps, can not.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you say. “How does Whimzie Alice Snoodle-whatever know what I can and can not handle? Who does she think she is?”

Let me tell you how I know. You are a blog reader. You don’t need any enticement to come to the computer and check your email compulsively throughout the day. For many of us, the computer you’re staring at right this minute is a big part of the reason you need FlyLady in the first place. Am I right? Are you feeling me? G.P., are you with me? Can I get a witness? So, here’s what you need to do. You need to sign up for the daily digest email. They send it at crack-of-dawn-thirty each morning. Until I get a handle on things, I’m skipping right down through the daily digest until I see the Flight Plan for the day. That’s all my sweet little brain can handle for now. The only thing I didn’t see in that Flight Plan that I want to use right now is the Riley Challenge for the day. That’s a daily mission for the Little People. FlyLady has a whole little section on her webpage for kids but we’re just going to start with the Riley Challenges. Oh, to switch over to the daily digest emails, click on the link at the bottom of one of the millions of emails you’ve already received this morning.

P.S. Delete the emails on a daily basis. You don’t need to go back and read the testimonial about how FLYing reunited two long lost sisters or the one about the sweetest thing one FLYBaby’s daughter said about how cleaning the toilet was like giving the world a hug. Don’t go there. You’re not ready yet. Start slow and go. We are just babies. Sweet, marshmallow soft, beautifully colored, little Peeps.


So, go forth and FLY with whatever identity you have chosen for today. Just be sure and tell me which identity you’ve chosen so I’ll recognize you in the sky! 😉



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7 responses to “Today I Choose To Be Wonder Woman…

  1. I feel like I can really fly now! But only if you’ll let me be the pink peep. I hafta be pink. Blessings, dear, sweet Alice. Have fun.

    Still tittering at that…

  2. carpoolqueen

    Oh, I’m using my “magic words” today. So not feeling like flying – more like feeling like what the cat dragged in…

    But we shall overcome.

  3. Preach it girl! Amen and amen! Hallelujah!

    Could this post have made my day ANY better?? I think not. Soooooo funny, you are!

    You, my dear Alice-Whimzie-Snoodler-Flygirl, are my very own personal FC (Flying Coach)…I mean they have initials for everything else, right?!

    I’m proud of what you got done yesterday. I’m proud to be a peep…the green one, please.

  4. I still am compelled to call you Alice. Might still for awhile just for fun.

    And thanks for the heads-up on the FlyBaby stuff.

  5. Whimzie, Amy, Snoodling, and now Wonder Woman? I can’t keep all your alias’ straight.

    Yay for progress!!!

    Ya’ll are flyin’ high. I know because I can see you from the chair I’ve parked myself in front of almost all day…doing NOTHING productive. Can you see me wavin’ at you???

    (Peeps gross me out. That pic is great though). Let Gretchen the the pink one.

  6. I have fallen off the fly lady wagon twice.

    I so agree with being overwhelmed by the emails, especially as with the time difference I was getting emails about breakfast when it was already 3pm here.

    So wish I could keep with it, but I have managed to pick up a few of her good habits – 15 minutes etc, but I must confess that right now my sink is not shinning!

  7. I’m still on the runway…maybe tomorrow. I did sign up for the daily digest. I get points for that. And I’m TOTALLY PUMPED about the daily task for the Little People! Won’t my lil peeps be thrilled when I tell them!

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