I’ve Fallen in a Purple Puddle and I Can’t Get Out

FlyLady's FlyToon


I have a dysfunctional relationship with that little purple fairy lady. Do you recognize her? Do you know what it means to be dressed to the shoes? Is your sink shiny? Have you ever heard of Purple Puddles? Do you know what it means to live in CHAOS? Have you identified your Hot Spots? Have you ever divided your house into Zones? Then you might be a FlyBaby.

For any of you who do not have any idea what I was talking about in the previous paragraph, FlyLady is the alter ego of a lady named Marla Cilley. She has a program that helps you declutter and organize your house and life. She sends email reminders to keep you on track with her program. I have fallen off the FlyLady wagon so many times I have permanent road rash.  But I have better results on her program than any others that I have tried over the years. I’ve also read some of Peter Walsh’s stuff. Know him? He’s the guy from Clean Sweep and he’s on Oprah from time to time. He’s helped me understand a lot of the “why” behind my clutter.

Anyway, lately I’m struggling with maintaining an actual routine in my everyday life. I feel like I’m not being a good manager of my time and I don’t spend my time where I say my priorities are. I clean the same areas of my house and never seem to make any progress. I’m frustrated with my lack of discipline and order. I also know that we’re looking at a move in about three months and I don’t want to spend my last few weeks here obsessing about the junk I need to organize and pack. I need a system and a plan.

CPQ and I were IMing about our struggles in this area and we decided that…sigh…we’re climbing back on the FlyLady wagon starting this Monday.  I’ve changed my email delivery to daily digest so that I can’t be enticed to be on the computer every five minutes under the guise of “looking for my next FlyLady assignment.” We’ve decided that our daily email digest will be our marching orders for the next day, so technically we’ll be one day behind the rest of the FlyLady World. That seems about par for me. I hope that having an accountability partner will help me stay on track. CPQ has plenty of practice in motivating me to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s hope I can be more of a help than an anchor to her.  

But let’s clear from the start of this new adventure. I will not refer to my husband as DH. I will not cry myself a purple puddle. I will not wear a vest to hold my cleaning supplies. I will not “bless the world” with the dust from my feather duster. But hopefully I will get a grip on my routines so that I can be more present in my own life and in the lives of the ones who mean the most to me. Anyone else want to FLY with us?




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14 responses to “I’ve Fallen in a Purple Puddle and I Can’t Get Out

  1. Love the FlyLady! I don’t get the emails anymore but I still hold fast to many of her principles.

    You can do it! I know you can.

    I also need to stop checking email 100(0) times a day.

    I can quit. Really. I can.

    Somebody tell me I can.

  2. carpoolqueen

    We’ll be posting testimonials before too long. I got started picking up cheerios off the carpet and throwing away some old magazines just to get me in the mood.

    I’m making my journal this weekend.

    We’ll totally rock.

  3. I had not heard of the Fly Lady until about 3 weeks ago. My cousin “introduced” me. I started getting the emails last week. I have done okay & can see where her process will help. But I haven’t done it 100% yet. So I will join you faithfully starting Monday!!

  4. Wowzers…it must be flyvine intervention b/c I was JUST telling another blogger that I’d heard of this “Fly Lady” and needed to get more information about her….

    You get emails?! Really?!

    Okay, I could very possibly be on the bandwagon as soon as I discover more about what the bandwagon is….I will investigate further tomorrow and report back…accountability is good, right?!

    Oh, and I still don’t know how you and CPQ know one another???

  5. Kellie, you can.

    Ummm…yeah, I have a little “clingy” on my dirty kitchen window above my dirty kitchen sink.

    This is so scary and hilarious all at once.

    I could probably dig up a purple pen, and darlin’ I have a timer, too.

    We can do anything for 15 minutes, even procrastinate. and break the “no whining” rule. LOL. Oh…I am an evil one.

    see? twins. “I have fallen off the FlyLady wagon so many times I have permanent road rash. ”

  6. whimzie

    Kellie, Gretchen says you can. I think you have more willpower than I do, so I think you can, too.

    CPQ, we shall SO rock the FlyLady!

    Renae, misery loves company.

    Tiffani, before you get too excited, this is NOT as much fun as popcorn crack. I’m just saying.

    Gretchen, you actually bought the accessories?! You are me, only better at it!

  7. Alright. I’m “flying” with y’all. We don’t start tomorrow right?! I’m starting Monday, anyway.

    The “flylady” certainly knows her stuff, right?!

    My sister swears by putting on tennis shoes AND a sports bra to get her cleaning mojo on.

    I’m actually looking forward to this…I think. I didn’t see in her “eleven commandents” to consume endless amounts of popcorn crack while cleaning. We’ll make that number 12 since I like even numbers, ‘kay?!

  8. Y’all are scaring me. Pretty soon y’all are going to cross over to the dark side of clean house-dom and leave me stranded on this side of m.e.s.s.y.

    Please don’t make me succomb to peer pressure. It just doesn’t seem fair.

  9. goddessdawnie

    Skip the daily digest and go to this link each day… much easier!


    Oh, and you don’t know me… but I’m in anyway 🙂

  10. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Hmmm…I’m in…I need the help.

  11. Okay…I’ve tried to fly before and crashed miserably. Maybe with a support I will succeed. Yes, Amber…this is peer pressure. Jump on board.

    Ready to Fly on Monday!

  12. Flylady got me organized years ago, and I still shine my sink and put my shoes on every day. But I cannot stand all the emails so how ’bout I live vicariously thru you, Sus, and Tif. Ya’ll just tell me what I need to work on each week. 😉

  13. I have heard so much about flylady yet never made the plunge. I think I’ve always been a little scared, because I like to make my “own” rules or bend the rules a little . . . but, maybe, just maybe I might hop on with you guys and join in the party . . . after all I love a party . . . I guess, even if it is a housecleaning party. Organization is DEFINITELY something I need in my life.

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