Casual Friday

It’s casual Friday here today. Hope you aren’t too dressed up. I’d hate for you to feel uncomfortable. Which do you think is worse, to be overdressed or underdressed? I think I’m going with underdressed. 

I woke up on the happy side of the bed for some reason this morning. Things got even better when my man opened up a can of this:

754b_1Now, I don’t drink coffee every morning of my life. I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, but Tim Horton makes some good coffee. Tim Horton’s is a Canadian fast food restaurant with doughnuts and pastries, etc., in case, like me, you’d never heard of it before. It’s named after a hockey player, I think. I’m not sure if Tim was known also for his coffee or why he has a restaurant named after him (I’ll google it after I post this), but I’m a fan. I can even tell by the smell of the coffee brewing whether Tim’s is in the pot or not. CarpoolQueen turned me in onto this liquid nirvana when I was at her house last summer. She became addicted on their family vacation to Canada. 

Coffee is considered “good” by my standards if I don’t have to sweeten it to one step below a mocha milkshake in order to drink it. Ladies and gentlemen (like there are any guys reading this blog!), I can drink this coffee with nothing but half and half. It’s just that good. It may even be this good:

images8Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating now.

Anyway, I was thinking we’d have to make monthly treks to Canada to buy coffee, but on the road trip home from CarpoolQueen’s house, what did I spy on an exit sign in Rhode Island?! A Tim Horton’s! I did a major wind suck, causing my husband to almost drive off the road. You know what a major wind suck is, right? I guess another word for it would be “gasp.”  My mom has major wind sucks for non-emergency events all the times. It scares the snot right out of me every time she does it. She used to be notorious for doing it whenever she was cutting up chicken. All of a sudden she’d give a life-sized gasp and I’d run into the kitchen expecting to see one of her fingers on the floor and she’d say something like, “I forgot to tell your dad to pick up milk on the way home.”  It’s a great way to get your heart rate up without doing any actual aerobic activity like exercising.

It must be genetic because I did a major wind suck when I saw the Tim Horton’s sign, but once my husband’s heart rate returned to normal, he took the exit and bought two industrial cans of coffee. Whenever we’re in Rhode Island for any reason we pick up some more, but we hadn’t been there for a few weeks so our special coffee supply was deleted for awhile. But we picked some up on the way home from Louisiana so Timmy’s back and we’ve got him.

Why was I talking about Tim Horton’s again? Oh, yeah. The happy side of the bed. So, I had a couple of cups of coffee this morning and have felt pretty good about the day in general, even though we really didn’t have anything too out of the ordinary going on today. The two youngest Little People had gymnastics at the YMCA this afternoon. I always look forward to that because I get to read for forty-five guilt-free minutes. I have to sit there and wait for them to finish their lesson. Away from the laundry. Away from the dirty bathrooms. Away from the hamburger meat that needs to be defrosted.  So I read. I guess I could work out during that time since I am a the Y. Well, shoot. I guess that was my last guilt-free reading session during gymnastics.

So, I’m reading a book by Lisa Samson. Have you read her? I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of every Christian fiction author. I feel bad saying that, but I’ve decided that just because you love Jesus doesn’t mean I necessarily have to be in love with your writing style. Was that harsh? But I do like the way Lisa Samson puts words together.

Listen to this simile she used:  “There they sit, gabbing about literature, authors, poets, the novels and short stories they’re all writing. Words fly like water droplets off twenty simultaneously shaking wet hound dogs.” 

Couldn’t you just see when you read it? I love that! She’s one of those writers that makes me want to re-read a paragraph just to hear it in my head one more time. This is the second book of hers that I’ve read. This one is called The Living End.  I really don’t know anything about her besides what I’ve read in the blurb on the back of the book. Do any of you know anything about her? I’m usually hesitant to recommend anything to people I don’t know without more information, especially when I’m only on page 48 just in case the author’s actually a crazy heretic or something. But I also love it when friends are reading what I’m reading so we can discuss. If I’m not mistaken, some people call that a “book club.” Sounds like a lot of work and organization to me, so I just usually tell my friends when I find something I like and then bug them mercilessly until they read it so we can discuss my favorite parts. If they have a favorite part or two they want to share, that’s okay, too. Speaking of, have you or have you not read Same Kind of Different As Me,  Carpool Queen?! It’s been, what? A year, at least, since I told you to recommended that you read it?!

I don’t know what else we’re going to squeeze in today but I’m crazy excited about tomorrow. We’re going on a very special day trip to do something I’ve never done before. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet. You’ll just have to wait. How will you even sleep?! Muddle through and I’ll meet you back here later to tell you about our BIG ADVENTURE!!!

Happy rest of your Friday!



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6 responses to “Casual Friday

  1. my dear Whimzie…I belly laughed yet again while reading over here at “Snoodlings”, which consequently is my son’s new favorite word.

    He saw me reading your blog (such a rare thing to see me on the computer not sure HOW he captured that sliver of time)…and now he just keeps saying “Snoodlings??” “Snoodlings!!”…

    Okay, the bit with the “major wind suck” and your Mom…girl, I bought fell off my dog eaten couch!! I have a friend in Canada so I MUST act informed and mention this “Tim Horton’s” on which you speak…

    Sooo, are you and CPQ related or just friends in real life (er, excuse me, IRL) ;)?? It seems you know her….hmm, just guessing. That’s like my BFF in real life–dang, a bloggy girl most peeps know us as peas in a pod.

    I’ll take some Tylenol PM in order to sleep until I hear of the Big Adventure….so glad those things are non-narcotic…please don’t be hasty in posting.

  2. whimzie

    My dear Tiffani,
    “Snoodlings” IS a fun word. Glad I can be a source of entertainment for your son AND your source for all things Canadian and fast foodish.

    CPQ and I were in real life (IRL is just one step away from LOL, which I do not do. Well, I DO laugh out loud I just don’t type it that way when I do.) friends way before there even was such a thing as blogs. And I think CPQ is a cool looking nickname, don’t you?

  3. Never had this Tim Horton’s liquid nirvana that you speak of…sounds blissful. Sounds like you like your coffee like I do, milkshake-ish. Love that.

    And let me tell you how my heart pitter-patters when I come across someone who knows what a simile is, let alone mention one in her blog post.

    You are a girl after my own heart!! 🙂

  4. Amy

    Voting for underdressed, rather than overdressed. Isn’t there always a girl at the party who has the helmet head updo, sparkly makeup and frilly dress, when it’s really not that kind of party? Don’t want to be her.

    Never heard of Tim Horton. You’ll have to fill us in on his connection to fast food (other than capital infusion), eh?

    I am scolded sometimes for my wind suck, as a passenger. I don’t slam on the imaginary brakes, though.

  5. I am a HUGE coffee lover. I spend way to much time and money on coffee, so its probably good that I can’t get my hands on the hockey player coffee.

    Anyway, you are the 1539th person who has said to read Some Kind of something or another….I really need to do that!

    Also, I tried you Popcorn Crack recipe on Friday night. De-Lish!

  6. carpoolqueen

    I have not read it yet. I’m currently reading the fine print on the back of the hotel room door to see what we might be liable for.

    I’ll be home later today. MISS YOU!

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